Travel agency Permintur-F

Travel agency Permintur-F

Nature, people, history, culture and traditions - these are the treasures that the North Caucasus is rich in. Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Ossetia, Chechnya are ready to get closer and give travelers bright, unforgettable impressions.

Dombay, Arkhyz, Teberda - all-season resorts of Karachay-Cherkessia

People who once visited the Dombay or Arkhyz resort, Teberda camp sites, return to these places again and again. To say that it is simply beautiful here is, in fact, to say nothing. These lands are covered with myths and legends, sung by famous poets. Mountains of incomparable beauty, covered with coniferous forests, crystal clear mountain rivers, unprecedented beauty and blueness of lakes, noisy waterfalls, age-old glaciers, flowering subalpine meadows, ancient architectural monuments remain in the memory of vacationers forever.

The Dombai Tourist Complex is located in a picturesque valley surrounded by high snow-capped peaks. This place, located in the center of the Teberda Nature Reserve, is called Dombayskaya Polyana. The advantage of the Dombai climate is the absence of sudden changes in temperature. In any season, this greatly facilitates the acclimatization of travelers coming to the resort from different parts of the country.

It is a pleasure to have a rest in Dombai in the summer. The sun shines here 320 days a year, but the summer is not hot. There is no high humidity and stuffiness here, mosquitoes do not buzz, only a warm breeze gently blows freshness. Clean mountain air, filled with pure pine aroma, energizes. In July, subalpine meadows are fragrant. In summer, there is snow on the slope of Mussa-Achitara - wet and viscous. The Dombai ski season ends in early May. Summer months are a fertile time for hiking, rock climbing, climbing the famous peaks of Dombai to crystal clear mountain lakes, waterfalls, natural monuments and ancient architecture.

September is the velvet season in the resorts of Dombai, Teberda and Arkhyz. The flow of tourists is decreasing. The weather is warm and sunny, the sky is piercingly blue, and the air is clean and fresh. This time of the year is especially appreciated by photographers and artists, and simply those who come to admire the amazing landscapes and bright autumn colors that color Dombay at this time. From mid-November, the snow cover becomes stable and the ski season begins.

Winter in Dombai is a time of the year for those who like active winter recreation. There are ski slopes for beginners and children. Professional instructors will help beginners take their first skiing steps. Experienced skiers and snowboarders come to Dombay every year. Trails on high slopes provide an opportunity to admire the fantastic landscape and enjoy the clean mountain air. Winter in Dombai is mild, not cold. Average temperature -5 ° C. The days are sunny, the air on the slopes warms up to +18 ° C. Some tourists, mostly girls, use the mountain slopes as a beach.

The climate of the Caucasus resorts - Dombai, Teberda and Arkhyz is favorable for recreation in any season.

Excursion tours in the North Caucasus

MAGTUR (International Academy of Mountain Tourism) is a regional tour operator of active, adventure and excursion tourism in the resorts of Dombai, Arkhyz, Teberda and Elbrus. Excursion programs "MAGTUR" in the North Caucasus are especially popular with tourists.

Name Route Duration Price "Mysteries of History" The best excursion tour in KCR: Dombay, Teberda and Arkhyz: Dombay, Teberdinsky reserve, Kara-Kel lake, Mussa-Achitara mountain, Arkhyz, Kuban gorge, Sentinsky and Shoaninsky temples 8 days from 19 900 rubles "Treasures of the North Caucasus" "All at once" - this is the most accurate description of this tour: Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Makhachkala, Ossetia, Chechnya 12 days 41 263 rubles "Beautiful and mysterious Arkhyz" Arkhyz, Barite waterfall, Abishira-Akhuba ridge, Sofia waterfalls, Nizhne-Arkhyz settlement, Astrophysical observatory 6 days 27 990 rubles "Basic tour to Dombay" Tour without excursions: Mineralnye Vody - Dombay - Mineralnye Vody 8 days 10 500 rubles "Mysterious Adygea" Krasnodar, settlement ... Kamennomostsky, Belaya river, village Abadzekhskaya, pos. Victory, pos. Kamennomostsky, Azish-Tau ridge, large Azish cave, pos. Kamennomostsky, Khadzhokh gorge, Rufabgo waterfalls, Mishoko river gorge extreme park, pos. Kamennomostsky, Krasnodar 5 days22 260 rubles "Magnificent Caucasus" Tour of the Caucasian Mineral Waters: Mineralnye Vody, Pyatigorsk, Lermontov, Elbrus, Kislovodsk, Dombay, Medovye Waterfalls, Mineralnye Vody 8 days 28 845 rubles "Legends of Kabardino-Balkaria" El-Tyubu village, Cherekskoe gorge, Blue Lakes, Aushiger, Shadhurey lakes, Baksan gorge, Elbrus mountain, Narzan valley, Cheget mountain 8 days 29,900 rubles "Fascinating Dagestan" Sulak canyon, Chirkeyskaya hydroelectric power station, Gunib aul, Khunza vodka Matlas resort, Derbent, Naryn-Kala fortress, Kubachi village, Kala-Koreish 8 days 32 600 rubles "From Ossetia across the Caucasus" Vladikavkaz, Dzivgis, Dargavs, Vladikavkaz, Alagir, Tseyskoye gorge, Vladikavkaz, Grozny, Vladikavkaz, Armhi, tower complexes of Ingushetia, Lyazhginsky waterfall, Vladikavkaz 8 days 31,200 rubles "Silver tune of Teberda" Dombai, Teberda nature reserve, Shumka waterfall, Jamagatskie narzans, Mussa-Achitara, about. Umanly-Kel, gorge r. ear8 days24 900 rub.

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