Tourism in the USA

Tourist business ambiguously assessed Trump's victory in the US presidential election

Holidays in the USA? Sounds weird? Why not? Yes, tourism in the United States is not the most profitable sector of the economy. Nevertheless, the tourist has something to see in this vast country. Today we will just open a new page in our online encyclopedia dedicated to the United States and tell you what tourism is like in the American way.

Tourism in the United States has long been a coveted goal for true adventurers. Here, adventurers have a lot to turn around - the territory of the United States stretches from Alaska to Hawaii and contains all climatic zones. And vacation in the USA is possible not only in sunny California. To see absolutely everything that the whole nature of our planet is rich in - glaciers, mountain ranges, Great Plains, Great Lakes, deserts and semi-deserts - it is enough to drive this country from the northernmost to the southernmost point.

This is not just the world's most developed entertainment industry, everything is the most: the largest nightclub Billy Bob's Texas, designed for 6,000 people or more; the largest indoor stadium on the planet, the Superdome, with a capacity of almost a million people; the largest amusement park - Walt Disney World, whose area is more than 11.3 thousand hectares, which is 2 times larger than the entire Manhattan island in New York!

USA: the best

It takes too much time to list all the largest in the world that is located in America. This list will include such diverse objects as a casino (17.9 square kilometers), a safari park (several tens of square kilometers), a hotel (5005 rooms), a beach (61 km), an aquarium (more than 500 species of fish), a bridge ( 34.8 km), a monument (192 m high gate), a volcano (17 km); and even in the list of "most-most", begun by Guinness, the United States became the most-most!

Adrenaline Industry

Tourism in the United States is characterized by a rather expensive "adrenaline industry" - as you know, in terms of GDP and GNP, the United States ranks first in the world. In the richest country, they know how to make money literally out of thin air. Even the income from the sale of Hollywood films in the early 2000s. exceeded the income from the activities of the military-industrial complex.

Some historians say that America has been a goldmine for all earnings and adventure seekers since gold was discovered in California in 1848. Others argue that much earlier - from 1565, when the first European settlement was founded in America. For its territory, large-scale wars broke out between Spain, England, Holland and France, which mastered new lands, driving out the indigenous people from them - the Indians, or attracting them to their side.

Those who managed to put down roots in these lands passed on to their descendants a special spirit of independence and freedom. He lives in hundreds of epic novels written around the world about the legendary conquest of the Wild West, he reigns on the once desert prairies, and now in the American metropolitan areas, to this day. Apparently, the muse of epic poetry Calliope settled on one of these prairies, if among all the dizzying successes of America, the history of their country remains the greatest source of pride for Americans.

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MOSCOW, November 10 - RIA Novosti. Representatives of the world community have ambiguously assessed the impact of Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election on the state of tourism in different countries of the world, the Association of Russian Tour Operators (ATOR) reported on Thursday.

Trump won the US presidential election on November 8 with a recent record of 290 electoral votes against 270 required. The president-elect will take office upon his inauguration on January 20. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has admitted defeat.

"The opinion of the world tourism community on the impact of Donald Trump's victory on the US tourism industry and international tourism as a whole has been divided," the message says.

"According to some experts, the business tycoon, who owns and invests in a number of hotels, will create even more attractive conditions for the development of tourism in America. Others believe that not everything is so simple: there is great uncertainty in connection with Trump's promises to build a wall along the US-Mexican border, reverse relations with Cuba, and pursue a tougher line on migration and entry into the United States, "ATOR said.

Negative forecasts

Cuba has already expressed concern about Trump's coming to power, since earlier the American politician said that if he wins the presidential election, he would return US policy towards Cuba back on track. Experts are confident that the deterioration of these relations will have a bad effect on the country's tourism sector.

Trump's promise to build a wall on the border with the United States seriously worried the Mexican authorities. Mexican Deputy Interior Minister Umberto Roque Villanueva said that his country will use every opportunity to influence the United States in order to prevent the construction of a wall on the border with the United States.

ATOR cites British media reports that US tourism officials have some concerns about Trump's potential impact on the attractiveness of the United States as a destination for overseas visitors.

"This is especially true in the British market, where the US is the most popular long-haul destination. The latest poll showed that more than a million of Her Majesty's subjects said they would refuse to travel to the US if Trump wins. the British are ready to consider Canada as an alternative on the American continent, "ATOR quotes the results of the poll.

Positive outlook

However, the Brand USA travel office insists the election results will not change the US's stated goal of reaching 100 million foreign tourists by 2020.

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