Tourism in Bulgaria is open to investors

Tourism in Bulgaria is open to investors

Bulgaria invites you to invest in its tourism sector. What Bulgaria offers to potential investors, "Vestnik ATOR" figured out.


Bulgaria has very good conditions for business and tourism outsourcing. This was stated by the Minister of Tourism of the country Nikolina Angelkova during the panel discussion "Investment Opportunities in Bulgaria", which took place within the framework of the International Conference on Sustainable Investment in Tourism in Sunny Beach.

Nikolina Angelkova, Minister of Tourism of Bulgaria

According to the minister, Bulgaria has the most favorable tax regime in Europe. Thus, the VAT rate, which is 10%, is the lowest in the European Union. Personal income tax is also set at 10%.

The head of Bulgarian tourism also drew attention to the consistent efforts of her team to reduce the administrative burden on business through a number of legislative initiatives.

According to her, today, thanks to electronic services for business, provided within the framework of the "one window", entrepreneurs have the opportunity to round-the-clock administrative services from anywhere in the world.


As Ms Angelkova emphasized, according to forecasts, the tourism sector in Bulgaria is expected to grow by 40 percent in the next 10 years.

“This is a huge potential, the realization of which depends entirely on the joint efforts of all of us - industry institutions, business and local authorities. Already today, tourism, together with related industries, provides about 12% of Bulgaria's GDP and 11% of the total employment of the population. Income from international tourism in 2018 exceeded more than 3.7 billion leva. Last year, Bulgaria was visited by 9.2 million foreign tourists, ”said the head of the tourism department.

According to Nikolina Angelkova, the Ministry of Tourism has developed a total of 27 thematic routes through the territory of Bulgaria, including 8 cultural and historical, 12 wine and culinary and 7 balneological.

Tourism in Bulgaria is open to investors

Impact of coronavirus on Bulgarian tourism

With the coronavirus in Bulgaria, everything is going smoothly: every day they do tests, identify the infected, who needs to be treated, who can recover, who cannot die. 90% of the deceased are elderly people with chronic diseases. To date, 482 people have died during the entire period of the pandemic. I publish coronavirus reports on my Telegram channel every day.

In this post, I would like to show how the coronavirus pandemic has affected Bulgarian tourism, in particular, what is now on the beaches in Bulgaria. Are there many vacationers there and who they are: their own or newcomers. The fact is that since the borders are not completely open, not everyone who used to regularly vacation on the Bulgarian coast was able to come this year. Firstly, there are no Russian owners of Bulgarian real estate. Russia does not release its citizens, and Bulgaria does not admit third-country nationals who do not have a residence permit in the BG or the EU. Secondly, not all European countries have restored communication with Bulgaria, considering it potentially infectious. Therefore, the official statistics are very sad.

On July 22, the newspaper "Sega" wrote that this year the decline in foreign tourists on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast reaches 89%. For this reason, most of the hotels in the Bulgarian resorts have remained closed, and those that accept tourists are only entitled to 30% occupancy.

The airport in Varna has received only 99 flights since the beginning of the season (June 28), while previously it was 1100 every month.

Burgas received 203 planes with organized tourists - last year in June it was 1950, and in July 2800.

At the moment, weekend tourism prevails on the South Coast, that is, the Bulgarians themselves come to the beaches from Friday to Sunday, as well as independent tourists from neighboring countries who can enter Bulgaria. All of them are predominantly low-budget: they live in campsites, private hotels and hostels, and therefore are not able to save the Bulgarian tour industry, which needs planes of organized tourists to all inclusive hotels.

The chairman of the Burgas Tourism Association, Ivan Iivanov, said that this year the southern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria has lost 1.2 million tourists.

Bulgarian beaches and the pandemic

I went to the North coast and walked along the Varna beaches to see for myself what was happening here. It cannot be said that there is no one, there are sunbathers, but there are not as many of them as it should be in July, because this is a high season for Bulgaria. There are many free sun loungers in the paid zones, a lot of free space in the free ones. The lack of tourists in restaurants is especially noticeable - they are half empty on the beaches, and this despite the fact that half of the restaurants are now generally closed. As well as half of the hotels, especially the big ones.

Of the vacationers, I noticed Germans, Czechs, Poles and very few Ukrainians. Of the Russians, I met only emigrants, that is, they live here. By the way, Bulgaria has opened a non-guarantee entry for Ukrainians. So, if Ukraine produces them, then they can still have time to sunbathe on the Bulgarian beaches.

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