Tourism Day 2019

Congratulations on World Tourism Day 2016

Date in 2021: September 27, Monday.

September 27, 2016 - Tourism Day, an important international holiday, personifying the preservation of the world's cultural heritage and aimed at creating and developing interactions between countries and people.

September is approaching, which means the 27th is International Tourist Day. On this day, first of all, I would like to congratulate personally each person, a participant in the world movement "tourism". Also, all workers and people related to the tourism industry with their professional activities deserve special attention.

The goals of this day are global and fundamental, tourism is a sphere in which cultural exchange takes place, it enables people from different nationalities to better understand each other, uniting people into one whole.

Congratulations on International Tourism Day for every tourist in the world!

Tourism Day directly affects almost every person on the planet. Many of us love to travel to other countries or neighboring cities. More often than not, we expect a trip to our chosen, cherished corner of the world all year round.

Someone packs suitcases and bags, and someone carefully packs a backpack for a sports trip. But we are all united by love, love for the world, people, cities, countries, love for nature.

Role of the World Tourism Organization

The World Tourism Day was presented to us in 1979 by the World Tourism Organization (WTO). The tourist holiday is scheduled for September 27.

WTO staff annually come up with a new motto to celebrate the day of the tourist. Each motto, like the holiday itself, carries a striving for quality of life, uniting people, focusing on development.

Russia has joined the tradition of celebrating Tourist Day since 1983.

Active tourism contributes to the development of world peace

Tourism is a journey (both collective and one person), the purpose of which is both relaxation and knowledge of something new. The end of the 20th century was distinguished by the intensive development of urban infrastructure, modern transport, which influenced the expansion and quality of various tourist routes. Tourism has taken on a global scale. International holiday Tourism Day has been celebrated since 1979. The World Tourism Organization has been announcing the annual motto of this holiday since 1980. And Tourism Day 2019 is no exception. It will be held under the motto: Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future for All.

What date is World Tourism Day in Russia?

In Russia, Tourism Day has been actively celebrated since 1983. It takes place on September 27th. The goals of this holiday are to strengthen friendly ties between peoples, increase the popularity of various types of tourism, improve the economy of tourist regions, infrastructure and develop new tourist routes.

A little about the history of tourism in Russia

Russia has always been famous for its travelers and tourist routes. Its vast territory attracted with its riches and unexploredness. The 15th century was famous for "walking across the three seas" A. Ikitin. Tsar Peter I became the first reigning tourist who traveled around Europe for educational purposes, as well as for rest and treatment. He made his entourage travel. Of course, in those days, this type of recreation was an unaffordable luxury, and only for the upper class. After the revolution, tourist bases, pioneer camps, and resorts began to be actively built in Soviet Russia. Tourism in the USSR has become a sport. In the postwar years, tourism began to develop even more rapidly. In the central cities, hotels were rebuilt, museums, exhibition halls were created, transport developed, tourist routes expanded. Now tourism was not only a sports hobby, but also a full-fledged recreation. In modern Russia, tourism has become one of the most profitable articles of the state. In recent years, the flow of foreign tourists to Russia has increased several times. Tourists are attracted not only by Central Russia. The Far East of Russia, Kamchatka, Lake Baikal are very popular among tourists.

When it is celebrated and how the Day of Tourism in Russia will be held

There are tourist clubs for children and adults in almost every city in Russia. From mid-September to October 2019, tourist rallies will be held in city parks, as well as at specialized tourist sites. This is a good long-term tradition in the celebration of Tourism Day.

Tourslet program will include:

  • Registration of teams participating in the rally;
  • Concerts of various groups;
  • Competitions for teams:
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  • Obstacle course,
  • Setting up the tent at speed,
  • Competition for captains,
  • Competition for a tourist song
    • Competitions:
    • Volleyball and minifootball
    • Awarding of winners.

    All kinds of hiking and climbing will be timed to this day. Mass and activity are the main features of this holiday. On Tourism Day, September 27, the doors of many museums and exhibition halls will be open, and free tourist routes will be organized. Events will be especially bright in such famous tourist centers of Russia as Moscow, St. Petersburg with its historical suburbs, in the cities of the "Golden Ring".

    The most visited tourist sites in Russian cities

    What events can be visited in Moscow

    Millions of tourists visit the capital of Russia every year. Moscow will meet the World Tourism Day with all kinds of mass events:

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