Tour operator Vedi Tour

Tour operator Vedi Tour

Vedi Tour Group is a diversified operator, created in 2002 with a focus on the Czech Republic, today offers travel almost all over the world with financial guarantees in the amount of 30 million rubles. The main rule of the company is that a quick and high-quality product offer is combined with an affordable and reliable service, an individual approach and an attentive attitude towards each tourist.

The operator is in the top ten in the Russian rating, has numerous international and domestic awards and diplomas.

Specialization, directions and services

"Vedi Tour" organizes various types of tourism, recreation, training, educational and professional seminars and other corporate events. Thanks to partners, the company provides visa support and insurance.


The range of the operator's core activities includes:

Vedi Group updates the route map with enviable regularity, but traditionally remains the leader in the Czech direction.


Vedi Tour offers a large number of countries in Europe and Asia: France, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, the Baltic countries, Benelux, Scandinavia, as well as Malta, Bali, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and Hong Kong.


The tour operator has a wide range of services:

Thanks to extensive experience and long-term cooperation with partners, Veditour clients are always guaranteed a place in sanatoriums and hotels. At the same time, the company implements the most progressive forms of service, including online booking.

For the second year in a row, Russian outbound tourism operators, in accordance with the law, report on the number of Russians sent abroad and the cost of their vacation. RBC analyzed the information submitted to the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizm) this year. It turned out that if, according to data for 2016, the minimum average cost of one tour abroad was 21 rubles. per person, then for 2017 - less than 2 rubles.

Last year, the data in the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators was changed after RBC applied for clarification. This year, the travel company that set the price record explained it as a "mistake". However, experts believe that industry players make such mistakes not by chance, but in order to save on contributions to special funds.

According to RBC, a representative of the Ministry of Culture, which is in charge of Rostourism, is currently analyzing the information provided by outbound tourism operators. If necessary, inquiries will be sent to tour operators, they promise in the ministry. The Rostourism press service provided a similar response to RBC's request.

To protect holidaymakers

The Law "On the Fundamentals of Tourist Activities in the Russian Federation" obliges from 2017 all travel companies sending clients abroad to provide Rostourism with information for the reporting year on the number of tourists sent abroad and the total cost of the "tourist product" in the field of outbound tourism ". At the same time, the law defines a "tourist product" as "a set of transportation and accommodation services provided for a total price." Thus, the cost of the tourist product includes both transport and hotel services.

The companies' contributions to various funds designed to protect the interests of tourists depend on the data on the number of clients served and the total cost of tours sold by them. The number of clients sent abroad is tied to the annual contribution to the reserve fund, from which the emergency removal of tourists from the resorts is financed, and the amount of the financial guarantee. On the basis of the total cost of the tours sold, in turn, the contribution to the personal liability fund of the tour operator is calculated - in the event of its collapse, the fund will compensate the company's clients for the damage incurred.

Less than $ per person

Information for 2016 provided by outbound tourism operators a year ago could not but cause surprise. As RBC calculated then, for a dozen companies, the cost of a full-fledged tour abroad averaged less than 1,000 rubles. per person.

At such prices, there are no tours even for a day or half a day, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) commented then on these data, doubting the reliability of the information provided by the companies. The Rosturizm then stated that the department was not endowed with the powers to supervise and control travel companies - only the Ministry of Culture, which supervises the Rosturizm, can carry out their checks.

Following RBC's clarifying inquiries, the information in the register for individual companies has changed. The Ministry of Culture has not officially announced any check of the players in the tourism market.

The cheapest in the Far East

At the end of 2017, eight outbound tourism operators received information according to which the cost of a tour abroad for them does not exceed 1 thousand rubles, RBC was convinced by analyzing the updated information in the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators.

Far Eastern tour operators dominate among the companies with the cheapest tours, just like a year ago. So, according to the Federal Agency for Tourism, LLC "Continent +" from Nakhodka sent 1095 people abroad in 2017, and the declared "total cost of a tourist product in the field of outbound tourism" was only 2 thousand rubles. Thus, one tour from the company cost an average of 1.8 rubles. per person. A year earlier, this figure was more impressive for her - 3 thousand rubles. per person.

Travelata, which has been cooperating with various travel organizations for many years, has compiled a list of the best tour operators in Russia. The 2018 reliability rating includes the 10 largest travel companies, which were rated according to 10 criteria. These include: asset size, number of offers, length of time in the market, reliability and, of course, customer reviews.

We have updated the reliability rating of tour operators in Russia in 2019, the list below should be considered outdated.

Which airline to fly: Rating of Russian airlines, the safest and most punctual.

Mouzenidis Travel

Opens the top 10 2017-2018 Mouzenidis is a company that deals exclusively with Greece. For more than 20 years, our fellow citizens have been visiting Athens, relaxing on the beaches of Crete and diving in the sea in Halkidiki thanks to Mouzenidis. The low place in the rating of Mouzenidis is largely due to the small number of offered directions, and everything else is at a fairly high level, including the number of satisfied customers (97.63%).

Biblio Globus

Biblio Globus is one of the leaders in the 2018 ranking: it offers 52 destinations. You will be taken to the best beaches in the world, active tourism, cruises, excursions and much, much more will be organized. The number of satisfied customers is 95.1%.

Anex Tour

Anex Tour specializes in Spain and Thailand. Unfortunately, the reputation of the company was slightly spoiled by the death of a tourist on the beach due to a strong underwater current, which the guides did not warn her and other bathers about. Although Anex has its own airline, there are not so many satisfied with the services of Anex as with the previous number of the chart - 92.75%.

Natalie Tours

Natalie Tours was once the fourth largest tour operator in Russia. But now, in connection with the collection by the Moscow Arbitration Court of the debt in favor of AK Transaero, 5.8 million dollars, it is not known how the company will go in the future. However, Natalie continues to evolve and even recently radically revised the tour booking system on its website. The number of satisfied customers is 95%.


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