The main industries and the secret of the success of the Vietnamese economy

The main industries and the secret of the success of the Vietnamese economy

Southeast Asia is a wonderful place for an exotic vacation. Russian tourists are attracted here by the beautiful nature, original culture, mixed with the Buddhist religion, the possibility of a variety of outdoor activities.

Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos - these countries are really worth visiting! At the same time, one of the most convenient forms of recreation (including financially) is a combined tour. Such a trip involves alternating visits to the countries of Indochina. The tour operator offers the most interesting attractions in each country to ensure you have an exciting holiday.

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Main directions

Looking for an interesting tour?

"Knowledge of the countries of the world - decoration and food of human minds"

  • Halong Bay (rich in its history of Hoi An and Hue) is worthy of your attention in Vietnam.
  • The world's largest gem market and volcano monasteries will be remembered in Myanmar.
  • Angkor is an iconic landmark of Cambodia.
  • Mysterious temples hidden in forest thickets are best seen in Laos.

Outdoor activities

In addition to the rich excursion program, here you can find such "adventures" - surfing, riding elephants and horses, rafting, cycling, descending into the caves and, of course, diving. SPA and wellness centers will make your vacation not only interesting, but also useful. And the local cuisine is very varied and delicious. If you are a gourmet tourist, you can fearlessly try a quality cooked snake, turtle or other local delicacy on such a trip.

Visits to the countries of Indochina can be scheduled literally for any time in 2016-2017. Each season has its own exotic charm. At the same time, many prefer such tours from October to March. At this time it is dry and "cool" here - about + 23⁰C - + 26⁰C.

Tour operator "South Lights" offers you not just tours with flight and accommodation, like most tour operators, we invite you to travel to the countries of Southeast Asia - full of interesting adventures and exciting moments! Travel routes have been prepared by the best Russian orientalists-practitioners! And thanks to the rich program of the tour, which is already included in the price of the tour and the constant accompaniment of the guide, the offer from the Yuzhnoye Siyanie company is more profitable than ordering a standard voucher in ordinary travel agencies and travel agencies.

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Hello. Holidays in Vietnam are a great option! If Vietnam magically suddenly found itself closer to Central Russia (say, somewhere in the vicinity of Turkey), the tourist flow to this country would undoubtedly increase many times over. Indeed, among the tangible disadvantages of this direction is only a long and, therefore, expensive flight.

Almost everything else is solid pluses: an unusual and fascinating "excursion", beautiful beaches with ample opportunities for active recreation, an extensive and high-quality hotel base. And with all this - low prices in hotels, restaurants, on excursions and in general everywhere.

Despite all this, Vietnam has thoroughly spoiled its opinion with creepy consumer goods markets with bales of all kinds of rubbish, talkative inhabitants and aromas of fried herring. Perhaps, many today wrinkle their noses when they hear an offer to go there: “I've seen enough of this here too.”

Meanwhile, real Vietnam is ancient temple complexes of unknown civilizations and natural beauty of national parks, healthy and tasty food (dietary rice and mouth-watering fresh seafood), the cheapest diving in the world (coupled with an abundance of underwater inhabitants) and resorts with a distinct European flavor: after all, a former French colony.

In addition, there is an opportunity to have plenty of nostalgia for the recent social past: the flag, well, almost like our former, and the pioneers in ties, and even the leader in the mausoleum.

Resorts and cities of Vietnam

The capital is Hanoi. Interesting cities: Ho Chi Minh City, Hue; popular resorts: Phan Thiet, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang.

Climate of Vietnam

About a third of the country is located at a level above 500 m above the sea, so the climate there is subtropical, and in areas above 2000 m it is even temperate. From April-May to October, southeastern monsoons bring warm and humid weather to the country - except in areas protected by mountains.

In the south of Vietnam (from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet), two seasons can be distinguished - wet and dry. The wet season traditionally lasts from May to November, the rainiest months are June to August. The dry season usually starts in December and ends in April. This is the most favorable time for European tourists. The "velvet" months in the south of Vietnam are January and February: soft sun, refreshing sea water. From late February to May, there are hot days without rain.

Climate of central Vietnam (from the resort of Nha Trang to the ancient capital of Hue): from February to August - clear, rains are rare, temperature + 30 ... + 35 ° C. In mid-December - torrential rains, in October - November in the area of ​​Da Nang and Hue, typhoons are possible, the temperature is + 20 ... + 28 ° C.

A guide to the best sights of the Republic of Mari El - the most interesting places with coordinates, photos, names and descriptions. Where you can go, what you should definitely see in the Mari Republic.

Probably the most important feature of Vietnam is that Russian tourists are very fond of here and are always glad to see them as guests. This amazing country has everything for recreation and entertainment - snow-white clean beaches, excellent climate, upscale hotels, huge shopping centers, nightclubs and discos and all this, which is important, still at very reasonable prices.

It is worth noting that here you can find not only entertainment, but also a huge number of historical sights, cultural monuments and temples.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam

Starting with the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is located in the northern part of the country and ranks 17th in the world among the largest cities in the world, although its population is only 6.5 million people. The name Hanoi translates as a city between rivers, as the city stretches along the Hongha River (red river).

Previously, the city had the name Thanglong, which means flying dragon. In 2010, Hanoi celebrated its 1000th birthday. Indeed, in this city, the history of different cultures is intertwined in a mysterious dance, which attracts many tourists to unravel this dance. So, our compatriot Igor Aleksandrovich Alferov in 1961 headed the development of the master plan of the city.

Asian and European architecture of different times give this city a very colorful silhouette, walking through the old city you can especially feel it, each street has unambiguous names, fans are produced and sold on Veernaya Street, Silk Street where the best silks and products are collected from silk. And from a dozen of such streets, this ancient district turns into a large market, which, like a thousand years ago, lives its own leisurely life.

Hanoi has a lot of historical and religious monuments that tell the mysterious history of the city. So, for example, in the very heart of the city is the legendary lake of "returned sword", where, according to the legend, the sacred turtle presented an ordinary fisherman named Le Loy with a magic sword.

With this sword, Le Loy won the war against the Chinese feudal lords and became the national hero of Vietnam. And after the victory, he returned the sword of the turtle on the same lake and since then the lake has been called Ho Hoan Kiem, the lake of the returned sword.

Ha Long Bay

To the east of Hanoi in the Gulf of Tonkin lies the Ha Long Bay, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the territory of the bay of 1500 sq. km. more than 3000 islands are settled. Ha Long translates to the place where the dragon descended into the sea.

And this name justifies itself, the islands resemble thorns on the back of a dragon that went down into the sea. The ecosystem of the bay is truly very unique, the variety of wildlife both under water and above the sea tirelessly surprises numerous tourists, some of whom flew to Vietnam just to admire Ha Long Bay. One of the islands of the bay, proudly bears the name of the Russian cosmonaut Titov!

Many Russian beach lovers know Vietnam in winter. For the first half of 2016, Vietnam entered the top three most popular holiday destinations for Russians. He was overtaken only by Spain and Thailand. The flow of tourists to the resorts of this country in Southeast Asia is constantly growing. The Vietnamese authorities are creating all the necessary conditions for this. The flight to Vietnam is quite expensive due to the long distance. But the prices here are lower than at the promoted resorts. Moreover, both for accommodation and for food and entertainment. It is also important that our Russian citizens can come to Vietnam without a visa for 15 days. This period is quite enough to rest. The popularity of Vietnam's resorts is growing, and tourists have questions about where to go in this country. Therefore, today we will consider the main Vietnamese resorts and what vacationers can do there.

North Vietnam Resorts


Halong Bay is located in the Gulf of Tonkin in northern Vietnam. From Hanoi, the distance to it is about 170 kilometers. There are several thousand islands, cliffs, caves in the bay. Halong occupies about 1.5 thousand square kilometers in area. Halong city is the administrative center of Quang Ninh province, where the famous bay is located. There are no other attractions here. Halong is translated into Russian as the bay where dragons dive.

Despite the beauty of Halong Bay, it is difficult to recommend this place for a permanent getaway. People come here on excursions. These are usually one or two day tours. On some islands, there are goodies. For example, there is a hotel on an island called Catba. You can also stay on the coast. Therefore, if you want to spend a few days in Halong, then there is a place to stay here. It should be said right away that there is a very low level of safety on pleasure boats in Halong. The boats used for the walks are very old and badly worn out. As a result, accidents and accidents often occur on them.

In Halong Bay, the main type of recreation is sightseeing. People come here to explore the natural beauty and attractions. Beach holidays, entertainment and nightlife are also practiced. Shopping is mainly about buying souvenirs. The prices are affordable.

The season for visiting Halong Bay is open all year round, but the winter months are quite cool here and a beach holiday is not always possible. It is best to come to Halong in the first half of autumn (September, October), as well as in the spring (March - May). From June to September there is a rainy season, high temperatures and stuffiness.


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. This metropolis is the second industrial center after Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi translated into Russian means "city between rivers". It is located along the banks of the Hongha (Red) River. Hanoi is home to about six and a half million people. The total area is 3300 sq. kilometers. In the ranking of the largest cities in the world, Hanoi is in 17th place. It is also listed among the ten most interesting tourist cities in Asia.

In Hanoi, tourists can observe Asian exoticism combined with modern business life. On the streets here, a huge stream of motorcycle technology flows between ancient monuments, temples and museums. There are even cycle rickshaws preserved here, which offer their services even near modern shopping centers. You probably shouldn't come to Hanoi for your entire vacation. This resort lacks beach holidays, as well as tourist attractions. But it will be interesting to stay here for a few days for sightseeing in Hanoi. Tourists often use Hanoi as a starting point for a trip to Vietnam. From here, they usually go to Halong Bay or to the Sapa mountain resort, which will be discussed below.

So, the main type of recreation in Hanoi is sightseeing, which are in abundance here. The second most popular activity in the capital of Vietnam is shopping. Some tourists may be interested in a nightlife.

The best season to visit Hanoi is autumn (September─ November) and February to April. The rainy season begins in May and lasts until September. In summer there is intense heat (up to 35-40 C).

Vietnam is a small country with great potential for economic development, showing the highest economic growth in Southeast Asia in recent decades. Some statistics: on the territory of 331 thousand square meters. km is home to about 93 million people, the average population density is 278 people/sq. km. At the same time, in mountainous areas it is the smallest, and in coastal areas and in megacities it can reach 1100 people/sq. km. Life expectancy is high - almost 70 years for men and about 75 years for women. The annual GDP growth rate reaches 6.7%. What is the secret of such rapid development?

The Phenomenon of the Vietnamese Economy

Vietnam is one of the few strongholds of socialism on the planet. Decades of bloody wars in the 20th century destroyed the country both literally and figuratively. However, socialism held out, but the approach to economics changed due to the inefficiency of exclusively planned management of the economy. Elements of a market economy came to the country - the government began to develop its private sector. Since 1992, enterprises began to be removed from the control of the state, which attracted the first investments in the country. In the early 2000s, most of them in the service sector, production of consumer goods and trade became private.

Today the country is considered to be averagely developed, the average per capita income is over 2 thousand dollars a year. In general, Vietnam is an export-oriented country, its main articles are agricultural products, light industry goods, coffee, oil, furniture and other manufactured goods. Their high competition in the world market owes a large part to the low wages in Vietnam. On average, it is $ 100-300 per month.

An updated model of the economy What is the secret of success?

Why is the Vietnamese economy showing such unprecedented GDP growth, what is the secret of their success? The second decade of the XXI century was marked by the landmark decisions of the country's government. They relate to a new vector of economic development:

  • Increasing the science intensity of production. Industry should reorient towards the production of high-tech products;
  • Reform of management and production itself with a focus on world experience and achievements in order to create a new face of the Vietnamese economy;
  • To avoid dependence on a limited number of markets, adjustment marketing strategy. This is an increase in integration into the world economy, expansion of sales markets and the range of exported goods. Moreover, integration is not just like entering a market with its own products, but penetration into the production chain;
  • Reducing government spending due to increased investment - foreign and from the private sector;
  • The transformation of the electric power industry, shipbuilding, oil and gas processing, agricultural engineering and tourism into the leading sectors of the economy, which could become the "locomotive" of its development.

Major sectors of the Vietnamese economy

Despite the rapid development in recent decades, Vietnam is still a largely agrarian country. Tourism, especially after 2010, is developing rapidly. An increasing place in industry is occupied by shipbuilding and mining, crowding out light industry.


Most of the production is concentrated in Central and South Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City is a developed industrial center. Danang and Hanoi are considered two more major centers. You can read more about the city of Da Nang in Vietnam. The main reserves of minerals are located in the north of the country. In recent years, the most intensively developing industries are metallurgical, machine-building, steel and construction materials production. The chemical industry produces mainly fertilizers. Electronics and components for it are becoming one of the export items.

It is not for nothing that the government is making electricity production one of the priority projects in the Vietnamese economy. Natural resources allow the industry to develop continuously. Vietnam has significant reserves of oil, natural gas and coal. Over the past 20 years, electricity production has doubled thanks to an extensive network of hydropower plants.

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