The best universities in the world to study international relations

Tourism universities

Universities in different regions of the world that train the best specialists in international relations

The phenomenon of studying abroad owes its appearance in many respects to the development of international relations. Centuries ago, educated young people from noble families were sent abroad to study foreign languages ​​and international relations, as well as to establish international dialogue between countries.

Today, foreign education in the field of international relations is available to everyone and in many countries is considered one of the most demanded academic areas.

Studying international relations abroad, students receive not only high-quality knowledge and degrees that are recognized in different countries. They also learn international relations and cultural exchange literally by doing, constantly being in a diverse international community.


Estimated Tuition Cost: $ 11,600 per year

The French University Sciences Po is the best university in continental Europe for the study of international relations, according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018. The university includes the Paris School of International Relations, the only one in France and one of the largest in Europe. which students from 105 countries study. The school offers a wide range of English-language master's programs in international relations, as well as numerous dual degree programs in partnership with overseas educational institutions in the USA, England, China, Germany and other countries.

Estimated Tuition Fees: Free

The Center for Global Policy at the Free University of Berlin is one of the most innovative and innovative centers for the study of international relations in Europe. The purpose of the training center is to meet the increased need for highly qualified specialists in global politics and international relations. The center offers two popular online graduate programs in Regional Eastern European Relations and International Relations. The English-language program in international relations is 90% online and 10% classroom in the heart of Berlin, which takes place twice a year. Due to the modern approach to teaching, students of the program receive the best knowledge and preparation for practical work.

Estimated Tuition Cost: $ 11,000 per year

The University of Copenhagen is among the top 30 best universities in the world for studying international relations. The department of international relations of the university is known not only for the high quality of teaching, but also for numerous studies in the field of politics, international relations and conflicts. It offers three year master's programs with specializations in International Relations, Diplomacy, International Conflict, Political Science and Political Economics.

In which universities and countries to study transport logistics abroad?

From supplying the population with goods and services to supporting the economy, trade, business and defense industries around the world, transport logistics plays an extremely important role in the lives of modern people.

In the field of transportation and logistics, millions of people work, including managers and organizers, as well as executors of the direct functions of transportation and transportation.

If you want to get a higher education abroad in the field of transport logistics, we invite you to learn about the best universities in the world to study transportation, logistics and supply.


Estimated Tuition Cost: $ 18,500 per year

Huddersfield University is located in West Yorkshire and is one of the best universities to study logistics. The university offers undergraduate, honors and graduate programs in transportation, transport management, logistics, supply chain management, and air transportation. One of the main advantages of studying here is the compulsory internship and work practice. In particular, university students are trained in companies such as Hoyer, Trans Pennine Express, The Warehouse Group Ltd, Coca Cola Midi, SHD Composite Materials, Wincanton, Network Rail, Plymouth Citybus, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Maritime Logistics and Arla Foods.

Estimated Tuition Cost: $ 8,500 per year

Fontis University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven provides students with a high-quality English-language education in logistics and supply chain management. Students have access to undergraduate and graduate programs with specializations in logistics management, logistics engineering, supply chain management, logistics and transport in international business. As part of the programs, students attend lectures and work on practical projects, as well as internships in companies in the Netherlands and neighboring countries.

Estimated Tuition Cost: $ 13,600 per year

Based on the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Cork Institute of Technology offers an Honors Bachelor's Program in Transportation Management, which is very popular with students due to the practical orientation of the course. After completing the program, students can apply for jobs in the automotive or transportation industries. The institute also houses the prestigious National Maritime College of Ireland, which offers programs in maritime transport and shipping. Students in these programs study maritime navigation, ship operations, maritime operations management, and more.

North America

Estimated Tuition Cost: $ 10,800 per year

A tourism specialist or manager is a profession that brings not only income, but also pleasure. People working in such a position work in travel agencies and are engaged in advising clients, offering excursion programs and tours. Thanks to the specialty received at the Faculty of Tourism, people learn a lot about the world, about interesting places on our planet, about cultural and natural attractions.

However, such a position is not available to all people, but only to those who have a diploma indicating the direction of study "Tourism". This specialty can be obtained in many educational organizations in our country. Consider some tourism universities, because many young people want to try themselves in the role of specialists in this field.

MGIIT named after Senkevich: general information

Let's start reviewing Moscow tourism universities with Senkevich MGIIT. This state educational organization was founded at the end of September 1966. It was created in accordance with a government decree. The document spoke about the opening of retraining and training courses for further work with foreigners who come to the country for tourism purposes.

In subsequent years, the university was renamed several times:

Specialties of MGIIT

The name of the institution shows that the university specializes in training personnel for the tourism sector. Some of the programs allow you to get secondary vocational education:

  • "Organization of services in public catering." Managers are trained in this specialty.
  • Tourism. Applicants who choose this specialty at the university will become specialists in tourism in the future.
  • "Hotel service". Upon completion of this program, the qualification of a manager is awarded.

Those wishing to get higher education Moscow State Institute of Tourism Industry. Yu. A. Senkevich offers undergraduate programs. The choice is limited. Applicants can apply either to the direction "Tourism" or "Hotel business". It is not necessary to be an absolutely healthy person to study on the programs of VET or HE. The university accepts for training and persons with disabilities, disabled people. For them, the educational institution is equipped with elevators, ramps, toilet rooms.

Getting to know RGUTiS

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