Studying abroad

Studying abroad

In the "Study Abroad" section, students from our city tell about their studies in foreign universities. Olga Golub participates in the exchange program between BSU and Henan University. She is studying Chinese. Olga told how she got into the program and how Belarusian students differ from Chinese.

Olga Golub participates in an exchange program with Henan University. All photos: personal archive of Olga GOLUB

About the university

Henan University is one of the oldest universities in China. He was one of the first to accept foreign students for training. The International Institute of Chinese Language and Culture of Henan University is a special institution for foreigners to study the Chinese language and research in this field.

About the exchange program

In my second year at the Faculty of Journalism, BSU, I learned about the exchange program with China. To participate in the program, one had to enroll in a Chinese language course at a university. They last almost the entire academic year, and after them the students will have an exam. According to its result, those who will go to China for the next academic year are determined. Together with me, 29 students attended the courses, but only 10 of us went to China: those who passed the final exam better than others and were ready to pay for their travel and visa themselves.

Many Belarusian universities now have student exchange programs with China, so it's not so difficult to go to China.

All foreign students of the university at the opening of the competition.

About learning Chinese

The groups of foreign students include young people from all over the world: they are Australians, Spaniards, and Poles. In the classroom, we are given some points, but this is almost of no interest to anyone. An exchange program is essentially a language course. We do not have any other subjects, classes are held from 8 to 12 hours.

At the end of the program, we will take a test for the level of knowledge of the Chinese language. It passes like TOEFL in English (listening, grammar, speaking can be taken separately). There are six levels of Chinese proficiency. For studying at a Chinese university and for simple work, four levels are enough. To get it, you need to learn 1200 characters! For this, our textbooks are not enough, you need to do extra - read the local press, watch films and communicate with native speakers. It is not difficult for the Slavs in China: they are very friendly towards us. I will take an exam for the fourth level, because after graduation I plan to enter a master's degree in China.

Today more than 2.3 thousand foreign citizens from 50 countries of the world study at BSU. Students from China, Turkmenistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and other countries made their choice in favor of getting an education in the best Belarusian university, evaluating the quality of teaching, choice of specialties, excellent material and technical base and a number of other advantages.

Rector of BSU, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus Sergei Vladimirovich ABLAMEIKO reminded: BSU occupies the first line in the rating of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. “The leading status of BSU is recognized not only in Belarus, but also abroad. According to the Interfax rating published in December 2013, Belarusian State University deservedly entered the top three universities in the CIS countries, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, behind only Moscow State University. Lomonosov (Russia) and ahead of St. Petersburg State University, - said Sergei ABLAMEIKO. - Belarusian State University belongs to the elite of the world's educational institutions. This is confirmed by the data of reputable international rating agencies (Webometrics, Times Higher Education), according to which our university is in the 2% of the best universities in the world. Just the other day, on September 6, new data from the British QS rating were published, according to the results of which BSU took the 354th place for the first time, having risen by 76 positions at once. BSU has earned the world recognition by right. High positions in international rankings are the result of many years of work of our teachers and scientists, the result of well-coordinated and effective work of all departments of the university, a wide system of international relations. "

More features

The choice of studying at BSU is influenced by such factors as:

  • high educational potential, quality and accessibility of Belarusian education;
  • a wide range of specialties and areas in which specialists are trained (130), as well as more than 70 specialties in magistracy;
  • no discrimination in obtaining education; favorable conditions for staying in our country;
  • relatively low, in comparison with Western European countries, the cost of training;
  • a high level of practice-oriented training in a number of specialties;
  • international diploma.

How to proceed

What else, besides high-quality education and obtaining an international diploma, is the Belarusian State University attractive for foreigners? First of all, citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan not only can enter the BSU on a general basis, but since 2012 have an additional opportunity to enter and study at the BSU on a paid basis on the conditions provided for foreign citizens.

The head of the department for work with foreign citizens and international marketing of BSU Zhanna SAVELIEVA continued: “The conditions of enrollment on payment terms for foreign citizens are simplified: they do not need to undergo centralized testing. Entrance tests are held in the form of an interview in the Russian language or in the form of final tests at the end of the preparatory departments or preparatory courses (documents for issuing an invitation to study). Foreign citizens wishing to study the Russian language and general education subjects in the profile of their future specialty for further admission to universities can be trained at the faculty of pre-university education. Moreover, enrollment in Russian language groups is carried out monthly. Having successfully completed their studies and received a state-recognized certificate, students of the preparatory department are enrolled in BSU without an interview. Despite the fact that the academic year at the university begins on September 1, documents are accepted until October 15 "(contacts).

It is important that all students are offered accommodation in comfortable dormitories of the Belarusian State University for a reasonable price - $ 50-60 per month, depending on the heating season.

Specialties and cost

“The cost of training at BSU for foreign students depends on the faculty and on average is a little more than 3 thousand dollars,” noted Zhanna Savelyeva. “There are faculties where tuition costs 2300 dollars, and in the correspondence department - 1900 dollars.”

There are also various categories of foreign citizens for whom the cost of training is reduced. These are applicants who come through companies that are partners of BSU in recruiting foreign citizens: such students are given a discount of up to 20%.

For citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Armenia, BSU uses an integration coefficient of payment reduction from 5 to 15%, depending on the specialty. In addition, foreign citizens who applied for information about BSU at international educational exhibitions and visited the BSU stand are also provided with a bonus in the form of a reduction in the cost of training for the first year.

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