Southeast Asian Countries - List of Top Vacation Destinations in 2020

Southeast Asian Countries - List of Top Vacation Destinations in 2020

Southeast Asia's destinations include developing countries of ancient cultures that are very attractive to travel.

The roads of millions of tourists lead to states with hospitable residents: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. All tours and excursion trips to the cultural characteristics of the country are popular due to their accessibility, the presence of a comfortable tropical climate and unique nature.

Sea, sun, jungle, mountains, ancient architecture - everything works for relaxation and pleasant emotions from the trip.

Inexpensive tours to Asia

Typical Traveler Expenses

Accommodation and hotels. Accommodation in Southeast Asia is really cheap. You can find a place to sleep for as little as $ 2-5 USD in parts of Cambodia and Laos. In Thailand, you usually pay $ 6-13 USD per night. In Vietnam, they expect to pay 1 $ 5-8 USD. In Indonesia - 8-10 US dollars. Throughout the region, plan to pay around $ 15-20 per night for a private, air-conditioned room. Prices are higher in cities and tourist areas (and especially on tourist islands) and lower in rural areas. You can spend a cheap vacation by booking guest houses, so we recommend using the services of Homeaway, which is engaged in renting housing around the world, here are hot deals from 2000 rubles per night.

When traveling in Southeast Asia, you can book accommodation in advance and book a room on site if you are a free traveler.

Food & Nutrition

Inexpensive cuisine in Southeast Asia will pleasantly surprise you, unless, of course, you like to eat a lot and tasty. Local restaurants and street cafes have a menu of European cuisine and local dishes, in both cases you will not be spending more than US $ 15 per day on food.

Street food is the most popular form of food in Southeast Asia. On average, these dishes cost no more than $ 1.50. You will find outdoor cafes throughout the region, in the streets and markets. In Thailand, you will even find markets specifically for street food. In Singapore, you will find street food (or "tray boys" as they are called). Even if you go to small local restaurants, the price does not increase much.

Western food, including burgers, pizza, sandwiches, costs about $ 5. This will be the most expensive part of your food budget. If you want to try homemade food, expect to spend around US $ 10 for lunch. Pricey, but homemade Asian food is nicer than a bowl of pasta.

Transport Services

The easiest and cheapest way of transportation that Asia offers to tourists is by bus. Familiar transport will take you whenever and wherever you want, no matter how far. The hiker's trail is so worn out that there is a very well-installed and oiled tour bus system that will take you wherever you go. The cost of buses varies depending on the duration of the route, on the travel time and comfort conditions in the cabin. Local public transport costs from a few cents to a few dollars. In Bangkok, the public bus costs 10 cents, the metro is 1 US dollar. In Singapore, the local train system starts the same way, with one US dollar.

One of the most famous tourism destinations in the world, Southeast Asia, has long won the well-deserved title of the travel agent's favorite. People come there from everywhere, from all over the world to see the enchanting beauty of nature, epic sights, and enjoy the unusual dishes of local cuisines.

Southeast Asia is an expensive destination, because even a flight is not cheap, but everyone's love for Thailand or Indonesia, as well as many other places, does not fade away after so many years. This is the merit of not only the Creator, who very generously awarded this part of Asia with all kinds of charms and insane beauty, but also the wise policy of the states of this region. Tourism is actively developing here, local residents hospitably welcome travelers, and the language barrier is no longer a global problem, for example, in Thailand and Vietnam there are many signs and menus in cafes, even in Russian, not to mention English.

Southeast Asia - list of countries for holidays all year round

Residents of the countries of Southeast Asia have long decided that they should share the luxury of nature and architecture with other inhabitants of our planet, especially since such beauties are considered a very expensive commodity, and contribution to the economy never hurts. That is why they go to the countries of Southeast Asia to view the incredible spectacles of nature, touch the centuries-old culture, soak up the pristine beaches, and, in the end, immerse themselves in the real atmosphere of paradise. Therefore, those wishing to get relaxation or drive are sent here. On the territory of the south or east of Asia, there are almost no states where tourism activities would not be fully developed. Rather, tourism in different places manifests itself in its own way:

  • Thailand - it has always been called the "all-Union place of health" (have not been here, perhaps, the most boring couch potatoes);
  • Vietnam is the second most popular destination, where there are many sights and beauties of nature;
  • Indonesia - the most visited place is, of course, Bali, but tourists also visit other resorts famous for the cleanest beaches with white sand;
  • The Philippines is a paradise for those who love exotic nature and measured rest;
  • Malaysia - here skyscrapers of megalopolises coexist with beaches untouched by human hands;
  • Cambodia is a country where it is easy not only to come, but also to stay living for a Russian, there will be no problems with documents, there are many Russians for permanent residence;
  • Laos - the service here is far from ideal, the country is quite wild, but still the beaches are 5 points;
  • Myanmar - this state is more closed, spiritual, "for those who understand."

What can you find for yourself on the territory of the countries of the South-East? To begin with, it is worth noting that the main subject of curiosity for people of any age and nationality is the seas, as well as snow-white beaches. There are incredibly many such miracles in this zone. At the same time, the available natural resources can boast of an incredibly high quality indicator - from a deserted beach to comfortable little things in a hotel, like an orchid in a toilet that can be found every morning.

The reason for such a celebrity in most of these resorts is the simple and kind desire of local residents to please foreign guests. It is not for nothing that one of the countries in this region is referred to as "the land of smiles". It would be correct to apply this description to the entire territory of Southeast Asia: people smile here sincerely and very often.

What to see in Southeast Asia?

People come to the countries of Southeast Asia to admire. The rarest animals and active volcanoes, surprising the traditions of the local population, as well as the delights of the best gastronomes, that is, all the riches that Asia has prepared for curious tourists in all its corners. It should be noted that the southeast of Asia is also famous due to the fact that the most wonderful collection of the most ancient values ​​and culture of all mankind is located on the territory of this zone. Take, for example, Buddhist monuments of incredible beauty - from the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar to the "Buddha footprints" in Laos.

After all, a variety of athletes from all over the planet strive for the amazing nature of Asia. For example, diving in Vietnam has been recognized for several years as one of the best in the entire planet in terms of value for money. Surfing in Malaysia picks up steam every season with the efforts of the eastern monsoons, which give surfers chic waves.

Sights of Southeast Asia

There are so many attractions in Southeast Asia that there probably won't be enough life to explore. Among the most breathtaking sights is the bottle temple Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kea. In Thailand, you can find more than 40 thousand Buddhist temples, which are very similar to one another. However, this temple is made of 1. million crafted bottles. Most of them are beer bottles. The building is still growing. The green temple is incredibly beautiful and delightfully extraordinary. You can find it in Sisaket. In addition, I recommend visiting the cities of Southeast Asia, which are of greatest interest:

  • Bangkok in Thailand - the Royal Palace, dozens of temples, ruins of Ayutthaya, nightclubs are located here;
  • Chiang Mai in Thailand is a distinctive city with unusual pagodas and quiet walks outdoors;
  • Luang Prabang in Laos - you will like it for its beautiful landscapes and an abundance of religious sites;
  • Hanoi in Vietnam - you will be able to see Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Temple of Literature and much more;
  • Phnom Penh in Cambodia - worth exploring the Royal Palace, National Museum, Silver Pagoda.

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