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Rozdil Resources of tourist regions of the world

African Tourism Region Resources

The African tourist region is attracted by the transfer of natural tourist resources. Especially significant among them are flora-faunistic and landscape warehouses and resource potential. For the porous lands and territories, the region is characterized by comfortable weather and climate conditions - the basis for the development of mass tourism.

On the market of international tourist services, from the African powers, they have introduced a high-quality tourist product: Mauritius - tourist tourism and beach-bathing items; Tunis and Morocco - beach and bathing, recreational and recreational tourism; Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenia - safari and ecological tourism; PAR - beach and bathing holidays, gastronomic and ecological tourism; Cape Verde specializes in diving and surfing. Stosovno bіlshostі іnshih powers Especially tsentralnoafrikanskih then aktualnіst rozvitku mіzhnarodnogo Tourism them stoїt to order dennomu: nespriyatlivy for vіdpochinku єvropeytsіv i amerikantsіv klіmat, mіzhetnіchnі konflіkti, bіdnіst, a temple zahvoryuvanіst on SNІD that INSHI ailments i vіdsutnіst elementarnih pobutovih minds roblyat tsі Kraina neprivab -Live from the point of view of recreational and tourist activity.

On the African continent, the last ten years have seen suttau changes from the structures of international tourism. Throughout the 1980s, part of the interregional tourist flows in Africa overwhelmed the inner regions. The situation changed in the 1990s, as they passed under the sign of progressive revaluation of internal regional highways over the last years.

Algeria - Morocco - Sudan - Tunis

The Republic of Tunis is an African African power, divided into 23 provinces - governors. Ї zagalna area - 163.6 yew. km 2. The total number of the population of Tunisu has a warehouse of 10.5 mln.

The main features of the geotourism position of Tunisu are: one third of the territory is occupied by the wilderness of the Sahara; The Atlas Mountains bade farewell to the entire cordon in Algeria; the length of the coastal line, without islands, warehouses 1,3 yew. km; close proximity to the living European tourist market. The tourist development of the Uzbek state is only gaining envelopes, which will allow Tunis to be included to the promising tourist regions of Africa.

Pivnich Tunisu perebuvaє under the inflow of the Middle Sea climate with a soft plank winter and a baking dry litter. Very cold and very cold. With a stretch of six months, the temperature of the warehouse is close to +15, and at night - + 6-8 o C, incoli and minus temperatures. Hot nybilsh - serpen. I am baking a little bit on the uzberezhzhi pom'yakshu the sea breeze. From zhovtnya to fierce board. All re-insured specialties are kindly seen on the climatic diagrams of the capital of the country (Fig. 2.34). From it, you can also make a visit, from a week to a weekday at a party. Tunisu will be the most comfortable.

Fig. 2. 4. Climatic Diagram of Tunis

ⓘ Tourism in Kenya

Tourism in Kenya is one of the main sources of government revenue. The main wealth of the country is its protected nature, admiring which people travel to East Africa from all over the world. Also, the country has a developed beach holiday, you can do various types of amateur sports or get acquainted with the ancient history and culture of the country during educational excursions.


Kenya has more than 60 national parks, reserves and reserves, which occupy most of the country's territory, which offer tourists a variety of programs in terms of duration and richness. In total, there are 329 protected natural areas, including mountain and sea.

Tsavo East National Park, the largest open park in the world, and Nairobi National Park, the oldest in the country, are worth noting, and it is located in the immediate vicinity of the capital. In Kenya, you can see the rarest species of animals and plants that are carefully protected by the state: black rhinos, Sable and Sitatunga antelopes, golden cats, reticulated giraffes, colobus, black-tailed bustards, Madagascar night herons, fish owls, African goshaws, beards, etc. the spectacle is the migration of huge flocks of birds, flamingos, pelicans or large animals. In addition to the amazing and rich fauna, the landscapes of the country are extremely interesting with endless savannas, rare rainforests, extinct volcanoes, mountains, it is here that the famous Kilimanjaro is located, caves, waterfalls, geysers, lakes.

Here tourists are offered photo safaris in jeeps and underwater safari with guides. The parks wildlife education centers offer lectures and videos on wildlife and excursions to animal shelters. All parks are equipped with comfortable houses for living, sometimes very exotic like tree dwellings. Many tourists prefer simpler, but no less equipped with everything necessary, bungalows, lodges and campgrounds.

For travelers, there are certain rules of behavior in protected areas: animals should never be fed, prevented from resting or hunting, approaching a very close distance, and even more so getting out of the car without the permission of the guide.

Beach and outdoor activities

The average air temperature in the country is + 25 ° С, on the coast it is even higher, so Kenya is quite suitable for a beach holiday almost all year round. The coldest month is July, and there are periods of heavy rain twice a year: March - May and October - November. The high season is from September to April.

The eastern coast of the state is washed by the waters of the warm Indian Ocean. There are many clean white sandy beaches and comfortable hotels. As part of the Kenya Wildlife Service program for the improvement of beaches, it is constantly cleaning and landscaping the territories, as well as working with staff in order to improve the quality of service for travelers.

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