September 27 - World Tourism Day

World tourism day

September - World Tourism Day

In order to popularize the tourism industry, in 1979, in a small town in Spain, the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization established World Tourism Day.

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Holiday history

The first time this holiday officially began to be celebrated in 1980. The date of the celebration fell on September 27th. It is worth noting that this day was not chosen by chance - it was on 27. 9. 970 in the city of Mexico City, the charter of the World Tourism Organization was approved. The main purpose of the celebration is the creation and strengthening of business and economic relations between countries, as well as the maintenance of diplomatic ties. Annual meetings contribute to the strengthening of established relations between states, and also position some states in the world tourism market.

Every year, September 27, Tourism Day is celebrated in many countries and states. Every year the WTO holds various festivals and tourist gatherings, which fully convey the atmosphere of the holiday.

World Tourism Day Traditions

For several years of the history of this holiday, some countries have developed their own specific traditions. So, for example, the day of tourism is held with the greatest scope in Spain - in the homeland of this event, directly in the city of Torremolinos. On September 27, carnival processions take place here, music is played everywhere, and a variety of dance and theatrical performances are held, even with the participation of horses. In Madrid, World Tourism Day is celebrated in its own way - free excursions are held for city guests, and huge screens are installed on the most important squares and streets on which entertaining and useful tourist information is broadcast. Tahiti celebrates the international holiday with a traditional cuisine festival, fairs and a variety of competitions. But in the capital of France - Paris - the government organizes various actions with the help of which they call on the local population to treat foreign tourists more loyally.

World Tourism Day

What is this holiday for? Why is it celebrated in many countries and states around the world? First of all, the day of tourism is celebrated in order to designate the significant role of this phenomenon on a global scale. In addition, this holiday contributes to the promotion of tourism, the strengthening of business and economic ties, as well as the development of the cultural and tourist potential of many countries. This event helps to draw attention to tourism - a process that is of the most important international importance from the point of view of economy, culture and integration. All countries and states that take an active part in the celebration strive to establish new diplomatic ties, and also strive to directly develop the very tourism potential of their country.

Who is celebrating this holiday?

September 27 - World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day was established by the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization in 1979 in the Spanish city of Torremolinos.

The purpose of the holiday is to promote tourism, highlight its contribution to the economy of the world community, and develop ties between peoples of different countries.

This is a holiday for everyone who at least once felt like a traveler, getting out of the everyday hustle and bustle on the bank of a river, in a forest, in a field or in other places that our land is so rich in!

And, of course, this is a holiday for those who are directly involved in the tourism business: employees of travel companies, museum workers, managers and staff of hotel complexes - everyone who professionally provides a comfortable and safe stay.

The holiday has been celebrated in most countries of the world for over 30 years. On this day, gatherings of tourists, celebrations and festivals dedicated to tourism and tourist business are held.

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Interestingly, the world's first travel agency was opened in 1841 by Thomas Cook.

Congratulations on World Tourism Day

Congratulations on Tourism Day in verse

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