Safety rules must be strictly observed in the mountains of Ingushetia "

Safety rules must be strictly observed in the mountains of Ingushetia

Mountain tourism in Ingushetia is becoming more popular every year, both among the local population and among tourists from other regions and even countries. Moreover, they visit the mountainous area both in summer and in winter.

For example, this summer the republic will host an annual ascent to Table Mountain (Myat-loam). Unfortunately, the event has been postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions predicted until the end of June and will take place in July.

In an interview with the Ingushetia newspaper, Aslan Almazov, head of the firefighting organization and rescue operations of the Main Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in Ingushetia, spoke about how to protect yourself and why it is so important to register your tourist route with rescue units ...

An abundance of tourist routes

- What tourist routes exist in Ingushetia today and what are most often visited by tourists in the mountainous part of the republic?

- Ingushetia today offers more than 30 tourist routes across the plain and mountainous part of the republic, most of them are convenient for both children and older people, for whom, for example, handrails are installed on difficult sections of excursions , and on steep slopes you can walk up the steps.

The most popular is the Targim Basin, called the cradle of the Ingush people and the heart of the mountainous Ingushetia, there are examples of ancient architecture of the Ingush, and not only. These are residential, semi-combat and combat towers, tombs, pagan sanctuaries and other religious monuments of ancient Christian architecture. One of the largest tower complexes of mountainous Ingushetia, which in the Middle Ages was considered the political, administrative and cultural center of the inhabitants of the Targim Basin, Egikal, has been well preserved.

“To everyone who saw it, this place seems just somehow unusual and fabulous,” says Irina Varueva, a resident of Rostov-on-Don.

In mountainous Ingushetia there is a Christian sanctuary of the 8th century - the Tkhaba-Yerdy temple, recognized as one of the oldest Christian temples in Russia. And the Vovnushki tower complex (consists of two stone pointed castles), miraculously holding on to the very edge of a high cliff, reached the final of the national competition "Miracles of Russia" several years ago as one of the most amazing man-made sights of the country.

In the Ingush mountains, where tourist routes pass, there are the purest ancient sources of drinking water, from which you can drink without fear even today.

- A climbing camp with the same name was built in the Dzheyrakh region. What is it?

Safety rules must be strictly observed in the mountains of Ingushetia

The small but very picturesque republic of Ingushetia is located in the northern regions of the Caucasus. Mountain resorts, gorges, waterfalls and nature reserves are its main treasures. But the main attractions of Ingushetia also include amazing cultural monuments: tower complexes, monasteries, temples and memorials.

The wonderful alpine climate and healthy air, which are not inferior in properties to the best resorts of the Swiss Alps, will become pleasant bonuses for travelers.

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Memorial of memory and glory in Nazran

The memorial complex is what every tourist in Ingushetia must see, its visiting card. Its construction was completed in 2012. The memorial is dedicated to key events and figures at different stages of the republic's existence.

The complex includes several objects. The main one is called the Nine Towers memorial and is dedicated to the memory of the victims of repression. The building is 25 meters high, and each tower symbolizes one of the deported peoples. There is a museum inside, which contains materials on the history of repressions and military conflict with Ossetia in 1992. The complex also includes colonnades, a monument to a horse regiment, a train from the time of the deportation of the Ingush and Chechens and other objects.

Address: Memorial of Memory and Glory, Nazran, Ingushetia, Russia.

Tower of Concord in Magas

The tower is located in the capital of the republic, the city of Magas. It is an artificial observation deck with a height of almost 100 m: it is the tallest building in the republic. The building was made in the style of traditional Ingush architecture, the work lasted only a year.

From an impressive height, tourists can admire Magas, its architecture, residential areas and center. Inside, the walls of the Concord Tower are decorated with beautiful paintings dedicated to Ingush mythology. It is planned to open a shopping center, restaurant and underground parking in the building.

Address: Tower of Concord, Magas, Ingushetia, Russia.

Borga-Kas Mausoleum

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