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The idea of ​​introducing "vaccine certificates" in Europe for those already vaccinated against COVID-19 has divided EU countries and politicians into two camps. The chances that a decision that suits everyone will be taken at the EU summit are slim. Meanwhile, the Russian Federation stated that the vaccination certificate is not associated with the right to travel abroad.


In the European Union, a fierce debate has begun over whether people who have received the COVID-19 vaccine should have more freedom of movement in the summer than those who have not been immunized.

As a reminder, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis last week proposed issuing a vaccination certificate for all EU citizens to help restore cross-border travel for the 2021 summer season.

The first approach to discussing this initiative took place on January 18 at a videoconference of ministers of the 27 EU countries. The Greek initiative provoked the opposite reaction in the EU countries. Thus, the introduction of "passports" for those vaccinated against coronavirus was supported by Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Belgium. A position similar to the Greek one was taken by Spain.

Disagree with the introduction of certificates for vaccinated against COVID-19 in France and the Netherlands. According to the French authorities, this will lead to discrimination between vaccinated citizens and those who do not. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis also said that he does not support this idea, because it will "divide the population of Europe in half."

There is no unequivocal position from Germany, which holds the EU presidency. And although German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that vaccinated people should be able to return to restaurants and cinemas faster, other German government ministers criticized his opinion. The main argument against in Germany is purely medical: it is not yet clear whether vaccinated people can still transmit the coronavirus to others.


Summing up the results of the first discussion on January 18, Vice President of the European Commission Maros Sefkovic said that people unvaccinated from coronavirus should not be limited in their rights. However, vaccination against coronavirus may well become a condition of the trip, which, for example, are already the current requirements for presenting a negative PCR test for COVID-19 for entry into many countries.

President of the European Council Charles Michel is more pessimistic. Too early introduction of COVID-19 vaccine certificates for travel, he said, would cause "a huge disappointment in Europe" as large numbers of people would have to be vaccinated to do so. And the processes of vaccine delivery and immunization in different countries are not synchronized.

He also noted that the topic of vaccination certificates for travelers "is sensitive in many European countries, because it may appear that the certificate makes vaccination mandatory."

Charles Michel also stressed that for the international recognition of the EU certificate, cooperation with third countries whose citizens visit Europe is necessary.

Therefore, as the EU President summed up, the introduction of "vaccine passports" in the EU will require unanimous approval from all EU countries. If there is no European consensus, the initiative will be postponed.

If you are about to enter a higher education institution abroad, emigrate or interview and employment in an international company, then in all you need "proof" that you speak English at the proper level. This “proof” will be one of a series of international English proficiency exams. Of course, you must first decide which specific international exam is suitable for you in order to achieve your goal, and seriously prepare for it. So let's see what we have here.

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Content of the article:

Life does not stand still and presents us with surprises and a lot of new things, demanding not to stop there. Each person strives to achieve certain results and leave his mark on this world. In modern society, English dominates all linguistic charters. In order to test your knowledge and document it, international exams in English were invented.

Some take them to study or work abroad, others use exams as an incentive to learn the language, and the third is necessary for a successful career in their country. Be that as it may, and among students of English, such exams are gradually gaining popularity all over the world. This article will tell you about the most famous international exams in English, their comparison and, of course, the answer to the question "Is it necessary at all?" Let's start with him.

Why do you need an international exam?

Indeed! After all, this requires money (the exam is not free), energy and a lot of time! But nevertheless, there are reasons for everything. For example:

  • First of all, the exam is taken to obtain a special certificate that will officially confirm your knowledge. Having received it, you will be able to enroll in prestigious universities that are located abroad (for example, in the USA or Canada, as well as in other countries where the main language of communication is English). More than 7,500 educational institutions in English-speaking countries will require your document.
  • Getting a decent job abroad is also unlikely without a certificate, because no one needs illiterate employees. In order to successfully settle abroad, you need to pass this exam and a certificate with a high score. The higher it is, the more likely it will be that you get a job with a high pay. Everyone wants to occupy not the last positions, but this requires persistent training, a lot of desire and patience. Yes, different companies require different levels of language proficiency, but often this indicator should be above 80 points. So. you better be ready.
  • In addition, you can pass such an exam for the purpose of self-affirmation. It will be nice to check your capabilities and get a document that confirms your literacy and skills, and, possibly, will help you win a dispute (the certificate will become iron proof).

The passed exam is a guarantee that you are fluent in the given language and can communicate and write freely in it.

Composition I go shopping in English with translation

Types of International Exams

Surely every English learner at least once in his life thought about getting a certificate confirming his knowledge. At the same time, it is necessary that the received document be useful, and not gather dust on the shelf next to the Soviet encyclopedia. In this article, we will tell you why you need a certificate of knowledge of English, which document you should get, and how you can become the owner of a certificate of completion of English courses at our school.

What are the certificates in English

Certificates of English proficiency can be roughly divided into two large groups:

International Certificate in English

Such a document can be obtained as a result of passing IELTS, TOEFL, BEC, TOEIC, FCE, CAE, CPE exams. These certificates are the most prestigious and multifunctional: you can use them both in Russia and abroad. Such documents have only one drawback - exams are not cheap, and some of them are valid for only two years. In addition, international exams require a long and thorough preparation.

Certificate of completion of courses or school of English

    Certificate of Graduation from the International School of English

    Such documents are issued by well-known brands like English First or International House, which have branches in many countries. The names of such schools are "well known": they are known by the majority of employers in countries where there are representative offices of the brand. Typically, these schools issue two certificates: a standard document on the completion of courses is issued free of charge, and for a fee, you can get a certificate from an international school. The latter document is recognized in countries where there are branches of the school. However, companies still prefer the more prestigious international certificates, which we mentioned in the first paragraph. Certificate of completion of English courses

    This document is issued by our online English school and other language schools and courses. The undoubted advantage of the document is that you can get such a certificate in English quickly and free of charge. No school or language course issues a document that carries the same weight as international exam certificates. But this document has an unlimited validity period and a fairly wide scope of application within the country.

Why do you need a certificate of proficiency in English

In what areas will English language certificates come in handy?

Curiosity has always been inherent in man. It is she who moves us to discoveries, knowledge and visits to new places. Tourism is one of the most beloved human activities. Almost each of us strives to spend our vacation not in the usual place where everything is familiar, but in new cities and countries, where we even “breathe” differently. Moreover, recently the possibilities for this have significantly improved and almost everyone can afford to travel. Travel agencies are called upon to make such dreams come true, which can boast of tours to the most unusual places on the planet.

Travel Certification

According to statistics, the volume of tourist trips carried out by Russian citizens continues to grow steadily. This leads to the emergence of more and more travel agencies, as well as increased competition between them. Despite the fact that certification of services is not mandatory in Russia, many tour operators wish to certify them on a voluntary basis. Indeed, as experience shows, certified agencies not only attract more clients, but in general, conduct their activities more successfully.

Probably the most respected in the tourism industry is the ISO certificate, which has an international status. It indicates that the organization that received it has an effective quality management system for the provision of services. At the same time, such a certificate not only increases the competitive advantages of the tour operator, but also allows, by establishing contacts with foreign partners, to significantly increase the possibilities of your business, as well as the quantity and quality of your services.

Benefits of obtaining an ISO certificate for tourism services

A client who has applied to a travel agency that has managed to pass voluntary certification according to ISO international standards has the right to count on:

  • Faster processing of travel documents;
  • Improving the quality of services provided;
  • A high degree of safety in a tourist trip;
  • Use of effective insurance services;
  • Innovative methods of choosing a route for travel;
  • Information support at every stage of cooperation with a tour operator;
  • Effective advertising policy.

For a travel company itself, obtaining an ISO certificate is often a guarantee of prosperity, since without it it is impossible to establish effective contact with reliable foreign partners. And the tourism business is based on close ties between partners in different countries.

Cost of certification of travel services:

In order to obtain a voluntary certificate in the field of tourism services, it is not necessary to look for a foreign certification center. It is enough to contact an accredited all-Russian certification center for LSM, whose specialists will not only answer all questions related to certification according to ISO standards, but also carry out the certification procedure with the issuance of the necessary document.

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