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If the word "McDonald's" makes you imagine not a hamburger, but a globe on which yellow arches of M letters are scattered ... If you look at the stands of currency exchange offices with more interest than pictures in magazines ...

If you care about the differences between private equity and portfolio investment and between multinationals and multinationals ...

If you want to solve problems like this:

Coca-Cola, an American manufacturer of soft drinks, sells their concentrate in Russia. However, the Russian government imposes a high import tariff on the import of this product in order to protect Russian producers and increases the tax on profits of foreign companies. Tell me what steps Coca-Cola can take to ensure the safety of its assets in Russia ...

If all this is so, then you have a direct road - to get an education in the specialty "World Economy"!

What is the global economy?

It is called an open economy. By saying "world economy" we mean a global market system; the formation of demand and supply for goods and factors of production in international circulation; tools for analysis and programming of the national economy in the context of its interaction with the economies of other countries; development trends of financial markets; ways to improve the world economic system, including the activities of economists on the Internet ... The world is colorful and multifaceted, and at the same time, each of its "components" interacts with others and obeys the laws of the Great Game - and they tend to change every now and then. So the science of international economics is taking shape right now, before our eyes. After all, the understanding that the world economy is not able to function stably without mechanisms of coordination and management common to all states appeared only in the middle of the twentieth century! It was then that such influential structures as the United Nations, the World Trade Society, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, etc.

How's the song going? "On this flying ball, from which one cannot jump, we have inherited the same era, but we will not cry, friends!" It seems that planet Earth has become tiny, but at the same time we have enormous opportunities. Through the Internet, a girl orders clothes from an English company, and a man orders Japanese car parts. Belgian Crown Prince Philip comes on a working visit to one of the Moscow region districts for the presentation of the new workshop of the mining and processing plant (75% of the enterprise's shares belong to the Belgian company Sibelco). The Russian Association of International Road Carriers chooses the most effective ways to compete with foreign carriers. More than 70% of the medicines sold in our pharmacies are produced by foreign - mainly German - pharmaceutical factories. The press flashes advice to Russians on how to survive in a foreign company. The Russian Severstal chooses with whom it is better to merge - with the Indian Mittal Steel or with the British Arcelor. And so on ...

The global economy is penetrating into non-material spheres. Take a closer look at modern world famous brands. These are not just logos and company names; each brand becomes a spiritual part of the lifestyle for millions of people - both employees of giant corporations and those who prefer a product or service of a well-known brand to everyone else. Increasingly, a brand organization acts as a sponsor and even inspirer of a cultural and sporting event that attracts many enthusiasts.

So, forward - into the world economy, into the economic world.

What are the teachers saying?

Olga Mikhailyuk: Of course, the most interesting and exciting is dreams of working in embassies, foreign business trips, acquaintance with the history, culture, traditions of foreign countries that underlie their economic relations. But painstaking work is always hidden behind a bright shell. International trade relations, payments and settlement balances, world monetary and financial systems, international bank settlements - all this and much more will have to be thoroughly studied if you choose to study specialty 060600 "World Economy". There is no doubt that the study of the world economy is promising. It covers different levels - from state foreign economic relations to foreign economic activity (FEA) of enterprises. And, like any economic specialty, it provides an opportunity to adapt to work in different areas - in banks, and in commercial enterprises, and in government agencies.

The list of specializations for senior students also speaks of this possibility:

Institute of Tourism and International Economic Relations

Institute of History, International Relations and Social Technologies


Director: Ekaterina Nikolaevna Vasilieva,

Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone: dean's office (8442) 40-55-22 (internal 1642) (8442) 46-02-78.

Address: 400062, Southern Federal District, Volgograd Region, Volgograd, Universitetsky Avenue, 100 Aud .: 3-23 B E-mail: hist @ volsu. u


The problematic state of Russian society and modern civilization determines the relevance of understanding human existence, taking into account historical experience, the development and skillful application of the latest technologies in the management of socio-political processes and human resources.

Postgraduate studies have been opened in the following main professional educational programs of higher education: 41. 6. 1 - Political sciences and regional studies. Profile (focus) 23. 0. 2.- Political institutions, processes, technologies. 46. ​​6. 1 - Historical sciences and archeology. Profiles (focus) 07. 0. 6. - Archeology, 07. 0. 3. - General history, 07. 0. 2. - Domestic history. 39. 6. 1 - Sociological sciences. Profiles (focus) 22. 0. 3 - Economic sociology and demography, 22. 0. 4. - Social structure, social institutions and processes, 37. 6. 1. - Psychological sciences. Profiles: 19. 0. 1 - General psychology, personality psychology, history of psychology. 19. 0. 5 - Social psychology.

About a thousand students of the institute successfully master knowledge in equipped classrooms (nine of them are multimedia), in video and computer classes.

The institute has educational and scientific laboratories for archaeological research, an anthropological study-museum, an archaeological museum, a study-museum of Cossack life, specialized classrooms in the main areas of training.

The institute is carrying out active research work. Scientists of the institute prepare three Bulletins of Volgograd State University "(Series 4." History. Regional studies. International relations. Political science ", Series 6." University education ", Series 7." Philosophy. Sociology and Social Technologies "). Specialized periodicals are published: "Nizhnevolzhsky archaeological bulletin" and "Materials on the archeology of the Volga-Don steppes".

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