Overview of International Relief Funds

Overview of International Relief Funds

Non-profit partnership of grant-making organizations "Forum of Donors". Has been working in Russia since 2016. It brings together foundations, international aid agencies, bilateral organizations and international-class foundations. This is the only association of foundations and companies in the Russian Federation that systematically engage in charity. The main task of the Forum is to help create a professional charity in the Russian Federation.

The UN Children's Fund UNICEF protects children's rights, provides support to children and women in trouble. Helps orphans, disabled children and seriously ill children.

A representative office of the organization was opened in Russia in 1996. The structure supports a wide range of projects for the development of charitable activities in the Russian Federation, invests in various charitable programs, and provides NGOs with enormous financial assistance in the segments of science, culture, and economic research. The Ford Foundation has donated $ 2 million to the CAF in Russia. The international scholarship program of the foundation is very well known, which is managed in the Russian Federation by the permanent representative office of the Institute of International Education. Russian citizens can receive grants for postgraduate studies in the humanities and social sciences (postgraduate study, master's degree).

“Important! During the existence of the program, the Ford Foundation has allocated $ 280 million for more than two dozen countries, including Russia. "

The DAAD organization itself (Germany) is already almost a century old, it has been helping Russia since 2018. The largest structure sponsors students and youth around the world. The organization annually issues thousands of scholarships for students, graduates and postgraduates, including Russian ones. DAAD is sponsored by private charities. Several dozen Russians receive grants in the Russian Federation every year.

The "There Is Always Hope" Foundation (Germany) provides financial assistance to seriously ill children, children with disabilities in Russia and the CIS countries for their treatment in Germany, and is looking for clinics for patients. A lot of financial assistance is collected by the fund's volunteers thanks to special donation boxes installed in the so-called "Russian shops" in Germany.

WWF opened its representative office in Russia in 1994. The purpose of the organization is the preservation and restoration of the environment, as well as research work. During the existence of the funds in the Russian Federation, more than a thousand projects have been implemented in 47 regions aimed at preserving wildlife and natural resources. Around 140 million euros have been spent on these noble goals.

“Important! WWF Russia has implemented more than a thousand programs aimed at preserving and improving the state of nature, investing about 140 million euros in projects) ”.

The Oath of Giving International Movement. created in 2010 with the support of Buffett (this is the second richest person in the world after Gates) and Gates. The bottom line: donate a huge part of your fortune to charity. Businessman Vladimir Potanin, who owns the Interros brand, was the first in Russia to join the Movement. The Potanin Foundation has existed since 1999. The budget of the Potanin Charitable Foundation is about $ 10 million annually.

“Important! 90% of Potanin's fund is sold on the territory of the Russian Federation. The money is spent on important social long-term projects ”.

The movement has existed in the world for over 150 years. In Russia, the movement worked in the 19th century, as well as in the USSR. In the Russian Federation, 1992 is considered the year of the creation of the Russian Red Cross. The main task of the world organization is to provide assistance to those who suffered in wars, in conflicts within the country, sick, wounded, and in custody. The ICRC delegation in Moscow is engaged in dialogue with the authorities on humanitarian issues, supporting the Red Cross of the Russian Federation (RKK), Belarus and Moldova. The purpose of RKK is to support those in need of assistance.

There are many international aid funds in the world that provide multidisciplinary support to charitable organizations in various countries of the world, including Russian funds. The ratings of international funds are compiled by different structures, therefore, the tops of the most effective foreign organizations that are leaders in the non-profit sector may differ from each other, since they are evaluated according to different parameters. But for Russians who have an idea that the charitable segment in the Russian Federation differs very significantly and not for the better from charitable activities in Western countries (both international organizations and domestic national non-profit foundations), one thing is clear: large and good international There are many foundations, their activities to support charity are great and multifaceted.

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