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Today, international tourism is transforming former closed societies into open universal societies, where contacts between people from different countries become an everyday reality that meets the needs of people to meet and exchange with other cultures. It is undeniable that tourism is one of the most influential phenomena in the economic and social development of our society. The most characteristic trends in the development of international tourism are: diversification of the tourist product, the search for new tourist destinations, a reduction in the average duration of tourist trips, the choice of alternative means of accommodation and transport, pricing policy. The study of the structure, state and role of international tourism as a whole for the economy of a particular country of the world is devoted to the work of many scientists, in particular: V. Brich, S. Kramarchuk, I. Butsenko, E. Vorontsova, V. Zaitseva, Kornienko O. M., Pisarevsky E. L., Fedorchenko V. K. et al. The purpose of the work is to study international tourism in various countries and regions of the world. Achievement of this goal predetermined the need to formulate and consistently solve a number of interrelated tasks: - consider international tourism and tourism activities; - to analyze international tourism in various countries. The object of the research is international tourism. The subject of the research is international tourism in various countries and regions of the world. Methodological basis - methods of theoretical generalization, system analysis, structural and logical analysis. Structurally, the work consists of an introduction, a main part, a conclusion and a list of references.

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Tourism business is an activity aimed at obtaining benefits from providing a full and comfortable rest for clients. The tourism business includes organizations and enterprises that are able to meet the population's demand for tangible and intangible tourism services. For the effective management of the tourism business, legal entities unite into associations and unions. The enterprises included in such an association have independence, but at the same time they have more opportunities to achieve their goals. The state of the world tourism industry, despite the objective difficulties of recent years, is generally stable, and the industry maintains its position as the largest, highly profitable and rapidly developing sector of the world economy. In the coming years, the tourism markets of the developed industrial countries will grow steadily due to the increase in tourism availability for the wider population and the increase in the frequency of tourist travel. New and emerging tourism markets are characterized by continued dynamic growth and a corresponding increase in budget revenues. A gradual shift in tourism development is expected from the traditional markets of Western Europe, the United States, Japan and Canada to alternative markets such as Central and Eastern Europe (including Russia), China, South Korea, Mexico, and some countries in the Middle East.

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