Online travel services

Online travel services

Direction of preparation TOURISM

Currently, there is a dynamic development of the tourism sector, an increase in the investment attractiveness of the tourism business. It should be emphasized that tourism, as one of the most dynamically developing and promising areas in the service sector, can become one of the alternatives for the socio-economic development of entire regions of the country, especially small towns.

According to expert estimates, the annual need for human resources in the tourism sector is more than 50 thousand people. Under these conditions, the demand for graduates of the bachelor's degree program in the field of "Tourism activities", in the curriculum of which the volume of specialized disciplines, project assignments and practices has been significantly expanded, will remain steadily high.

T. A. Chaikun, General Director of KonTurBalt LLC

Professional activity of graduates in direction 43. 3. 2 "Tourism" includes the development and implementation of a tourism product, as well as the organization of comprehensive tourism services in the main sectors of the tourism industry.

Training in the main educational program provides for the training of qualified specialists in the field of technology, organization and design of tourist and excursion services based on the formation and development of professional and personal qualities, skills and abilities of students in accordance with the requirements of a comprehensive system of advanced training ...

Presentation of the direction of training

Profile "Tourism activities"

The uniqueness of the "Tourist Activity" profile lies in the orientation of the educational program to the requests of the region; flexibility of approach to training; knowledge of two main foreign languages; development and implementation of real projects in demand; the formation of competencies in related industries (public administration, hotel business, sales, etc.).

  • knowledge of domestic and foreign experience in the field of economics and management of enterprises in the tourism industry
  • knowledge of modern technologies for the formation and promotion of a tourist product
  • development, promotion and implementation of a tourism product
  • organization of comprehensive tourism services in the main sectors of the tourism industry
  • knowledge of methods for assessing technological processes of enterprises in the tourism and hospitality industry
  • negotiating with contractors, agreeing on the main terms of contracts for the provision of services, preparing draft contracts and ensuring their conclusion
  • possession of innovative methods and forms of excursions
  • ensuring quality standards and safety standards for complex tourist services;
  • high level of language skills (two foreign languages ​​are studied - English, Spanish)

  • Organization of tourism activities
  • Tourism Economics
  • Tourism Destination Management
  • Country Studies and International Tourism
  • Geography of tourism
  • Insurance in tourism
  • Technologies of domestic and inbound tourism
  • State and international regulation in the field of tourism and hospitality
  • Legal framework for tourism and hospitality activities
  • Providing safe services in tourism and excursion activities
  • Innovative technologies in excursion activities
  • Personnel management in the tourism industry
  • Two foreign languages ​​(English, Spanish)

  • Head of Travel Agency
  • Head of Division/Department
  • Head of Tourist Departures
  • Lead Manager of Tourism
  • Inbound/Outbound Tourism Operator
  • Tourism Instructor
  • Hotel Service Manager
  • Hotel and Tourism Product Sales Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Business and Individual Tour Coordinator
  • Development Specialist
  • Tourist Information Center Specialist
  • tourism clients

  • Tour Operator "KonTurBalt"
  • Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts
  • Sokroma Hotels Group
  • HOTEL ASTORIA St. Petersburg

Nesterov A. Travel online services//Encyclopedia of the Nesterovs

Today, online travel services are widespread and are not something fundamentally new for the average tourist or person who wants to relax.

Factors in the development of online travel services

The tourism industry today represents a large sector of the economy, which in a number of countries forms the basis of the country's economic development. Basically, this applies to countries with a warm climate, which act as a host country for tourists. At the same time, the number of potential tourists is increasing every year. As part of the development of global telecommunication networks, the dynamic development of the Internet, in particular its commercial and social components, one can observe a tendency to increase people's interest in online travel services, which allow online and without leaving home to purchase travel products. Such products include air tickets, hotel reservations, excursions or package travel products, tours, etc.

Motives that drive people when using online travel services:

  • The desire to independently find out all the information about the tour, the country to which the tourist is going to go, the advantages of certain offers from the tour operator, and secondly.
  • Desire to do without personal contact with a travel agency.
  • Increasing the importance of independent travel among the population of Russia.

The practice of tour operators shows that online travel services that allow you to plan your vacation, purchase a tourist product, book a hotel room, purchase air tickets, etc., are becoming the most relevant direction in the development of the tourism industry today globally. At the same time, the development of online travel services began from simple to complex: from the ability to book a hotel room and buy an air ticket to the purchase of a complex travel product, including individual services in the country of destination.

It should also be borne in mind that people prefer to freely choose where to spend their vacation, and online travel services should provide such choices in order to provide a range of services comparable to those offered by travel agencies. An objective trend in recent years is that online travel services provide opportunities for informing and demonstrating information on tours to clients in practically unlimited quantities, at any time of the day and without the involvement of consultants. Thus, we can say that the business model of online travel services is a promising direction for the development of the tourism business in general, but it requires the application of certain efforts in working out the technical aspects of the functioning of online travel services. For example, improving the reliability and security of these services. From the point of view of organizational planning, it is necessary to ensure the interaction of all companies that will be involved in the purchased tour. They should be as consistent as possible in order to maintain the quality of service at the same level as in tours purchased from agencies directly. On the other hand, the importance of this segment of the tourism market is growing and for tourists who get more opportunities for travel planning, as well as lower prices for tours due to savings on the services of retail travel agencies.

Therefore, the importance of online travel services is obvious, both now and in the long term. Online travel services, as a special variant of the e-commerce-based business model, are focused on meeting the specific needs of visitors that are known in advance. Therefore, it is obvious that online travel services should be developed and created taking into account the preferences of people who will use them to purchase tours, both ready-made and self-planned.

E-Commerce in Tourism

The business model of all online travel services is based on the use of e-commerce technology.

In modern conditions, online travel services use e-commerce technologies to support and further develop their core business. Online travel services that provide certain functions and opportunities for the resource owner to present travel products on the site and the ability to purchase them by end customers. Direct implementation is based on the development and creation of information resources and portals on the Internet in accordance with the technical aspects of the functioning of web services. Travel online services, being one of the types of web services, can be viewed by consumers of travel tours who are going on vacation using standard browsers, regardless of the software platform. Visitors to such services can independently choose a tour or purchase a ready-made one, place an order and then pay for it without leaving home. To implement the possibility of payment on online travel services, it is necessary to organize electronic payments. For this, in modern conditions, it is possible to use the banking service of Internet acquiring.

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