On stage, my granddaughter plays my daughter "

Cultural Navigator: Penkin's Non-Fane Jubilee and Litvinova's Smooth Surrealism

If you are accepted and they work with you, this is happiness, says Svetlana Nemolyaeva. The People's Artist never asks for anything and is grateful to fate for being in demand. She believes in her son's talent as a director and loves to play on the same stage with her granddaughter. The prima of the Mayakovsky Theater told Izvestia about this after the premiere of the play “The Importance of Being Earnest” based on the play by Oscar Wilde.

Unstoppable Gaft

- This is the third performance in which you go on stage with Polina Lazareva. How do you work together?

- Yes, great. Easy, like with her grandfather Alexander Lazarev. But comedy is more difficult to play, especially sophisticated, as directed by Anatoly Shulyev. The director connected us with Fields in another production of his - "Mad Money". Despite the fact that we are a grandmother and a granddaughter, Polina plays my daughter on stage. This is our creative alliance.

Partnership with a loved one is also useful in order to hear the truth, and not just compliments. Fields can tell me, "Don't do that, don't." She speaks innocently, with a desire to help. After all, artists are very vulnerable. Therefore, we try not to hurt each other.

- You ride your bike to the stage. Why such extreme?

- This shouldn't have been in the play. But when I saw a tricycle at the rehearsal, I said to myself: "Now I will sit down and go!" I decided to be a hooligan. And she went. Although the last time I skated as a child. It was a very short experience. They put me on a bicycle and immediately ran into a birch tree.

- This season at the Mayakovsky Theater is 62nd for you.

- You are a person devoted to your native theater. Weren't you tempted to cheat on him?

- No, neither me, nor my Sasha, Alexander Sergeevich Lazarev, never even thought of leaving our theater.

- What keeps you?

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She was born into a family where everyone lived in cinema and theater. But Anastasia Nemolyaeva herself doubted her choice of a profession for a very long time, although she began acting in her school years. Glory came to her after filming the film "Courier", and then the career of the actress developed rapidly. She played in the theater, starred a lot, and after working on the film "Dreams of Russia" the life of the actress changed. But then she still did not know how one meeting would affect her fate and even her profession.

Difficult choice

As a child, Anastasia Nemolyaeva, who was born into the family of the famous Soviet cameraman Vladimir Nemolyaev, dreamed not of being a film actress at all. She drew with enthusiasm, could paint a cutting board for her mother's birthday so that everyone gasped, and thought about becoming an artist or designer in the future.

Famous people, including directors, often gathered in their house. Therefore, the girl herself did not particularly understand how she first got into the cinema. It was just that Anastasia was noticed by numerous guests and began to be invited to the shooting. It all started with "Old New Year", then there were several more films and, finally, "Courier" by Karen Shakhnazarov, after which the young actress became a celebrity.

It seemed that the fate of Anastasia Nemolyaeva was determined: she entered GITIS, during her student years she starred in several films, including Intergirl. After graduation, she entered the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, where she served until 1999.

Anastasia Nemolyaeva could not complain about the lack of roles, and already on the set of the film "Dreams of Russia" she met her fate.

International happiness

The adventure film was shot with Japanese filmmakers, and there were a lot of Japanese people on the set. Once a guy approached Anastasia, seeing whom, Nastya immediately prepared for the fact that she would not understand a word of what was said. When the young man asked her a question in Russian, the girl exclaimed from surprise to the entire site: "What ?!"

Director Veniamin Skalnik was even slightly taken aback by the temperament of the Russian beauty. And it was love at first sight, because just six months later, they had already registered their relationship at the registry office on Lobachevsky Street. At that time, the actress was 22 years old, but Anastasia was sure: she creates a family for life.

Sobesednik. u presents a selection of the most current cultural events of this week.

Sergey Penkin -

Showman Penkin, it would seem, from some past life. But, of course, they remember him. Remembering, we smile, laugh.

However, this artist, no kidding, is from the galaxy of undeservedly thrown out of the cage. He also has excellent vocal abilities, unlike some Instagram singers, and a brilliant ability to keep the audience. He walks across the stage, laments: “This is you, my trademark Penkin spectator!”, The people laugh and melt away. The spoken genre is an important part of Penkin's concerts. And the clip, by the way, will return to him on his 60th birthday: Grigory Leps, Ani Lorak, Polina Gagarina, Dima Bilan are announced on the poster of the anniversary show. It will not be boring and not plywood: the Silantiev Big Concert Orchestra will appear on the stage.

February 13. Crocus City Hall (Moscow)

Svetlana Nemolyaeva in a play based on Wilde

She is tireless. The unique actress Svetlana Nemolyaeva takes the stage again and again.

This time in the play "The Importance of Being Earnest" based on the play by Oscar Wilde. It was first staged on stage in 1895, on the 14th of February. It's about two English gentlemen who want to please the ladies and arrange a funny game for this. They are introduced by the name Ernest, which in English is consonant with the word "serious". Along with Svetlana Vladimirovna, her granddaughter Polina Lazareva is announced in the posters.

February 13, 14. Theater named after Mayakovsky (Moscow)

"North Wind" by Renata Litvinova

Litvinova's new film (of course, with Zemfira's music) is another immersion in her mysterious surreal world with her in the lead role. This time Renata Muratovna decided to talk about matriarchy.

The northern clan is dominated by women, but the film is not about feminism. Men are present (the main male role is played by Anton Shagin), and it cannot be said that they are somehow strongly overwritten. On the contrary, much in the life of the clan revolves around them.

Cinema from Litvinova is traditionally not for everyone. The viewer, as it were, becomes Renata himself with all her oddities and cockroaches in his head. A kind of very smooth fairy tale-dream about an adult Snow Queen, where reality is slightly clouded by a strange development of events, some unexpected episodes, ideas, strokes. Every time the New Year becomes the central point of events. But this is not a reason for fun in the usual sense. The New Year's feast for Litvinova is just a ritual around which the sur events that push her take place, far from the rituals of the mundane - with Santa Claus, Olivier and drunkenness.

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