Namibia resorts: landscapes of the Namib desert and the Atlantic Ocean

6 ideas for a beach holiday in Europe

Amateur tourism (it is also independent, unorganized, "wild") - a range of actions to move in space, making which, the subject completely or partially refuses the services of tour operators.

In most cases, in international amateur tourism, there is no total rejection of the services of the tourism industry: the subject, independently forming the route, purchasing transport tickets and booking accommodation facilities (or finding them on the spot), arriving at the final point, applies to the native representatives of travel agencies to arrange excursions. In the event that a tourist gets to an object representing an attraction on his own (using public transport or the hitchhiking method), he/she buys an entrance ticket, which, in the end, is also a payment for tourist services to an intermediary.


[edit] Background

Tourism in its modern sense emerged at the end of the 19th century, in the era of the rapid development of new technologies and social relations, for which it received the title of the phenomenon of the 20th century [1].

The term "travel", which appeared earlier, has a long history and was not initially associated with tourism in any way. The first travelers were seafarers and pilgrims (from lat. peregrinus "wanderer"), their goals were scientific or cognitive in nature and were not associated with obtaining material benefits by the intermediary or his own pleasure (entertainment, recreation), since there was no "client - service provider" scheme; tourism, in its current form, is a commercial concept where the people who specialize in customer service have a guaranteed profit, whether it be a private guide from a tiny village or an international corporation.

Currently, the concept of "travel" has lost its original meaning: any long (or not so) trip, including a tourist trip, can be called such.

[edit] Varieties

Amateur tourism can be internal or external (international). Domestic tourism, in the amateur part of it, operates on an amateur basis without the purchase of vouchers, which was widely developed in the USSR, where the share of "wild" tourism accounted for 80% of the flow [2]. With the fall of the Iron Curtain, the situation has changed - international outbound tourism successfully competes with domestic. Periodically, the Russian Federation concludes new agreements with foreign states on bilateral or unilateral visa waiver in favor of its citizens [3].

Both domestic and foreign (international) tourism can be active (including sports), or passive (for example, a static stay on the beach).

South African Namibia is where the desert meets the ocean. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy true Africa and wild exoticism, relax in luxury hotels and wander along the Skeleton Coast, have fun on a desert sand safari and admire the unspoilt scenic landscapes of the Etosha conservation area.

Country overview

Namibia is located in the South African region. The republic's neighbors are Angola, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa. The western regions are washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Namibia went through difficult times when the country was a colony of Great Britain, Germany and South Africa. Actually, in 1990, the state declared its independence from the Republic of South Africa.

The local weather is characterized by hot air and constant drought, there are sharp temperature drops between night and day. Dry and hot summers last from October to April, and mild and sunny winters from May to September. The coastal regions are cool and dry all year round due to the Atlantic Ocean. From January to April, the rainy season takes place in the form of intermittent morning showers. Better to come to the resorts of Namibia from November to April.

How to get to resorts from different CIS countries

The post-Soviet states are not connected with Namibia by direct flights. Citizens of the CIS republics will have to fly to Windhoek airport with a transfer in Frankfurt or South Africa. Excluding the waiting time, the flight duration is about 14 hours. Russian residents will be able to go to the resorts of Namibia without a special visa, but it is advisable to get a medical insurance policy before the trip.

Beach tourism in Namibia

Swakopmund is considered the best beach resort in the republic. The city was founded at the end of the 19th century by colonists from Germany, for many years it was considered the largest port center in the country. The resort will delight you with colonial buildings, mild and favorable climate, white beaches. The city is interesting for museums, bars and casinos, shopping centers, luxurious restaurants and hotels, as well as the summer palace of the president of the republic.

On the Atlantic coast of Swakopmund, aborigines and tourists love to engage in sea fishing, safari, skiing from sand dunes, walking on a boat, flying in hot air balloons.

Cultural and ecological tourism

The republic literally amazes with the number of cultural and historical sights, national parks. The modest town of Luderitz is the first settlement built by German colonists on the territory of the present state. The place is remarkable for its unique colonial flavor and history. Excursion center of Namibia, where interesting tours to the deserted city of Kolmanskop begin.

Now the concept of "beach vacation" is not limited to one country. Europe is not only beautiful cities with unique architecture and culture, but also many resort areas with developed infrastructure. In 2013, according to the European Environment Agency, 94% of European beaches were awarded the Blue Flag.

Travel portal for travelers. u offers to evaluate such popular European beach resorts as Petrovac (Budva, Montenegro), Madeira Island (Portugal), Larnaca (Cyprus), Sozopol (Burgas, Bulgaria), resorts in Israel, as well as Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).


Montenegro is an amazing little country. There are 117 beaches in such a small area! One third of them are sandy beaches, while the rest are covered with pebbles and stones.

We especially want to note Petrovac - a small resort town located 17 km from Budva. It is located in a picturesque bay surrounded by mountains, olive groves and pine forests almost in the middle between the towns of Budva and Bar. This resort is not as noisy and crowded as Budva, and much more democratic and lively than the noble Sveti Stefan. Thanks to the olive and coniferous groves, the air in Petrovac is special and is considered curative. The mild microclimate contributes to the long swimming season, which starts in April and ends at the end of November. Petrovac has wonderful beaches, two of them are 600 meters long with pebble cover: Lucice, Buljarice and the city beach of Petrovac. On the embankment of the town there is a central pedestrian street with many discos, shops, restaurants and bars. Although this resort town of Montenegro is small, there are many attractions here.

Among the main attractions of Petrovac are Roman mosaics, which confirm that the settlement was founded by the Romans in the 3rd century. Two small islands are of particular interest to tourists: the island of Sveti Nedelya and Katic. On the island of St. Nedelya there is a church that protects local sailors. Also in Petrovac, the Gradishte Monastery is known, which is located 4 km from the city by the Buljarica River. The aforementioned Roman mosaics are in the old Venetian fortress Castello, now a museum. A wonderful view of the whole Petrovac opens from the terrace of the fortress.

If you are wondering what to bring from Montenegro as a souvenir, buy the country's main souvenir "kapu". This round hat with a red top is not only part of the national costume, but also the headdress of Serbs, Montenegrins and Croats. Ceramics are considered an interesting souvenir. Montenegro is famous for its winemaking. The best of red wines - "Vranac" - can be a great gift for your friends and family. Do not forget to purchase a fragrant tasty ham "prosciutto" for it, the meat of which, transparent on the cut, is made by the traditional drying and smoking method. Be sure to stock up on Montenegrin olives and olive oil.

For a stay of Russian citizens for a period of less than 30 days, a visa to Montenegro is not required.

There are two international airports in the country: in Podgorica and Tivat. There are direct regular and charter flights from Moscow. The flight time is three hours, plus or minus 15 minutes. Both Podgorica and Tivat are equally well connected by public transport with the coast of the country. From both airports it takes about an hour to get to Petrovac.


In the westernmost point of the European continent, the many-sided Portugal is comfortably located. The volcanic archipelago of Madeira has an islet of the same name and is part of Portugal. Crystal clear water, wonderful beaches, unique flora and remoteness from the industrial centers of Europe - all this makes holidays in Madeira unforgettable and rewarding, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world. Madeira is an island where spring reigns all year round. Blooming does not stop even for a day. Hydrangeas, magnolias, orchids - a riot of colors and an extravaganza of aromas is provided for guests of the island both in winter and in summer. Most of the island is covered with virgin forest. Madeira is perhaps the only place in Europe where you can see with your own eyes an ancient forest in which huge ferns and colossal laurels grow. The beaches of the island will give you an unforgettable experience. Even during storms, when it is impossible to swim in the ocean, natural pools made of volcanic stone give joy to those who like to splash in warm water. The swimming season in Madeira lasts from May to mid-January. Lovers of active pastime will also like the island; travelers have access to all possible types of water entertainment. Madeira has modern diving centers and surf schools, and vacationers can go on an exciting coastal cruise or watch dolphins.

Traveling always gives unforgettable emotions, real relaxation in body and soul, as well as a pleasant time spent with your family. But for this it is important to take care of choosing a suitable resort that will suit all family members at once. Beach lovers are especially fortunate as they can choose from many countries. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most relevant beach holiday destinations in 2020.

Beach Holidays in Europe

Despite the impressive variety of options, beach holidays in European countries will always be relevant. After all, it allows you to combine splashing in warm water with city walks to local attractions. This gives many times more emotions and inspiration. In addition, in Europe you can replenish your wardrobe with new items and visit interesting places.

For a beach holiday, more and more tourists choose Spain. This is an incredibly beautiful country that combines sea holidays with cityscapes. The Canaries, Ibiza, Tenerife, Mallorca are just a few of the popular resorts. For a more budget-friendly holiday, the Costa Brava resort is suitable, and for a comfortable family vacation, choose the Costa Dorada. In Spain, the season runs from May to September. On average, the air temperature is about + 30 ° С, and the water temperature is up to + 26 ° С. As for the cost, a week's vacation for two in the summer season will cost no less than 650 €.

For a beach holiday, tourists often choose Greece. This is an amazing European country, which surprises with its special beauty of nature, as well as ancient cities and other attractions. In addition, the temperature from May to September is especially comfortable here: air up to + 32 ° С, and water up to + 25 ° С. Pay attention to the island of Crete, Rhodes, as well as the Halkidiki or Peloponnese peninsulas. They are the most popular and are ideal for a comfortable stay. On average, the price for two is at least 500 €.

Beautiful, comfortable for rest Montenegro is an ideal option for traveling. The beach season here lasts from May to September. At this time, the air temperature reaches + 29 ° С, and the water temperature reaches + 21 ° С. Such resorts as Becici, Budva, Putrovac and Rafailovici are considered the main ones for beach holidays. The price for a week's holiday for two is at least 480 €.

Inexpensive Beach Vacation

Of course, a seaside vacation can be organized for any budget. Choose low-cost options that will definitely allow you to enjoy your vacation. Most often, among them are vouchers for the "All inclusive" system.

Turkey receives many tourists every year. From May to October, the sea is warm and pleasant. However, the seasonality differs slightly at different resorts. On average, you should count on an air temperature of + 35 ° С, as well as a water temperature of about + 26 ° С. When it comes to choosing a resort, a lot depends on your preferences. For example, for a family vacation with a smooth entry into the sea and a relaxed atmosphere, it is better to go to Side. A high level of comfort awaits you in Belek and Bodrum. Alanya and Kemer are suitable for active tourists. But keep in mind that in the first city there are sandy beaches, while in the second there are pebbly ones. The cost of a week's vacation for two starts at $ 450. The price is influenced by the chosen resort, season, hotel stardom and much more.

Tunisia has become more popular lately. It is famous for its luxurious sandy beaches, quirky hotels and quality food. Many here will be able not only to enjoy a beach holiday, but also to visit the world famous Sahara Desert. As for the seasonality, it is best to go to Tunisia from May to October. Since at this time the air temperature will be about + 30 ° С, and the water temperature will be up to 25 ° С. The cost of the rest differs depending on the chosen resort, but generally starts at $ 550 for two.

Exotic Beach Vacation

Fans of luxurious beaches, cote d'azur and palm trees, of course, should go on a more distant, exotic vacation. There are really many options for such a trip, so it will be easy to find the right solution. In addition, there are really many advantages to such a vacation. At the very least, you will be able to enjoy the incredibly beautiful, unique nature. In addition, you will find a completely different, measured pace of life, unusual dishes and the opportunity to truly relax.

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