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International Tourism & Destination Management

Accreditation: *

* Please note that this program is pending final approval by the New England Commission of Higher Education, Les Roches accrediting body.

This master's program is designed specifically for ambitious professionals in the hospitality industry, for those who have recently graduated from university or are looking to change their profession.

The program combines the traditional Swiss approach to luxury hotel management with modern technology in management and internet marketing, leadership techniques and human resources management. During your studies, you will be able to improve these skills and subsequently build a successful management career in the hospitality business.

Training (3 months) and business trip to Dubai

Optional internship (6 months)

Semester 1: Learn about hotels and their business processes, including room and catering management, room service, and front desk clerks. Improve your skills in financial and operational management, as well as in personnel management.

Semester 2 (3 months): Before embarking on your own final project, learn about strategic planning, asset management, sustainability and event management. The semester also includes a business trip to Dubai.

Internship (optional): Students may opt for a 6 month professional internship. This is a great opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained during training.

A business trip to Dubai is a must and very popular part of our master's program. During this trip, you will see live everything that you studied during the academic semester. Visit luxury hotels, meet their general managers and other experts in the hospitality industry. And of course, get new connections in one of the fastest growing luxury tourism markets in the world.

International Tourism and Destination Management

University of Macerata

As one of the largest industries in the world, WTTC 2014 believes tourism directly provides more than 100 million travel and tourism jobs. The demand for tourism and travel professionals will grow just like so many others. traditional borders are disappearing, and business is developing even more globally.

The Master's Degree in International Tourism and Destination Management (ITourDeM) at the University of Macerata is a two-year postgraduate course that is equivalent to a Master's Degree in Master's Degree. It is aimed at training leaders and specialists capable of solving the global problems of modern tourism, being key players in sustainable development and promoters of cultural heritage.

Our academic program is focused on a professional figure with theoretical and practical skills, focusing on socio-economic methodologies, as well as historical and geographical knowledge. This professional figure has competencies in the design and implementation of advanced tourism operating infrastructures, the creation and management of tourism destinations through the sustainable increase of natural and cultural resources, the development of nature and landscape tourism projects, the qualification of a tourism approach to the environment and food.

The ITourDeM Master's Program offers professional education for tourism professionals and hospitality companies in positions of responsibility, in senior positions in the design, planning and marketing of travel products and tourism services, in integrated tourism cooperatives and consortia. Other career positions involve organizing cultural events and exhibitions, managing services for the public, government, public and private institutions, tourism, culture, environment, heritage and local development.

Key professional skills:

  • Strategic planning;
  • Process and accountability analysis;
  • Communication
  • Governance and organization.




More than 50% of students from Russia and the CIS countries studying abroad take Master's programs. Universities of Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA, France are especially popular.

Content of the article:

Master's degree, what is it?

Master's degree is the second level of higher education, which acts as a logical continuation of the Bachelor's and Specialist's programs. The division into 2 components took place in 1999 as a result of the signing of the Bologna process by the European countries. Russia introduced a new education system in 2010. Master's programs abroad allow you to delve into a specific topic, improve your qualifications, and gain relevant knowledge.

Why study for a Master's degree abroad?

The Master's degree opens doors closed to graduates of the Bachelor's and Specialist programs. Second-level programs of higher education are taken by people who want to take a leadership position, develop in science or become a high-level professional with a specialization in a particular field. More specifically, companies do not consider candidates with a Bachelor's degree for the position of heads of departments. A scientific career is impossible without passing the Master's degree, which acts as a transitional stage between the Bachelor's and Postgraduate studies. A Master's degree is also required if you want to devote your life to teaching at universities. Moreover, it is an opportunity to get an education in a related field or delve into a specific topic of an already acquired specialty. For example, you can take a general Bachelor of Industrial Design program at the Marangoni Institute, and choose a Master in Product and Furniture Design.

How is the Master's degree study abroad?

Master's programs abroad last from one to two years. Students acquire in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical training for a research or professional career. Teachers of the highest qualifications, often doctors of science, are responsible for the training of undergraduates. The programs allow students to carry out projects for real companies, work on business problems, consider current cases, attend expert master classes, go on study trips, communicate with industry representatives, expanding the circle of professional acquaintances. Training of professionals is impossible without practice, experience in the industry, therefore, undergraduates undergo internships in leading companies in the market. It should be noted that universities pay special attention to updating programs, focusing on global trends, innovations and the needs of business and science. Study in a Master's program abroad ends with the writing and defense of a dissertation, and for creative specialties, also with the preparation of a portfolio.

Which country to go to for a Master's degree?

Master's programs are available in almost all universities in the world with rare exceptions. You have the right to choose which country to travel to for your Master's degree. It is worth starting from the direction you have chosen. For example, in Italy future fashion designers, interior designers, architects, art critics are trained. US universities are renowned for their strong background in business, IT, science and cinema. People go to the UK for degrees in finance, marketing, economics, and design. Switzerland has gained worldwide fame for the top hospitality schools that train leaders of the hotel, restaurant and tourism business.

Master's Courses

Students wishing to enroll in a Master's program abroad are often faced with the problem of decoding abbreviations that speak about the type of program.

  • МSc - Master of Science, t. Master in Science, focused on the study of natural sciences and mathematics. Graduates become specialists in the field of chemistry, medicine, computer technology, mechanical engineering, etc.
  • MA - Master of Arts, this is a Master of Arts degree. Students study history, political science, communication, music, linguistics, diplomacy, and other subjects within the humanities and social sciences.
  • MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. These are the MSc in Business Administration programs. Obtaining an MBA qualification allows you to take high leadership positions.

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