Internships at the International Labor Organization

Internships in Europe

If you want to change your life in the new year, here's a selection of the best internships in January - a book startup in London, a job in a German insurance company and invaluable recruiting experience for Dell

Social Media Intern at Reedsy (London)

Reedsy is a book-making startup. They are now looking for an intern to work with social media. Responsibilities are as follows: working with the company's social networks, drawing up a promotion strategy and communicating with subscribers.

The trainee is required to have knowledge of English, Spanish or German and experience in publishing.

HR Communication at Allianz SE (Munich)

Allianz SE offers an internship for those who want to study the work of personnel in the insurance industry. The intern must meet the following requirements: study in the field of communications, journalism or public relations, as well as have experience in these areas, plus an excellent command of English.

Only students can apply for the vacancy. The degree doesn't matter.

Multidisciplinary Internships at The Cirqle (Amsterdam, NY)

Ever dreamed of working with bloggers and Internet stars? Then your internship at The Cirqle! Now they are looking for students who are ready to conquer the world of the Internet.

The Cirqle creates advertising campaigns and develops strategies for promoting products with the help of bloggers. The firm's clients are giants such as Samsung, Wolford and UGG.

Project Communications at Philips (Eindhoven)

Professional internship abroad for students and graduates

The Euromed Foundation has developed a comprehensive program of foreign internships for doctors. Professional internships abroad are offered for pharmacists and doctors of all specialties. Internships for students abroad are also offered - in particular, in Poland. Special programs have been prepared for students of medical universities, schools, colleges, including, inter alia, summer practice on the basis of Polish medical institutions.

What is an internship abroad?

Such an internship abroad for Ukrainians can significantly increase their professional value in the labor market - Ukrainian and European. As part of the internship, doctors and students get acquainted with the latest technologies of treatment and diagnostics, learn to work with the most modern diagnostic equipment. In addition, the trainee learns the Polish language with an eye to using it in the professional field, which further opens the way to possible employment in Polish clinics.

How is the internship abroad:

Let us clarify that at this stage the trainees do not work directly with patients - the development of practical manipulations is carried out exclusively in an educational mode for the most complete and deep assimilation of the material. Several leading Polish clinics in Warsaw and other cities have been involved in the internship programs. For example, the Cancer Center and the Prague Hospital in Warsaw, the Western Hospital in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, and so on. Internship in Europe for students and doctors usually lasts 5 or 10 days. Longer terms are agreed individually.

The internship program also includes an introductory excursion program in the evening. To participate in the internship program, you need to pay a registration fee. The price, in addition to the actual medical internship, includes accommodation (1,2,3-bed accommodation), two meals a day, insurance on the territory of Poland, translation from Polish when visiting medical institutions.

An internship for students abroad is an opportunity to complement domestic education with European experience. An overseas internship for active doctors is a chance to improve professional competence, deepen professional knowledge, and borrow the experience of European colleagues. Contact us!

· a chance to stay abroad as a full-time employee;

One way ticket - $ 300;

· transportation, food, accommodation - $ 500;

· Accommodation - about $ 600.

More than 8 thousand people annually practice abroad. Basically, their age is from 18 to 32 years old. An internship abroad provides a real chance to become a cut above and gain exclusive experience. She can be volunteer and professional.

Most often, this type of employment is not paid, therefore travel and residence in the country of the internship will have to be organized only at your own expense. A good start and further career growth largely depends on a good internship.

To get abroad as a volunteer or intern in a large company, you need to know almost perfect English. Moreover, the basic level is not enough. Free internships are not provided, except, for example, a free course from the university for the best students. During the internship, the young specialist gains a wealth of experience and a plus in the resume.

The internship will be noted by employers and appreciated. Foreign experience will play into the hands of those who spend their time in a foreign country with benefit, take promising, interesting ideas and developments from there. It does not matter whether a Kazakhstani or a Russian, anyone can become an intern by fulfilling certain requirements (in Canada - some, in Germany - others, in the USA - others, and so on).

In Russia, volunteering is regulated by Federal Law 135 "On Charitable Activities and Charitable Organizations", and the activities of interns - by 225 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

This is promising

European education is a ticket to a prosperous, successful life and the ability to quickly move up the career ladder. However, due to the high cost, it is not available to everyone, while internships in Europe give no less bright prospects. Moreover, it is not always necessary to pay for them. Most often, trainees, in addition to experience and new useful knowledge, receive material rewards for their work.

A European internship for Ukrainians, Russians, Moldovans and other citizens of the post-Soviet space is a step towards success, career growth and professionalism.

Types of European Internships

An international internship will make you a specialist who can interest employers in your field. You have a chance to start your activity in the company not from the very bottom, but immediately get a promising position. Of course, a lot depends on what area you will be training in and on your luck. You need to work on your personal qualities, in particular, on the ability to present yourself.

In Europe, foreign citizens are offered two areas of internship:

  • Volunteering.
  • Professional activity.

Both the first and the second deserve attention, as it gives the opportunity "to look at others and show yourself." Perhaps abroad you will meet people who will radically change your life. Worth a try anyway.

What is volunteering

Volunteers around the world are committed to making life better. Volunteer internship in the European sense can be divided into two subgroups:

  • You provide assistance in organizing all kinds of events.
  • You help society to protect the environment, stand up for human rights, help the disabled, homeless, hungry, etc.

The International Labor Organization is the first specialized agency of the United Nations. The main mission of the International Labor Organization is to develop effective policies in the field of labor relations regulation based on the concept of joint interaction between the governments of the participating countries, employers and workers.

Today, 187 countries, including Russia, are members of the International Labor Organization. Scattered around the world, this institution employs 2,700 people from 150 different countries. Every year the organization offers internships to young professionals and talented students in various fields of its activity.

Internship location

Internships take place at the organization's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Here is the main center of the International Labor Organization - the International Labor Office. The tasks of the bureau are to conduct research, prepare reports for conferences, develop draft conventions in the field of labor relations, as well as build a policy for interaction with the regional offices of the organization.

The International Labor Office in Geneva has its own library that provides staff and interns with the information they need to work on projects. The library is equipped with Ipad for reading electronic magazines, personal computers, as well as special work areas created for joint discussions between colleagues.

Types of Internships

Current internship vacancies are published on the employment organization's portal annually in January and June. The internship takes place in one of the six departments of the International Labor Organization. Each department has its own specifics and tasks.

This department is working on the creation of international standards in the field of labor relations. The department is divided into several divisions. Each department is assigned thematic projects. Interns can be involved in the development of projects aimed at introducing programs to improve working conditions in small and medium-sized enterprises, a set of measures in the field of labor equality for men and women, programs that create additional jobs in the countries of the African continent. Some projects of this department are related to IT technologies. For example, in 2016, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the International Labor Organization and the African IT company Oasis Websoft. Thanks to this document, it was possible to create an information web application, the purpose of which is to provide information on HIV infections and AIDS to the young working-age population of the African Republic of Ghana. An internship in the department is suitable for students who are inclined to analytical work, capable of drafting documents, as well as those who have experience in the IT sphere.

An internship in this department will allow you to learn how the process of managing an international organization is structured. Interns are recruited to work in finance, information, HR departments. Students also take part in various conferences. The department's most significant event is the annual conference of the International Labor Organization. The event is attended by delegates from member governments, representatives from employers and workers. The conference discusses the implementation of international standards at the national level, the adoption of new conventions and recommendations. This is a kind of platform for discussions, an international parliament in the field of labor relations. The practice of working on the department's projects will be useful for trainees who plan to build a career in the field of project management in the future.

The work of this unit is devoted to issues of interaction with regional centers located in Africa, Europe and Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, in the Arab states. The Department develops partnership projects with the governments of the countries of these regions. The purpose of the projects is to support volunteer programs, improve the socio-economic situation in the member states. Under the auspices of this department, the International Education Center was created, which creates training programs for workers and employers. Classes at the center are held on a distance basis, or on the campus located in Turin, Italy. Students who are not indifferent to pedagogy, as well as those interested in the social problems of various regions of the world, will want to take an internship in this department.

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