Internship abroad in the hospitality industry

Internships abroad for students

Internship and internship at a hotel abroad for students and young professionals is a chance to gain experience in the profession. All hotels are located in tourist destinations, so the interns also travel the world.

Paid Internship in Overseas Hotels

Due to the increasing tourist flow, hotels abroad are offering paid internship programs around the world. When recruiting an overseas hotel, employers offer training in corporate culture and work standards over several days or even weeks. After that, the trainee becomes a full-fledged employee, works on an equal basis with other staff and ensures a comfortable stay for guests. Work experience is useful for professional development in the field of tourism and hospitality.

Requirements for the Tourism Internship Program

Students, graduates in the field of education (faculty of tourism, hotel business, management) can take an internship in a hotel abroad. In this case, they offer a higher position with tasks that will help in building an international career in the hotel industry.

Students and young professionals are also encouraged to participate, but for them, when choosing a specific vacancy, the level of English and work experience are decisive factors.

The general requirements for participants are as follows:

  • over 18 years old;
  • good conversational level of English (from intermediate +);
  • work experience is desirable (sometimes the minimum is months to participate);
  • specific experience for higher positions (for example, working in booking programs).

Possible vacancies in the hotel

The choice of a particular vacancy depends on the profile of a particular candidate:

  • Waiter ;
  • Food and Beverage Department;
  • Head Office Manager;
  • Hotel Welcome Manager ;
  • event manager;
  • sommelier;
  • marketing manager;
  • recreation and SPA services manager;
  • booking manager.

Hotel Trainee Salary

The level of salary directly depends on the vacancy. Beginners can expect payouts ranging from USD 150 to 600, and experienced professionals - from USD 500 to 2000 per month.

Internships abroad are a relatively new direction after educational activities, which have become extremely popular in many countries of the world. A huge number of states accepts interns who have recently graduated from a university, and allows them to engage in their professional activities in the framework of the work of any enterprise or organization. For interns, such internships become an excellent experience that can help in future employment and the possible organization of copyright professional projects.

What is an internship abroad

An internship abroad is an excellent opportunity for career growth and a deeper study of the chosen profession. America and England, other European countries, including France and Germany, Poland, as well as Canada, Japan, China and other countries of the world stand out among the countries that allow graduates to do internships within their borders.

Such trips can be both paid and free. The possibility of internship abroad can be obtained free of charge, provided that you win any competition or grant. There are some internship programs abroad that allow you to take part in them also without the need to pay. Usually such conditions are provided to participants of various volunteer social programs, organizers of author's projects and outstanding students. In some cases, internship participants are even paid a salary as full-fledged employees of an enterprise. For example, in America, one of the most popular countries for practice, there are three types of internships:

  • completely free, without the requirement to pay by the intern and without paying his salary;
  • with an advance payment and payment by the intern for the services necessary for the internship;
  • with the salary paid to the trainee as a full-fledged employee.

! In addition to the USA, the most appreciated, of course, are the internship in Canada and the internship in England. Today, these three countries are the most popular, where a huge number of trainees seeking work in various fields aspire.

An internship can be classified not only by the presence or absence of payment for it, but also by the method of finding it:

  • Completely independent organization of the trip by the intern with the search for an employer, accommodation, payment agreement and other emerging issues;
  • Payment for services to one of the agencies that organizes, and specializes in studying abroad;
  • Referral for internships within the framework of cooperation between universities, enterprises and other organizations from two countries.

In general, various agencies are very popular now, since the organization of internships abroad has become a profitable and useful business. You can find many different programs created by numerous agencies and choose the one that suits you best.

At the same time, the most practical option is the direction within the framework of cooperation. Such experience guarantees almost one hundred percent employment upon return to the country and the absence of the necessary fees for any services.

What is an internship? First of all, it is an opportunity to study abroad, get acquainted with a foreign culture and take a different look at your future profession. The certificate that you receive according to the results can be safely entered in the resume along with the diploma of higher education. A plus to the same column will be a paper on the level of knowledge of the language - if you do not need to receive it for the trip, then upon returning, passing the exam will be an elementary matter. Work during training can also become invaluable experience (not to the detriment of studies, of course).

If we talk about personal rather than professional growth, then the internship is a fertile field in order to learn to live independently, communicate with many people in different languages ​​- and understand them perfectly, quickly navigate any situation and even with the speed of a calculator to convert one currency into another.

Selection methods

Turning to the Internet, you can find a scholarship or grant to your liking, since there are a great many resources and opportunities.

If you have chosen a specific foreign university to your liking and do not even consider any alternative to it as an option - in this case, you need to check if there is a cooperation agreement between this foreign university and the Russian university where you are applying: an internship on this basis is also possible.

Finally, the easiest way is to enroll in a specialty, the program of which already includes a trip: this can be, for example, cultural studies or philology.

I must say that in some universities in our country you can easily apply for a grant or scholarship on your own initiative, without any restrictions; other universities will consider the possibility of your internship at the selection committee before submitting to the competition - this information can be found in the foreign department even when submitting documents.

Basic Schemes

Internship programs are structured in different ways.

  • First, they can cooperate with any one Russian university. For example, SPbU students are encouraged to take advantage of the Campus Europae.
  • Secondly, they can direct Russian students to a specific country. So, DAAD (German: Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst - German Academic Exchange Service) implements a lot of different programs for Russians: from summer university courses in German, respectively, in Germany (3-4 weeks) and study tours of student groups (1-2 weeks) before practical training in German universities and enterprises and scholarships for postgraduate studies - only 15 projects to date.
  • Thirdly, there are whole networks, schemes, internship systems that literally entangled the whole world.

“French, Spanish, English, Danish - I'm not one, I'm many; I'm like Europe: a real mess, ”says Xavier, a character in The Spanish Woman, the film that made the already famous Erasmus student program famous (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students).

It unites 343 universities in 33 countries. Members of the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) are focused on intercultural communication (although they work not only internationally, but also at the local and regional levels) and to support exchange students. In its pure form, Erasmus is not found in Russia, however, firstly, it is these people who will take care of you abroad, no matter what program you come for, and secondly, it has a younger brother - ErasmusMundus. The latter's website declares the task of the program - "to contribute to the sustainable development of third countries in the field of higher education." Sadly enough, Russia is included in the list of these third countries, however, very attractive opportunities are open for us in Erasmus Mundus.

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International internships in Prague - th program

International internships in Prague

Main state universities:

These internships are compiled specifically to order and involve the organization of an individually designed program of short-term intensive training/seminar/study abroad, followed by a visit/internship at a specialized enterprise. Internships and lectures are possible in both English and Russian.

MSM staff will provide you with:

  • detailed consultation aimed at the optimal choice of training program and educational institution;
  • paperwork for obtaining a visa;
  • course development; <
  • organization of a meeting, transfer, accommodation, additional programs (for example, excursions, visits to specialized enterprises);
  • courier of the learning process abroad and stay in a foreign country.

The price of studying abroad depends on:

  • on the duration of training, the intensity of classes, the number of people in the group;
  • on the focus of the program (secondary or vocational education, first or second higher education, etc.) Regardless of the type of course, the cost is influenced by the prestige of the educational institution.

  • Meeting ,
  • Transfer ,
  • Accommodation at 3 * -4 * hotel,
  • Lectures
  • Practical training,
  • Cultural program,
  • 2 meals a day.

We recommend this program for all students, graduate students, teachers and employees of enterprises wishing to gain additional experience, undergo an internship abroad, seeking to improve the skills already acquired in work and languages, as well as to all those who would like spend an unforgettable time in the center of Europe in the Czech Republic! After the internship, you will receive a certificate of internship in your specialty from the selected university.

Interesting options for those looking to get experience abroad and see the world.

Editor of the site for the search for educational programs abroad StudyQA.

Internship at the European Commission (Brussels, Belgium)

An internship at the European Commission or one of its departmental institutions is an opportunity to gain European work experience. Applicants can be graduate students from EU and CIS countries. You must have a bachelor's degree or a diploma before the deadline for applications and not participate in internships with other EU organizations. Applicants must be proficient in English, French or German.

The duration of the internship is 3-5 months. The scholarship is 1,000 euros.

Travel Magazine Internship (Trivandrum, India)

The largest travel magazine in India is recruiting interns to work as journalists and photographers. Interns will write and edit articles, take pictures and participate in marketing processes.

Excellent written fluency in English is required.

Duration - 1-2 months. Participation fee is $ 1,000 per month.

Internship at Cato Institute (Washington, USA)

The reputable American research organization Cato Institute recruits students and graduates for paid internships in Washington three times a year. Interns help conduct research, organize events, prepare content for the institute's website, and much more.

Duration - 4 months. The amount of the scholarship is $ 900 per month.

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