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Service and tourism - specialty

A tourism professional must be able to handle a huge flow of information and be able to navigate in it, must have a broad outlook, have good spatial thinking, be always aware of news and trends in tourism, love people and constant business trips. A characteristic feature of a professional in the field of tourism is sociability and mobility.

Specialty "Tourism", which subjects to take - passing points

Profile "Tourism" is a concept that includes different areas of training. The university may have the name "Socio-cultural service and tourism", a specialty dedicated to tourism. And it can be called differently, releasing specialists-organizers of travel agency or excursion services. The difference between them is quite serious, so you need to approach the choice thoroughly.

If a graduate, after grade 11, chose to study tourism, he must analyze in advance all the options for universities of interest to him. Universities in Russia reserve the right to choose the list of exams on their own. The compulsory exam is Russian language and history. One or even two exams are determined by the university at its discretion. This is most often geography or social studies.

For admission to the direction "Technology and organization of services in international tourism" on the profile "Tourism", the specialty will require an exam in a foreign language (for example, English for the specialty tourism). For other areas, they can choose biology, geography or social studies as an additional exam.

The passing score is also different everywhere. Leading universities in Moscow indicate the average passing grade - 82.5. You can focus on passing scores, however, they are not a guarantor of admission. In other words, a graduate may have on hand the results that coincide with the passing score of the university, but whether he enters or not will depend on the competition.

Tourism specialty code

Any specialty in the Russian Federation is assigned its own unique code. According to the unified classifier of specialties, the profile "Tourism" has a code - 43. 3. 2. This rule applies to absolutely all educational institutions of the country.

Tourism specialty higher education and sports - form and terms of study

You can enroll in a university in the field of "Tourism" for both full-time and part-time studies.

International tourism by whom to work

Choosing a profession is not an easy task. Work can be boring, monotonous and repetitive. Or it can be exciting, informative and full of new discoveries. There are people who simply suffocate in stuffy offices, sitting in front of monitors. They want an active life, change of places, new experiences. It is this category that you should carefully look at work related to tourism and travel.

Why travel jobs are attractive

Traveling is the dream of many who want to combine business with pleasure. For such people, the world opens up in a new way. It is the work related to tourism and travel that will be the ideal option for them when choosing a profession. It will be both a way of earning money and an exciting adventure. There are many advantages to this kind of work. Let's consider the main ones:

  • the opportunity to see new countries, get to know their culture;
  • work related to travel is usually highly paid;
  • you can buying many things abroad is much cheaper than at home;
  • traveling and working at the same time, you can combine the craving for changing places and learning with a fairly good income;
  • useful contacts are acquired abroad, in certain situations, you can later move to another country;
  • it has become popular for the beautiful half of Russian society to associate their lives with foreigners today. It is the work related to travel that can most contribute to this.

In fact, this kind of work has many more advantages, many of them are purely individual.

At the same time, this kind of work has certain drawbacks. There are not many of them, but they are still there:

  • constant travel is not conducive to strengthening the family;
  • travel to some countries is not only exciting, but also quite dangerous for life or health adventure;
  • constant travel is simply exhausting for any person.

Therefore, when choosing a job, everyone decides for himself whether life on wheels is suitable for him, whether the chosen way of earning is comfortable and whether it is worth counting on it in the future.

When choosing a job, everyone decides for himself whether life on wheels suits his day, whether the chosen way of earning is comfortable and whether it is worth counting on it in the future

The topic of travel work is very close to me. Working as a translator, I have visited 17 countries around the world. At first, when you just start working, trips abroad seem to be something incredibly attractive, promising a lot of new impressions, acquaintances and adventures. But over time, everything starts to get boring. Being abroad for a long time, you begin to miss your family, home, and friends very much. And the impressions of changing places fade considerably over time. I worked in Africa for several years. I noticed a rather interesting psychological trait in my colleagues. Those of them who have worked in an African country for more than two or three years have already ceased to strive for their homeland. Of course, they went on vacation, saw their relatives. But further plans of work in their native land were no longer being built. Each of them considered their future careers exclusively abroad. And the point is not only in the high level of wages (in Africa, white specialists are paid well), but also in some growing psychological alienation. Several years have passed since my return. Most of my former colleagues never returned to work at home. Some found work in Canada, others in the European Union, and one of them even flew to New Zealand to work. Several people chose South Africa as a country for work and residence. As you can see, work abroad, travel work becomes for many just a way of life, which they simply do not want to change.

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