International Federation of Equestrian Tourism

International Federation of Equestrian Tourism

Today we confirmed the holding of a competition in equestrian tourism in the Republic of Ingushetia on May 16-20, 2013

The status of the competition has not yet been determined, but they will definitely become open. Subject level.

In addition, before the competition, it is planned to hold a press tour to familiarize travel agencies and media representatives with the developed horse routes in the Republic of Ingushetia.

Horse trails in Ingushetia

A working meeting was held between the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ingushetia Musa Mazhitovich Chiliev with the representative of the National Association of Equestrian Tourism in the North Caucasus Federal District Tatyana Volkova and the deputy head of the farm Khamzat Mogushkov.

The meeting discussed the development of equestrian tourism in the Republic of Ingushetia on the basis of Alikhan Mogushkov's farm, which currently has 240 horses.

At the meeting, Musa Mazhitovich noted that it is necessary to develop horse routes not only in one farm, but in the country as a whole, including in the mountainous part, where, in addition to the beauty of nature, tourists could get acquainted with unique historical monuments and architecture of the Republic.

Formation of the calendar of equestrian tourism competitions

Horses in the army

I came across an article, it turned out that there is still a horse platoon in the army. Not for parades, but for real service in combat units.


And where in our time without a horse ?!

TREC Equestrian Tourism Technique Competition

Equestrian tourism is not limited to conventional treks. There is also sports equestrian tourism. Tourism in which they compete! Competitions are as follows:

  • equestrian tourism technique competition (TREC);
  • category horse trekking competition;
  • sledding equestrian tourism competition; <
  • work-related shepherd competition;

The last two sports disciplines in Russia are currently almost undeveloped. Not developed to such an extent that they can be safely deleted. But the equestrian tourism technique competition (TREC) began to gain popularity. Brief Chronicles: The first attempts to hold competitions for horse-riding tourists in Russia were made in 2004. International competitions have been held since 1985. In 2014, the first composition of the Russian national equestrian tourism team was approved to participate in the World and European Championships among juniors. This became possible after the National Equestrian Tourism Center carried out work to change the Russian rules of competitions and their maximum approximation to international ones. And to this day, despite the bureaucratic and economic difficulties, this direction of sports tourism stubbornly creeps in a developing direction. "Breathes and licks, breathes and licks!" (c)

*** The National Center for Equestrian Tourism (NCCT) is an interregional public association whose ranks include equestrian tourism amateurs, horse owners and equestrian clubs from different regions of Russia. NCCT provides consultations on the organization of equestrian hiking trails, competitions in equestrian tourism technique, develops classifications of equestrian routes Forms and maintains a rating of athletes, instructors, judges and equestrian tourism coaches. Publishes a collection of classified horse routes and hikes in the Russian Federation.

To understand the intricacies of equestrian tourism, you need to read the rules in more detail:

The competition consists of 3 stages: 1. Long orienteering distance. It consists in passing the route using the map and compass. ... A short distance with the passage of local obstacles. It consists in passing the route on which 16 obstacles are installed, which can be encountered in a horse trip or simulate sections of local sections, passing which a pair of "rider and horse" can demonstrate their ability to overcome them. ... Gait control. It consists in passing a section of 150 meters in one direction with a slow gallop in the other with a quick step. Read the rules further.

  • Competitions in the "route" discipline are held among the hikes of the 1st and 2nd category of difficulty at the regional level or at open competitions of the Federal Districts of the Russian Federation. Russian championships in route disciplines are held among 3-4 grade hikes. For categories 5-6 k. international competitions are held.

Read the rules further.

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