International Day for Responsible Tourism

Socially Responsible Tourism: Traveling in Russia

Green light for socially responsible tourism in the Year of Environment and Sustainable Tourism

The official results for 2016 of the International Center for Responsible Tourism can be summed up and here they are:

  • The COT Center took part in the International Conference on Responsible in Finland (09-10. 6. 6, Jyväskylä), where the concept of COT or socially responsible tourism was officially presented.
  • From April 2016 to n. R. we collect the best practices and projects of SOT in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
  • September 13, 2016 we held a section “Socially responsible tourism: the contribution of NGOs to the creation of tourist and investment attractiveness of the regions” at the Forum on Import Substitution in Tourism.
  • September 27, 2016 - Speech at the RSUH at an event dedicated to World Tourism Day.
  • In October 2016. we held a series of meetings with students of Moscow universities with the director of the Center and an international expert with a story about what responsible tourism is. And in November 2016. - presentation of SOT projects in the RSUTiS, Moscow State University. Lomonosov, Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism, RUDN University, Moscow State University.
  • 08 November 2016 at the boiling point of the ASI, the first in Russia and the 10th anniversary in the world International Day of Responsible Tourism was officially held.
  • Together with the State Darwin Museum, the “Travel-Help” Photo Contest has been launched www. crt — russia — online. u, which will run from 08 November 2016. to 31 August 2017, from 30 September 2017 to 23 November 2017 photographs of the winners will be displayed at the State House of Arts Then they can be exhibited in the regions. And by the way, we are actively looking for partners of the Photo Contest. Partners, respond!
  • November 17, 2016 - presentation of the SOT project at the Forum of the Markhamat Charitable Foundation with the support of the Federation Council “Charity without Borders. Dialogue of Women ", Ufa
  • November 29, 2016 - presentation of the III International Forum of the Northern Dimension Partnership in the field of culture "Culture as a factor of growth", which will be held on November 28-30, 2016 in St. Petersburg.
  • December 12, 2016 - presentation of the SOT project within the framework of the 5th anniversary program and the Forum "The Best Social Projects of Russia" at the PRUE. Plekhanov.

In 2017, the portal www. crt — russia. u, which is supposed to collect objects and projects of SOT in the regions of the Russian Federation, in order to promote the initiatives of "responsible tourism" and the regions themselves. At present, contacts with half of the regions have already been established, with varying degrees of effectiveness.

By March 2017 we are preparing to present the expert Russian-speaking community in the field of "responsible tourism" and "socially responsible tourism".

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The Social Information Agency invites you to get acquainted with socially responsible tourism projects. Where can you go to relax and at the same time establish yourself as a responsible traveler.

Russia is the ninth most popular traveler in the world. According to the forecasts of the World Tourism Organization, the number of tourist arrivals to Russia by 2020 will amount to 47.1 million people. Moscow is expected to receive almost 10 million tourists in 2025, and St. Petersburg - 5.3 million. Will the two capitals withstand such an influx of travelers?

As the experience of Barcelona, ​​where there are 8 million tourists a year, shows, this is too much. Locals point out that the commercialization of the city under the Barcelona brand has turned it into a large theme park. In their opinion, there are too many tourists in the city who come and behave in Barcelona like at home. On the streets of the city, you can increasingly see the inscriptions Tourist go home, which offend many visitors. Experts predict that such a situation may develop in Russia in 10 years. Can this be prevented? The experts are confident that yes. Provided that now we start to cultivate responsibility in every tourist.

The International Day for Responsible Tourism is called upon to draw attention to the conscious attitude of travelers to the territories where they go to rest. The organizer of the first Day of Responsible Tourism in Russia was the COT Center (ICRT Russia). As the director of the center Natalia Dronova notes, when we say "socially responsible tourism", there is often a pause - people do not always understand what is at stake.

“We have begun a large-scale work to spread the principles of socially responsible tourism (SOT) in Russia and the CIS. We combine the best practices of SOT in the regions and give all caring people the opportunity to travel and at the same time create something creative and useful for the places they love and where they come, ”says Natalia Dronova.

Respect for the environment, help local residents, minimum negative economic, environmental and social consequences of tourism - these and other rules are guided by a responsible traveler. Socially responsible tourism is a new direction for Russia. However, there are already projects that vividly illustrate how to make an interesting trip and contribute to the development of territories.

Ecological trail arrangement

In the summertime, the shores of Lake Baikal suffer from a large flow of wild tourism. Vacationers set up tents in unprepared places, make fires, and walk on untouched paths. The consequences of this are the degradation of the ecosystem, changes in the species composition of animals, forest fires.

The Big Baikal Trail (GBT) interregional public organization is building ecological trails in the Baikal region. One of the areas of work of the GBT is carrying out volunteer projects for the arrangement and reconstruction of trails.

Project coordinators note that the trail disciplines tourists. When there is no path in nature, the tourist goes his own way. And when there is a well-equipped path, it would never occur to anyone to leave it. Thus, the ecosystem and biodiversity in the Baikal region is preserved.

Construction of the staircase is in full swing (North of Baikal, project "To the Land of Waterfalls", 2015)

“The preservation of the Baikal ecosystem is the preservation of clean water for the entire planet and humanity. In order to breathe clean air, our activities are also important. Baikal is surrounded by pine and cedar forests. We are working to preserve the protected nature, in order to open this nature to people who live in megacities and do not have the opportunity to see all this in their daily life. In the future, all this will be done for the entire world community, since Baikal is a world heritage site, ”says Elena Chubakova, GBT project manager.

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