How to save on travel to Cyprus

How to save on travel to Cyprus

When visiting the Republic of Cyprus, most travelers and participants in the economic citizenship program face difficulties in getting around. If you come as a tourist, then, as a rule, travel agencies or resort complexes take care of the transfer from the airport or seaport, but it will still be useful to know how and on what you can move around the island.

The first difficulty you may encounter when leaving the airport is how to get to the hotel. Even if you come to the island solely for business purposes, you will still have the opportunity to get acquainted with the local sights and colorful culture.

Thus, knowledge and understanding of the local transport system will greatly facilitate the life of the participants in the economic citizenship program. The latter makes it possible for wealthy foreigners to obtain a Cypriot passport, subject to investing in a number of target options: government bonds, bank deposits, government funds, real business or real estate. Each program participant is required to invest at least 5 million euros in the purchased assets.

Now, not 5 million euros and 2.5 million euros, but 2 million euros must be invested in order to take part in the renewed program of economic citizenship of Cyprus. The collective investment scheme was canceled, and only the individual one remained, the investment threshold of which was reduced.

Economic citizenship involves investment, both individually and collectively. The latter makes it possible to reduce the minimum investment amount to 2, million. Each group must consist of at least 5 investors, and their total contribution to Cypriot assets must be at least 12.5 million euros.

The Cyprus program is one of the most loyal. If necessary, you can use not one, but several options at once until the required amount is reached. As for the timing, a Cypriot passport can be obtained in just 3-6 months. Such a document grants you and your family members the right not only to live on the island, but also to enjoy all European rights and benefits, including health care, education, pension and social security, etc.

At the same time, you are not tied to the island. You can visit Cyprus once every 2 years, and the rest of the time you can live on the territory of any EU country or visit 133 countries of the world in a visa-free regime. Cyprus has 2 international-class airports in the cities of Larnaca and Paphos, which will allow you to move freely between states.

And that's not to mention the business prospects of Cyprus itself. Even during a deep crisis, the state managed to maintain its main advantages for international business - a loyal tax policy, a wide range of financial and banking services, the ability to do business with any European counterparties.


One of the simplest options is a taxi. Each Cypriot city has its own taxi service. The car can be ordered either directly upon arrival or booked in advance. Plus, there are special parking lots near any of the airports, although in this case the cost of the trip will be higher.

Please be aware that city taxis do not serve suburban towns and villages. They have their own services that can take you to the nearest major city.

In Cyprus, almost all taxi services are private. The price of a trip here depends not only on the class of the car, but also on the time of day. The morning fare is valid from 6:00 to 20:30 and averages 3.42 euros for the car delivery and 0.73 euros for each kilometer traveled. The evening rate starts after 20:30 and is 4.36 euros for car delivery and 0.85 euros per kilometer. On holidays and daytime and evening rates will be higher.

For those moving to Cyprus: All possible ways of moving around Cyprus

In this article I will try to answer the question why it is worth organizing a vacation in Cyprus and why Cyprus has managed to make an attractive piece of land in the Mediterranean for literally everyone.

He is equally loved by British youth, pensioners from Scandinavia and show business stars from Russia, as well as by all strata and strata of society in the ex-USSR countries. Why?

What magic wand did you have to wave to redirect tourist flows from all over Europe? What are some cool natural attractions that take your breath away? Endless white sand beaches? Monuments from the UNESCO heritage list or spectacular waterfalls or mountains?

There is nothing in Cyprus from which it takes your breath away and the rest of the world ceases to exist. Yes, Cyprus is full of beautiful beaches, but this goodness is scattered throughout the Mediterranean - you cannot go around in your entire life. Yes, there are mountains and you can even go downhill skiing, but of course they are far from the Alpine slopes, let's be honest. There are a lot of traditional old and very well-groomed villages, but this will surprise the Europeans.

But the popularity of holidays in Cyprus in the world is evidenced by the presence of two international airports, receiving dozens if not hundreds of flights a day. Larnaca Airport resembles a termite mound, and spotters do not have time to press the camera release, filming planes taking off and landing from Makenzie Beach. Instagram is overflowing with shots of foam parties at Nissi Beach, white sandy beaches and spectacular sunsets.

Why Cyprus succeeded

It's not just nature that has tried. Tourism in Cyprus is one of the cash cows of the economy and the authorities are turning inside out, thinking about how to make the tourist even better. Not all tourists consider a tent on the outskirts of the village to be good housing and like to wade through the thickets to the natural monuments. And not all tourists consider any strip of sand or pebbles along the sea to be a good beach and are indifferent to garbage.

Ideal infrastructure

In Cyprus, almost all infrastructure is exemplary ideal. A relative disadvantage of Cyprus can be considered an underdeveloped transport network, but the size of the island is so small and car rental is so cheap that no one regrets it. The main cities and directions are connected by bus services, and if you want more, rent a car. The correct formula, if you think about it.

Cyprus is almost perfectly clean and you can be calm and confident in absolutely any beach. There will be no sellers of shawarma and dried roach, and cigarette butts will not float in the sea. Most of the main beaches in Cyprus are marked with a blue flag for their cleanliness, all beaches are provided with free access for everyone, all beaches are equipped with toilets, showers and sun loungers-umbrellas. This is at least, and at the maximum, almost everywhere there are at least a dozen entertainments for every budget and taste - cafes, clubs, boat trips on everything you can imagine, diving and fishing.

A clear price for a vacation

For many, the issue of price is of paramount importance. Cyprus is the number one resort in terms of the ease of getting there and the price of rest.

Tour operators spoke about preliminary plans for sales in Cyprus. In their opinion, the recent statement by the authorities of the island state on a new procedure for the entry of foreign tourists makes it possible to say with great optimism that the 2021 season will take place in the direction.


As a reminder, last week the Cyprus Council of Ministers approved a revised action plan for the gradual resumption of flights and the opening of airports, starting from March 1.

In accordance with it, the classification of countries has been changed (they are assigned to 4 categories), and the rules of entry have been determined for each of the categories. So, based on the current epidemiological situation, the Russian Federation is assigned to the Red category.

Russians will need double laboratory testing to enter Cyprus: this is a PCR test done 72 hours before departure, as well as a PCR test upon arrival in Cyprus. At the same time, our compatriots will not need self-isolation or quarantine.

According to tour operators, the position declared by Cyprus makes it possible, at least, to say that Russian tourists will be allowed into the country.

“The need to take a PCR test no longer shocks tourists. Now this is the same necessary requirement as, for example, a Schengen visa. People are hungry for overseas resorts, so if direct flights to Cyprus are restored, demand will be good. If you have to get to the Cypriot resorts with connections, our fellow citizens will go anyway. Plus, Cyprus has a loyal visa format, which already makes it one of the favorites of the summer season. Many Russians have run out of Schengen, when visa centers of European countries will open and how much a new visa will be issued is unknown. Therefore, before the start of the 2021 season, Cyprus is in a better position than Greece, Spain or Italy, ”says a top manager of one of the largest tour operator companies working in the direction.


Most tour operators operating in the Cyprus direction have programs for the 2021 season formed and available for booking.

Thus, the tour operator Biblio-Globus has already announced from March 3, 2021 about setting up a flight program to Cyprus on the wings of the Rossiya airline. The cost of tours at the start of the season starts from 63 839 rubles. for two (check-in on March 3, hotel 3 *, no meals).

Sales of tours to Cyprus for the summer-2021 are open at the tour operator TUI Russia. Tours are published on the website with flights from Moscow (Larnaca + flights to Paphos), St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Kazan, Ufa, Mineralnye Vody, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh.

You can buy tours to Cyprus with the Early Booking promotion from the tour operator TEZ TOUR. The cost of weekly packages with a departure in May starts from 35,600 rubles. per person with double occupancy in a 3 * hotel with breakfast.

Until 1992, young people in Cyprus received higher education at universities in the UK, USA, Greece and other European countries. By the way, quite a few Cypriots have studied in Russia, especially when it comes to the medical field. The island has always been famous for a large number of specialists with higher education.

Currently there are 8 universities in Cyprus, one of which is the state-owned University of Cyprus. In addition to the state, there are also private higher educational institutions: the Technological University with faculties in Nicosia and Limassol, the European University of Cyprus, the University. Frederica, University of Central Lancashire International Branch (UCLan Cyprus), Open University of Cyprus, University of Nicosia, University of Neapolis.

At the moment, the most prestigious is the University of Cyprus, the bulk of whose students are Cypriots. The share of foreign students is still small, but the situation changes every year. The university has four faculties: the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Philology, the Faculty of Applied Sciences, and the Faculty of Economics and Management. Teaching is conducted in Greek, Turkish and English.

Cyprus Higher Education

As in most countries, the academic year in universities in Cyprus is divided into 2 semesters: autumn (September - January) and spring (February - March). There is also an optional (summer) semester (June – July). Education in Cyprus is carried out according to a rather flexible system: students can independently decide whether they will attend classes in the summer, depending on the number of subjects chosen and the intensity of the educational process.

To obtain a degree, a student must complete 120 credit hours in major subjects and 6-9 credit hours in foreign languages ​​for the entire period. Students take exams at the end of each semester. After two years of study, students can receive a standardized certificate (associative degree diploma). After four years of study, you can get a bachelor's degree, and if you study for 6 years - a master's degree.

Colleges, which are considered part of the higher education system, are also very popular in Cyprus. After studying in college (4 years), you can master a specialty and get a bachelor's degree. There are many hospitality and tourism colleges established in Cyprus. Higher education in Cyprus is becoming more and more popular as some universities and colleges offer students a double degree. For example, at Intercollege, where students learn the basics of hotel management, you can also get a degree from Indianapolis University.

Benefits of higher education in Cyprus

The main benefits of higher education in Cyprus include:

Obtaining an international diploma

Most of the universities in Cyprus are accredited in Europe and the United States, and, therefore, students studying there can become participants in a variety of exchange programs, and they are given the opportunity to obtain higher education at a European university or in higher educational institutions in the United States.

Comparatively low tuition and living costs

Cyprus is the southernmost island in the Mediterranean. Tourists come here to visit the places of ancient legends and bask on the warm beaches. This island is included in the "euro zone", and the rest is not cheap. How to save on travel to Cyprus, know tourists who travel often and do with small sums. After all, in any country, vacation is cheaper if you go on vacation out of season. At this time, prices for rental housing, excursions and some products are lowered.

Traveling with a tourist package

You can fly to the island on a tourist voucher or on your own by booking the cheapest air ticket. The cost of the last minute tour does not differ much from the previously planned rest. But to save a little, nevertheless, it will work out. Inexpensive tours are available in spring and autumn, when tourists are on vacation in tropical countries or waiting for summer to come.

A voucher vacation guarantees comfort immediately upon arrival in the country. There is a transfer from the airport and there is already a place to rest after the flight. To buy an inexpensive tour, you should focus on unclaimed dates and exclude Easter, May and Christmas holidays.

July, August and mid-September are the most expensive months in this region. In May and late September-early October, you can swim in the sea and take excursions without tormenting yourself under the scorching sun.

It is better to buy a tour to Cyprus in advance. 6 months before the vacation, the price will be much cheaper. More options are offered, there is time to leisurely study information about the island and its budget places.

It will be possible to save money on a visa if you issue it yourself. But in order to put it in the passport, you will need to fly to a specific airport.


If you plan your vacation yourself and don't focus on agencies, you can buy plane tickets yourself and book an inexpensive hotel. Sometimes air travel is more expensive than the trip itself. And to save money, you need to fly with transfers. In the off-season, low-cost airlines offer cheap tickets to Cyprus directly or via European cities.

When planning a trip, you need to consider the following points:

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