Gastronomic Canada

Resorts of Canada: a huge country with a harsh climate

Majestic Canada is popular among tourists from various regions and corners of the planet, especially among travelers from the neighboring States. The state attracts with national parks, ice hockey, ski and health resorts, the picturesque capital Ottawa and mountainous Vancouver. We invite you to visit this unique country through our virtual journey.

Country overview

Canada is a young state that was formed as a result of the colonization of North America by the French. According to historical documents, the foundation date of the first colony falls on the 16th century, from that moment the development of the modern state began. It should be noted that the official language in the country is French, but the locals speak English fluently. In the course of long-term transformations, wars and other political intrigues, the country is second only to Russia in area. Greenland and the United States are considered Canada's neighbors, while the country is washed by three oceans.

At the moment, the state is considered one of the most developed in the world. It organizes the extraction of minerals, the production of useful devices, equipment, household items. As for tourism, it is developed mediocrely due to the harsh climate and rare population. Most of the regions of Canada are popular for winter sports, health resorts and ecological tourism.

The weather is formed by a mild temperate climate, and in the northern regions - by a subarctic one. In the north, in winter, due to cold winds, severe frosts often persist. The Atlantic coast of Canada is famous for its erratic weather; in winter, coastal cities suffer from heavy snowfalls and frequent storms. The best regions to visit are Vancouver and the coastal area of ​​British Columbia, which are comfortable in summer and warm in winter.

How to get to resorts from different CIS countries

There are direct flights to Toronto from Moscow, Kiev and Minsk four times a week. The average flight duration is about ten hours. Flights from other CIS countries to Toronto and Ottawa are operated with transfers in Frankfurt, Vienna, Berlin, London or Helsinki.

There is a possibility of sending through the States. This requires a transit visa. Residents of Kazakhstan from Astana to Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver will also be able to get by plane through transfers in one of the European cities. Other ways and possibilities of travel to the country are extremely inconvenient and difficult for the average person.

Ski and Health Resorts in Canada

Mont Tremblant is a ski resort in eastern Canada. This complex, founded back in 1939, is considered the oldest in the country. Luxurious Tremblant is attractive because it is located an hour's drive from Montreal. The ski resort, with the exception of its proximity to the largest city, is interesting for its excellent ski slopes of varying difficulty, restaurants, nightclubs and an ice rink.

Banff National Park in Alberta is famous for Glacial Lake Louise. The coastline of the emerald water is considered the most picturesque ski resort in North America. Tourists will be able to ski from the slopes of Mount Norkau, in the village of Sunshine and on Lake Louise itself.

Gastronomic Canada, cuisines from all over the world

Gastronomic Canada does not sound like “Gastronomic France”, for example, but believe me, there is a place to eat deliciously in Canada. We are often unlucky when traveling with food. And this is, in general, understandable. We walk on tourist paths, and restaurants in such places do not care whether the visitor is satisfied with the food or not, the chances that the tourist will return again tends to zero. Even our trip to Italy, which is famous for its cuisine, was pretty disappointing. It was not clear how, in a country where such wonderful products are sold in stores, one could spoil them like that by cooking. And in the end, how much effort does it take to fry fish or meat on the grill and accompany it all with salad?

In Italy, we ended up buying fresh salads from the supermarket, adding Parma ham and enjoying the unspoiled food. We were also in the citrus ripening season then, I had no idea that there are such delicious oranges in Europe! Without false modesty, I will say that Canada has excellent food. I can't say if good food is a hallmark of Canada, but the vast majority of the Canadian restaurants we went to had the food beyond praise.

Montreal # 1 for Restaurants

In Vancouver, I went to all restaurants on recommendation, so nothing strange. But in Toronto, we were just amazingly lucky twice, Montreal and Quebec are another story. I have not even seen such a number of restaurants with excellent cuisine in Europe, and by the way Montreal got into the Guinness Book of Records - Montreal took first place in the world in terms of the number of restaurants per capita!

The first is Rich Tree Restaurant in Toronto. We attacked him on the way to the jazz club, in which we gathered immediately upon arrival in the city. We never made it to the jazz club, but we had a superb snack. Rich Tree is made in the style of the French market, as far as I can tell from my sketchy ideas about the French markets. To maintain the style, the vendors behind the counters wear green striped berets and aprons. In the restaurant itself, French-language music is played (I will not volunteer to judge whether it is French. In Canada, French is the state language, it may well turn out to be Canadian. At the entrance you are given a card with which you can make purchases, you pay later on exit./P >

Gastronomic Canada - there are never too many berries

There are not many counters, but they cover everything you need: fruits, freshly squeezed juices, vegetables, salads, wine, fish dishes, soups, desserts. In the evening, we grabbed ourselves a large board of sushi, Canadian wine from the Niagara area, and a package of strawberries. The next morning we could not resist and went to the Rich Tree for breakfast. Even in the evening I noticed pancakes with berries, but did not want to eat sweets at night. But in the morning I bought myself a pancake, on which the saleswoman put a whole mountain of fresh strawberries and blueberries. To match the Canadian theme, the berries were topped with maple syrup.

Canadian Steak

The next stop on our Gastronomic Canada tour in Toronto was Harbor Sixty Steak House. The restaurant was recommended in the guidebook and, although after several unsuccessful experiments I do not trust the recommendations of food guidebooks very much, I was terribly hungry and would go to Canada and not try a steak seemed a crime against such a long journey. And this restaurant did not disappoint. We ordered a steak each, and I, having heard about the size of traditional steaks, prudently asked for a smaller one. In the end, a 10 ounce beef medallion was ordered.

Canada Cruise Tours

Sea and River Cruise Tours in Canada

Canada is a huge country washed by the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans, besides that, Canada has more than 2 million lakes and more than 2. million rivers! All these vast expanses of water are amazingly beautiful in combination with the nature of the mainland, the variety of forms created by nature of rivers, lakes and coastlines of the oceans is amazing.

In the north of the Atlantic coast of Canada, the northern nature delights with its power, huge icebergs break away from the Arctic glaciers drift along the Atlantic provinces almost until mid-summer. On the west coast, the nature of the subtropics of British Columbia, washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, caresses the eye. The Great Lakes are located in the center of the country, they form the largest group of freshwater lakes containing 21% of fresh water on the entire planet. In addition to magnificent landscapes and beautiful flora growing along the banks of rivers and oceans, all these water resources are simply teeming with animals. It may take more than one page to list all types of fish, molluscs and mammals, but it is worth noting the whales that live in abundance in the coastal waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

It is especially worth noting a unique place on earth, the St. Lawrence River, where whales have been living in natural conditions for thousands of years. Every spring, thousands of whales leave the Atlantic Ocean and swim inland into the estuary of the St. Lawrence River, while other whales swim even further into the deep-water mouth of the cold northern Saguenay River. The Saguenay River from the north flows into the St. Lawrence River, forming an estuary where the cold ocean tide meets the river current. Sheer cliffs and valleys meet water to form one of the world's largest fjords, the Saguenay Fjord, which stretches for 100 kilometers.

We offer you the most popular sea and river cruises in Canada, the Atlantic, the Pacific Ocean, rivers and lakes. On a cruise, your vacation is completely planned and at the same time absolutely free. Forget about everyday affairs and worries and go on an unforgettable journey with us! Canada is waiting for you!

group tour: on request individual tour: spring-autumn-summer duration: 1 to 3 days

This is the most popular eco-tour in Eastern Canada in the bay created by the confluence of the two mighty rivers St. Lawrence and Saguenay. Departure from Montreal or Toronto and stop at Montmorency Falls, the highest waterfall in Eastern Canada, on the way to the Bay. After the waterfall, continue to St. Catherine's Bay along the scenic route along the St. Lawrence River. Arrival at the hotel, check-in. The next morning, breakfast and transfer to a cruise on the St. Lawrence River with whale watching. During the cruise, you can see 13 species of whales living in the bay of the river, it is the largest variety of whales in the world living in one place. After the cruise, return to Montreal or Toronto.

group tour: on request individual tour: spring-autumn-summer duration: from 1 to 5 days

Saguenay Fjords National Park is the only place in Canada where this natural wonder was formed. The park is located along the coast of the Saguenay fjord of the same name. The fjord is 105 km long, 2 to 4 km wide, 270 meters deep! Departure for a cruise from Montreal or Toronto, on the way to the fjord, stop at Montmorency Falls, the highest waterfall in Eastern Canada. After the waterfall, continue to the town of Tadusak along the scenic route along the St. Lawrence River. Arrival at the hotel, check-in. The next morning breakfast and transfer to the fjord cruise. On a 5-hour cruise, you will see the mighty northern nature of Canada and the fjords themselves. After the cruise, return to Montreal or Toronto.

group: on request individual tour: December-April Duration: 2 to 7 days 2 hours from Vancouver, Whistler Mountains and Blackcomb Altitude difference 1610 m, season November-April

Whistler Blackcomb is the largest ski park in North America with an area of ​​3307 hectares. Whistler is called the snow capital of the world. The height of the snow cover here reaches 914 cm

group: on request individual tour: December-April Duration: 2 to 7 days 641 km from Vancouver, on the banks of the Columbia River Elevation difference 1715 m, season November-April

Currently, Revelstock attracts more than 15 thousand. skiers who prefer heli-skiing tours. With 100 runs and 20 lifts, the resort hopes to become one of the best in Canada.

group: on request individual tour: December-April Duration: 3 to 7 days 311 km from Calgary, 850 km from Vancouver Highest point 2400 m, season November-April

During the winter season, we offer transfers from Calgary Airport. Panorama Resort is located in the Powder Highway, in the heart of one of Canada's finest ski areas

group: on request individual tour: December-April duration: from 3 to 7 days 400 km from Calgary, 1 hour flight from Vancouver Altitude 2000 m, season November-April

Kimberley Resort is located in southeast British Columbia at the foot of the Purcell Mountains. The resort has the longest night-lit trail in Canada.

group: on request individual tour: December-April Duration: 3 to 7 days 185 km from Calgary, 8 hours from Vancouver Height 2637 m, season November-April

Lake Louise is the largest ski resort in the Canadian Rockies. The resort boasts an incredible amount of varied terrain for all skill levels

group: on request individual tour: November-May duration: 3 to 7 days 149 km from Calgary, 8 hours from Vancouver Altitude 1980 m, season November-May

Marmot Basin Ski Resort is located in the Jasper National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth to visit.

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