Foreign ski resorts

Foreign ski resorts

The territory of Slovakia is 2/3 occupied by the mountain ranges of the Carpathians. This was the reason for the appearance of ski resorts and sports complexes for winter sports. However, choosing a suitable Tatra ski resort is not easy, you need to know the location, the scheme of the slopes, service features and prices.

Features of winter recreation in the Tatras

Zones of active winter recreation in the country are divided into two parts - High and Low Tatras. In the first area, the height of the slopes reaches 2400 m, in the second - up to 1600 m. The weather conditions differ, the higher the ski resort, the more snow and the lower the temperature. This is influenced by the location of mountain ranges in Europe. Therefore, before the trip, you need to study photos, reviews and a map of slopes of suitable hostels.

Tips for backpackers and solo travelers:

  • Visa processing. To travel to Slovakia, you need a visa, which you can apply for yourself or through a travel agency. This must be done 1-2 months before the start of the trip.
  • There are 3 international airports in the country - in Bratislava, Kosice and Poprad-Tatry. Most of the tourist charter flights arrive in Bratislava. From here you can reach the ski base by car, train or book a transfer in advance.
  • About the language. In large tourist areas, they understand and speak Russian. If this is not the case, the staff of any ski Tatra knows English.
  • Ski gear and equipment. Many tourist centers have rental points, prices are posted on the official websites. Some of the equipment can be taken with you, the rest can be rented locally.
  • Currency. In Slovakia, Euro is used, so all prices are pegged to this currency.

You need to book rooms in hotels in advance, before the trip, 2-4 weeks in advance. Most of the seats are taken before New Year and Christmas. An alternative is to rent apartments in nearby villages from local residents. This can be done through dedicated sites.

TOP-resort in the Tatras

Before choosing a ski resort in the Tatras, basic requirements are drawn up. For families with children, the camp site must have an appropriate infrastructure - playgrounds, cots and tables for meals are provided in the hotel rooms. Additional entertainment - excursions, organizing tubing, ice skating rinks, snowmobile trips.

If the purpose of your holiday is an active winter vacation, you need to study the scheme of the slopes of the ski resort in the Tatras. Fans of extreme winter sports choose places with the opportunity to go freeride and freestyle. For the latter, there should be special tracks with artificial obstacles and difficult terrain.

GK Smokovets

This is the oldest and largest ski resort in Slovakia, located in the Lower Tatras. It was formed after the unification of several villages with the same name. Located 10 km from Poprad-Tatry airport. Nearby there are tourist centers Strbske Pleso, Tatranska Lomnica, which can be reached by rail.

  • The season starts in December and ends in April.
  • The altitude of the slopes is 800-1480 m.
  • The number of slopes is 7.
  • The total length of the slopes is 7 km.
  • There are 13 lifts in operation - 11 drag lifts, 1 funicular and a baby lift.
  • The Horna Luka slalom track has been made for experienced athletes.

On the territory of the recreation center Novy Smokovets, some of the slopes are illuminated at night. Snow cannons are also working there. There are cross-country ski trails, they pass through the forests and protected areas of the region. The hotels have spa salons and gyms. You can order a sauna or bath.

Active recreation at ski resorts is popular. There are many people for whom clean and fresh air, coupled with physical activity, is very important. These are the people who fill the mountain slopes in ski resorts around the world. There are enough mountains in Russia, but this time I will describe foreign ski resorts.

Winter activities that are offered at ski resorts are, of course, skiing, snowboarding and even sledging. For beginners, there are usually schools or professional instructors who can help them learn the science of controlling their body as it rushes down the slippery surface.

Ski holidays are usually associated with the winter season and the places where you can go are known to fans. But it's always nice to be able to compare. This article systematizes information that can be useful both for experienced ski lovers who are looking for new places, and for those who have never been to a ski resort.

It is worth noting that when planning a trip to a ski resort, everyone has their own list of wishes and criteria that must be met by their vacation. Thus, as I read this article, you can decide which country is better to go to and which ski resort to choose.

So, today the most popular and noteworthy foreign ski resorts are located in the following countries: Australia, France, Italy, Finland, Andorra, Switzerland and Turkey.

Ski Resorts in Austria

Alpine mountains occupy most of this country, with most of Austria's ski resorts concentrated in alpine villages. The highest mountain in the Austrian Alps is Mount Großglockner, in the area of ​​which there is an excursion panoramic alpine road with picturesque surroundings.

Austrian ski resorts are very diverse. Among them are the most famous and expensive:

  • - Leh (members of royal families rest here),
  • - Sant Anton,

It is also worth noting that the Austrian ski resorts are great for beginners, as there are many ski slopes with medium altitude.

Among the main criteria for ski resorts in Austria are the following: • availability of slopes of any difficulty for any category of skiers; • availability of tracks for snowboarders; • excellent hearty Austrian cuisine; • culture and service are always at a high level; • skiing can be combined with a trip to the thermal spa pools; • a number of resorts offer an excellent entertainment club program that will appeal to those who like to have fun until the morning; • loose clothing, no dress code in any establishments.

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