Event tourism is a type of modern recreation

Event tourism: top 5 autumn festivals in Europe

At the end of the 20th century, a new direction appeared in the tourism industry, associated with trips to another region for major celebrations or unusual natural phenomena. Event tourism is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to the vivid impressions of participating in massive and spectacular shows.

Features of event tourism

The culture of every nation is rich in memorable dates, historical events that are celebrated on a colossal scale, for example, the Venetian carnival or music festivals. Such events can be used to create a significant tourist site. It is often created artificially, using local traditions, sports achievements or unique crafts. The classification of event tourism is based on the characteristics of the events that became the reason for visiting the region:

  • celebrations related to the culture of the country - various festivals or religious holidays;
  • major political events at the state level - official meetings, visits of officials;
  • educational or scientific events - symposia, conferences;
  • significant events in the art world - exhibitions, fairs, fashion shows, concerts;
  • sports competitions - Olympiads, football championships ...

The value of tourism

Event tourism plays an important role in the life of the region:

  • this increases its attractiveness and helps to attract external investment;
  • contributes to the revival and preservation of local traditions and crafts, the creation of new jobs;
  • revives the district's economy;
  • creates a positive image of the territory on an international scale;
  • promotes the active development of the infrastructure of the settlement;
  • fosters a sense of pride and patriotism for their land;
  • joint participation in social events contributes to the process of integration of different cultures.


Event tourism is one of the most effective tools to revitalize the territory, a prime example is the Brazilian carnival. It is the largest and most colorful holiday in which every resident of the country takes part. He combined the traditions of European colonialists, the laws of the Catholic Church, the customs of local Indian tribes and the dance rhythms of African peoples. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is not only an amazing riot of colors and thousands of tourists, but also a significant source of income for the country.

Venice is another popular destination for event tourism. The history of carnivals began in Italy, and the very first of them is considered Venetian, its origins go back to the traditions of paganism. The main attributes of the holiday are costumes and masks. They are designed to hide social inequality during the period of celebration.

The Venetian mask is a real work of art. It is made by hand, decorated with precious metals and expensive fabrics. For almost two weeks, processions and theatrical performances, masquerade balls and bright fireworks are held on the streets of Venice. The festival is attended by up to half a million tourists who specially come to the carnival.


Festival event tourism is chosen mainly by music lovers. The Ultra electronic music festival is held annually in the United States. A small musical event, organized at the end of the last century, today attracts more than 300 thousand spectators.

We appeal to everyone who loves to take everything from travel. Sightseeing, gastronomic experiences, acquaintance with the life and culture of another country are not enough for you? Add visiting a famous event as a secret ingredient! For example, one of those that will take place this fall!


The Munich Folk Festival is the largest folk festival on the planet. The history of the holiday is more than 200 years old. On average, more than 6 million people come to Oktoberfest, who come to Bavaria specifically to taste the foamy drink in tents on the Terezin Meadow. The holiday is mistakenly considered "all-Union", while the administration of the festival traditionally only allows Munich breweries to participate. They brew a special kind of beer especially for the event - Oktoberfestbier.

The holiday has opening and closing traditions surrounding it. For example, the festival begins with a procession of beer tents and a solemn ceremony for the opening of the first barrel, and ends with a grandiose fireworks. Everything that happens between these two points remains under the canopy of the famous beer tents.

Festival of Lights

The celebration of light in the German capital dates back only to 2005, but has already become one of the brightest autumn events in Europe. It is not surprising that for a celebration where light, lasers and fireworks rule the ball, the season was chosen when frowning is a habit not only for people, but also for Mother Nature. The initiator of the festival was the burgomaster of the capital, who absolutely rightly assumed that residents and guests of the city would be delighted with the idea of ​​seeing Berlin in a new light.

No sooner said than done. Today, more than 70 historical sites of the city take part in the festival "passively": the Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz, the Pergamon Museum, as well as city streets, including the famous Unter den Linden. You can view the installations on foot, or you can use the services of a special LightLiner bus, which will take you to all sights. The 10 km marathon from the Brandenburg Gate through the historic center of Berlin becomes a worthy conclusion to the holiday.

Electronic Music Festival

Where: Amsterdam, Holland

The largest electronic music festival on the planet has chosen an excellent headquarters in the form of the capital of Holland. If in the spring everyone goes to the Netherlands for tulips, then in the fall the harvest is harvested by David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix and a number of other outstanding electronics engineers, who take turns headlining the event.

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is a 24/7 music platform with incredible events in 160 different venues. More than 2,500 artists participate in ADE. The organizers immediately warn that it is impossible to attend all the events within the framework of the holiday, so it is better to choose in advance the events, without visiting which you will not leave Amsterdam. Events take place both day and night. The most convenient option is to purchase one of the Passes and plunge into the world of the sounds of selected electronics carefree.

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