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Insufficient promotion of the direction and the high cost of air travel are the main reasons that, according to Russian tour operators, hinder the growth of demand for tours to Uzbekistan. “Vestnik ATOR” understood the prospects for Uzbekistan in the Russian market.


According to the assessment of the tour operator community, the demand for this destination is niche, but quite stable. The bad news is that there is no positive dynamics here - this year Uzbekistan is selling no better than last year. The most popular seasons for visiting Uzbekistan are autumn and spring, as the weather in the country is very hot from May to September.

“As a rule, people go to the country for sightseeing in the format of an excursion tour. For the period of the May holidays, the demand for Uzbekistan did not grow, the main volume of bookings falls on September - October, ”the press service of the National Tour Operator Alean said.

According to Dmitry Sharov, general director of the multitour tour operator, the specifics of tours in Uzbekistan are such that April is best sold - from the beginning to the end of the month. He also explains why the May arrivals are generally a failure - that during this period, air fares are growing. The seasonality data of Dmitry Sharov is also confirmed by BSIGroup - this year the company sold best in March and April, the May holidays showed no growth.

According to the head of the department of domestic tourism and CIS countries of the BSI Group tour operator Ekaterina Medovikova, the low popularity of Uzbekistan among tourists is primarily due to the insufficient promotion of this direction as a tourist destination. Many Russian tourists have a stereotype that there are no conditions for high-quality and comfortable rest in Uzbekistan. “Another important problem is the lack of inexpensive air transportation in the direction. The average cost of a flight on the Moscow-Tashkent route is 20-25 thousand rubles per person, ”she explains.

BSIGroup says that today the tourism industry of Uzbekistan receives a lot of support from the state, so it is much more profitable to travel to this country as part of tourist groups. Savings on accommodation and transport services can be up to 30-40%.


Russians travel to Uzbekistan mainly on sightseeing tours. Other forms of recreation in this country, including combined tours, are in little demand.

“Individual tours with sightseeing of the main attractions are mostly in demand, combined or active tours are in little demand. The most popular among tourists are excursion programs around the ancient cities of the country: Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, ”said representatives of the National Tour Operator ALEAN.

Dmitry Sharov from Multitour agrees with his colleagues, adding that in addition to ancient cities, tourists are very interested in local flavor in the form of national dishes. “You can not only taste them here, but also cook them yourself - for example, on our Eastern Dastarkhan tour,” says Mr. Sharov.

Prospects of Uzbekistan as a tourist destination in Russia

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+ degree of heat: Uzhydromet told about the weather at the end of the week

In the middle of last year, the International University of Tourism "Silk Road" was established in Samarkand. How does the new university live? What changes have occurred here over the past six months? What's new expected in the coming year? With these questions, the NUZ correspondent. Z in Samarkand turned to and. ... Rector of the University Bakhodir Turaev. The initiative to open the International University of Tourism "Silk Road" in Samarkand was put forward by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on June 10, 2018 at the SCO summit in Qingdao (China). Two and a half weeks later, on June 28, the head of our state signed a decree on the opening of the university. According to the document, educational and methodological guidance and the conduct of the educational process at the university were transferred to the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the Development of Tourism.

According to B. Uraev, at the moment the University has a Faculty of Tourism Management, which enrolls 134 students in nine areas. These are tourism (by areas of activity), marketing in the field of tourism, hotel business, restaurant business, etc. Training is conducted in Uzbek, Russian and English. Two foreign languages ​​will be taught in the undergraduate program: the first is English (French, German), the second is one of the official languages ​​of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Russian, Chinese).

“What did the first admission to the Faculty of Tourism Management show? What areas were the most in demand? What was the competition, i.e. how many people applied for one place? ”I ask my interlocutor. According to him, for groups with the Uzbek language of instruction, the competition ranged from 11.5 to 15.2 people per seat. The highest competition (15.2) was registered in the direction of "Tourism", the lower limit of the competition (11.5 people per seat) - in the direction of "Marketing in the field of tourism". In groups with Russian as the language of instruction, a slightly different picture was noted: the competition for one place ranged from 5.7 ("Restaurant business") to 9.14 people ("Hotel business").

"The analysis of the given figures shows that all areas of education of the new university are interesting and in demand among applicants, and many want to get promising specialties," said B. Uraev.

In a short period of time, the university has established relations with foreign universities and is constantly expanding its international relations. Speaking of this, and. Rector emphasized the following: “At the moment, our university has partnerships with many specialized higher educational institutions in Russia, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, France and a number of other countries. We signed a bilateral agreement with the Sahid Polytechnic School in Jakarta and the Sahid Institute of Tourism in Surakarta (Indonesia) with the issuance of double diplomas. " It is necessary to name one more success of the young university in the international arena. The university received a grant from the British Council. The project is designed for five years and its goal is to teach and develop creative thinking in students, improve English language skills, develop the necessary skills for entrepreneurship, as well as promote academic cooperation between universities and scientific institutions in the field of tourism.

With B. Uraev we talked about the near future of the university. Already this year, the quota for admission of students to the bachelor's degree program will increase and the master's degree program will open. In the 2019-2020 academic years, the university plans to accept 400 students, 100 of whom, after a year of study, will continue their studies abroad. It is planned to admit 80 people to the magistracy, of which 20 will continue their studies at universities in foreign countries.

Doctoral studies and a center for advanced training of faculty and staff will operate at the university.

This year, the university will open a branch of the Paris Academy of the Pantheon-Sorbonne University and the UNESCO Chair "Cultural Tourism".

Currently, the university does not study foreign students, and in the 2019-2020 academic years, the university plans to accept 60 foreign students from the SCO countries. If applicants - citizens of Uzbekistan will take tests, then foreign citizens are admitted to bachelor's degree after passing an interview outside the established admission quotas only on a paid-contract basis.

First-hand news

ⓘ Tourism in Uzbekistan

The sphere of tourism interests in Uzbekistan includes both active recreation and sports tourism, such as rock climbing and skiing, and travel for educational purposes, where the object of knowledge is the rich archaeological and religious history of this country.

The number of tourists coming to Uzbekistan annually is growing: in 2005, the number of tourists visiting Uzbekistan amounted to 240 thousand people from 117 countries of the world, and in 2017, more than 2. million tourists visited Uzbekistan. The number of tourists in 2018 amounted to 5. million, of which 5 million from the CIS countries, 325 thousand from far abroad.

The International Tourism Fair is held in Uzbekistan every autumn.

The share of tourists who entered the Republic of Uzbekistan for tourism in 2006, 2007 is 9% of the total number of those who entered. In 2007, 27,264 more people entered Uzbekistan for tourism purposes than in 2006, 66% more. 80% of those who entered are citizens of the CIS 726669 people, and 20% are citizens of other foreign countries. The share of those who entered for tourism in the context of states is different - 72% of tourists are citizens of foreign countries, and 28% are citizens of the CIS countries.

According to the Statistical Internet Survey, conducted from May 7 to August 7, 2008, the majority of respondents - 39%, visit the country because of their interest in its historical and architectural sights. Another group - 24% visit Uzbekistan to get acquainted with the culture, traditions and way of life. Thus, most tourists want to visit: historical sites, monuments, museums and art galleries, ancient buildings and structures, as well as parks, national festivals and other cultural events.

The Office of the World Tourism Organization WTO was opened in Samarkand in 2004. This office is designed to coordinate the efforts of international organizations and national tourism organizations of countries located on the Great Silk Road.

According to the US Department of State, Uzbekistan is in the group of safe countries for tourism, in which usual precautions should be taken.

At the beginning of 2015, 1,036 local businesses were licensed for tourism activities, of which 559 are tour operators and 477 are hotel businesses.

Climate Advantages of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has peculiar climatic conditions in comparison with other countries of Central Asia. If we take Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, as a starting point, then 808 km northeast of Tashkent, in the former capital of Kazakhstan Alma-Ata, the average annual temperature is 5 - 8 degrees lower. At the same time, 1294 km south-west of Tashkent, in the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, the average annual temperature is 8-10 degrees higher.

The temperate climate, combined with the availability of water for irrigation, makes the land of Uzbekistan fertile. Mild winters attract skiers to the Chimgan mountains near Tashkent

Sports tourism

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