Education abroad: 7 best countries and 7 promising ideas

International Tourism Management

International Tourism Management

NHTV University of Breda Vocational Education

Breda University of Applied Sciences

International Tourism Management is an interdisciplinary program covering all countries of the world, fieldwork and research. It prepares you for an international career in tourism.

The program has two specializations: International Tourism Management and Consulting. This specialization is focused on the international tourism destination. The focus is on applied research, the links between theory and (real) practice, and the context of rapid change in the international tourism landscape. The emphasis is on tourism dynamics in destinations, emerging economies, local community participation and business opportunities. International Tourism & Travel Industry As a travel and tourism industry manager, you are responsible for fine-tuning holiday and business travel to meet the wishes and needs of your clients. This specialization pays close attention to planning, purchasing, organizing, publishing and distributing travel and on-demand tours (tourists) and offers (tourist destinations) and is actively involved in the development and operations of the air travel and airport industry. You will be trained for commercial positions that require knowledge of aviation, leisure and business travel, hospitality, economics, marketing and management.

As the International Tourism Management Program prepares you for an international career, there will be many opportunities for you to gain international experience. You will participate in field trips and a field research project, you will complete six months of study abroad, and you will have the opportunity to participate in an exchange program at one of NHTV's partner universities around the world.

The normal course of this program takes four years, but for Dutch students, crash courses with a vwo diploma or a corresponding mbo diploma are possible (level 4). It may also be available to international students, depending on their previous education.

There is also an international Dutch-language tourism management program called Management toerisme.

If you follow the regular route, you will start with a year of co-introduction to tourism and development. leisure. The emphasis is on people, hospitality and experience, but it also goes for business understanding, creativity, and organizational talent. The first year is organized with four projects:

  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Imagineering

After the first year together, you make the final choice for tourism or recreation. Along with these elements, language, presentation and communication skills will be completed within the first year.

After this first year, you can specialize in the following areas:

  • International Tourism Management and Consulting (ITMC)
  • International Tourism and Travel Industry (ITTI)

Education abroad: 7 best countries and 7 promising ideas

Over the past thirty years, the number of students going to study in another country has grown fivefold. What makes about four million students leave their country every year?

The benefits are not only obvious, but also confirmed by statistics. 84% of students acquire the necessary skills for their future profession, 96% of students feel more confident, and 80% quickly adapt to the workplace. Education abroad is a global trend. And this trend is inextricably linked with the situation on the labor market. So, the most popular direction for studying in another country is business and management. They are followed by engineering, programming, sociology, and life sciences. And the efforts are not in vain. Every second employer notes that such experience is an advantage when hiring.

The absolute leader in the number of foreign students is the United States - 23% of the total number of students. 35% of students choose European countries. Also in the top countries are Australia, Germany and Canada.

Study Abroad: UK

Among European countries, the most popular is studying in the UK. Every fourth student who goes to study in Europe comes here. Once again, there is no need to talk about the prestige of British education. Take only the fact that in the top ten of the ranking of the best universities in the world, four places are occupied by universities in the United Kingdom.

True, educational institutions in Great Britain are known not only for the quality of education, but also for the high cost of training. Especially undemocratic prices will seem to a foreign student. If for a citizen of the Kingdom a year of study will cost about 9 thousand pounds, then a student from another country - from 15. Another problem may be finding a job after graduation, if the student plans to stay in the country. You should think about this already during your studies; internship would be a good option. For example, Jersey Graduate School of Business students have the opportunity to take a paid internship with job prospects. It is a British offshore zone in the strait between France and England. Offshore education is gaining popularity and attracts students with relatively low tuition fees. So, a year at the Graduate School of Business costs about 12 thousand pounds.

Of course, when choosing a university, you should be guided by the percentage of students who found a job after graduation. According to this indicator, the University of Aberdeen in Scotland is among the five best universities in the UK. Education in the oil and gas industry is especially attractive for foreign students. Aberdeen, the oil capital of Europe, is home to the head offices and subsidiaries of multinational energy companies who are ready to take students for practical training. The cost of a year of study at the University of Aberdeen is 17.8 thousand pounds.

To enter and study in British universities, you need a high level of English - IELTS 6-6.5. Also, due to the differences in the education systems of Russia and the UK, the student will definitely need:

  • pass the British equivalent of the Unified State Exam A-levels
  • or take a one-year Foundation University preparation course.

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