Economy and management of the tourism industry

The specifics of work in the field of tourism

Professions in the tourism industry are in demand in the labor market. Industry experts help to choose a destination in accordance with customer requests, book hotel rooms, air tickets. When answering the question, tourism, what kind of profession it is, you need to know about specializations (guide-translator, manager, guide, administrator, animator).

Industry Specialization

An employee in this line of business has many related responsibilities. There are universal specialists who organize a tourist's vacation from start to finish, but in most cases, travel agencies divide the types of activities into different areas according to the way of doing the work - managers for working with clients, booking air and railway tickets, issuing visas, insurance, the organization of tourism in the business sector and many other branches.

In general, the job responsibilities of a Tourism Manager are numerous. Among them are:

  • Formation of the customer base.
  • Possession of information about tourist routes, hotels, the ability to correctly inform.
  • Reservation of hotel rooms.
  • Organization of the route plan in accordance with the wishes of the client.
  • Assistance in preparing the required documents for a pass to another country.
  • Dispute resolution.

Thus, to be an employee in the field of tourism means to understand legal issues, to know the mechanism of the hotel business, geography, the level of service in a particular hotel.

Peoples 'Friendship University of Russia - Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (South-West Administrative District)

RUDN University received 5 stars of the QS Stars rating in 5 categories: quality of education, internationalization, infrastructure, innovation and social environment. The complex state of the University is rated as "4 stars".

The Bachelor's program "Hospitality" and "Tourism" is aimed at those who want to gain practical professional knowledge in the field of organizing and running the hotel business and tourism.

The advantage of training is a practice-oriented approach. From the first year, students get acquainted with the specifics of work in the hotel business and tourism, solve professional problems in the course of interactive training, research design, and industrial practice.

Students study basic fundamental and applied professional disciplines:

Within the framework of the specialty "Economics and Management of the Tourism Industry", the training of economists-managers in the field of tourism is carried out. This specialty has several specializations, such as:

  • "Economics and management of tourism activities"
  • "Economics and management of hotels and restaurants"
  • "Economics and management of health resorts and health organizations "

The passing scores of the entrance examinations established last year can be seen here.

Detailed information about the specialty "Economics and Management of the Tourism Industry" is presented in the presentation:

The curriculum provides for the study of such disciplines as:

  • Tourism Industry Economics,
  • Tourism Industry Management,
  • Advertising and Public Relations in the Tourism Industry,
  • Organization of hotel and restaurant activities,
  • Animation and leisure activities and services in the tourism industry.

  • economic theory,
  • macroeconomics,
  • microeconomics,
  • statistics,
  • finance and financial market.

Graduates are focused on work in the field of economics and management of tourism organizations (travel agencies, travel agencies), the hospitality industry (mainly chain and independent hotels of various levels and scales and their structural divisions), medical and health organizations (mainly sanatoriums, health centers, recreation centers, wellness and spa centers), as well as to start your own business.

In the learning process, students acquire knowledge in disciplines that reveal the essence of the travel industry, the principles of its functioning, in stages they comprehend the mechanism, from simpler technological processes to management and economics. Much attention is paid to language training, which distinguishes graduates in the labor market.

Business and friendly ties with foreign partners, along with a high level of training of specialists, recognition of the diploma issued in this specialty in many countries enable the best students and teachers to undergo international internships during their studies or continue it abroad.

Over the years of the existence of this specialty, more than 10 thousand graduates. Many of them currently occupy various posts in the tourism department of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus, the National Agency for Tourism, Regional Offices, leading organizations of the tourism industry and the hospitality industry.

Who suits?

First of all, work in the field of tourism is suitable for those people who themselves love to travel and relax with comfort. They must be sociable, inquisitive, have a craving for the knowledge of the new. A specialist in the field of tourism should own a large number of information, be able to integrally convey it to the client. In addition, languages ​​are important.

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