Cyprus: lots of sun, lots of sea, lots of history

Cyprus: lots of sun, lots of sea, lots of history

The Cypriot authorities intend to attract more Ukrainian tourists in the coming holiday season. To this end, a three-day tourism conference starts in Paphos. The head of the regional tourist council of Paphos, Nasos Hajigeorgiou, said that the joint Ukrainian-Cypriot event was organized at the initiative of Ukrainian tour operators in collaboration with Attica holidays Cyprus, which operates in Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Jordan and Armenia.

The development of tourism and the expansion of international relations cannot fail to benefit both the Cypriot economy and investors participating in the economic citizenship program, because the growing interest of foreigners in the island is the main guarantee of payback and profitability of your investments. This is especially true for investment in real estate, including tourism infrastructure and real business. Moreover, being a service-oriented state, Cyprus needs a constant influx of "overseas" money, which regularly comes from travelers from different parts of the world.

Hajigeorgiou believes that holding a joint conference will give Ukrainian tour operators a chance to see firsthand all the advantages of Cyprus and find out what Paphos has to offer overseas travelers. Within the framework of the event, in addition to the official part, a number of excursions to the most developed districts and cultural attractions of the city were organized. The seminar will be supported by the Cyprus Tourism Organization and representatives of the hotel business, where Ukrainian tour operators will be able to meet with their island industry partners.

Attracting Ukrainian tourists to Cyprus - long-term prospects for cooperation between countries

According to Hajigeorgiou, the Ukrainian tourism segment is very important for Cyprus, along with other countries. In 2016, the island's government intends to expand its target markets not only in traditional countries for the country, such as Great Britain, Russia and Israel, but also in other countries of the world. Over the past 10 years, the number of Ukrainian tourists on the island is gradually going up. The main task of the government is not only to keep the emerging influx of foreigners, but also to provide as much information as possible about the island to both tourists and businessmen.

Hajigeorgiu also plans to launch a number of direct flights from Ukraine to Cyprus. The overwhelming majority of such flights will take place in the summer. According to the Cyprus Tourism Organization, in 2015 the influx of tourists from Ukraine increased by 23%. The total number of Ukrainian travelers who visited the country amounted to more than 51 thousand people. In such conditions, the determining factors are not only the improvement of the entertainment and tourist infrastructure, but also the establishment of relations with representatives of other states.

In terms of the overall health of the industry, revenue from the tourism sector has been steadily increasing. In November 2015 alone, the total number of foreigners visiting the island increased by 26% compared to the same period in 2014. The growing popularity of the island brought the country's budget an additional 81.9 million euros. Moreover, revenues from the tourism sector between January and November increased by 4% compared to the previous season and already exceeded the 2.1 billion euro mark. These trends indicate the return of Cyprus to its status as one of the world's best resorts. Under these conditions, obtaining a second passport through investment in tourist real estate is an ideal opportunity to acquire not only resort real estate and EU citizenship, but also a stable source of income.

According to the British authorities, the possibilities of Cyprus are growing infinitely

Despite the opening of new markets, Cyprus pays a lot of attention to its traditional "visitors", the largest of which is the UK. At a recent conference of hotel workers, the commercial director of one of the most important British tour operators, Uli Sperl, Thomas Cook, said that he plans to attract more than 250 thousand British people to the island in 2016. Noting that although the prospects are quite attractive, the Cypriots still need to strive for more.

Cook stressed that although Cyprus is one of the key island destinations, in the past 2015, the British more often preferred Spain and Portugal. The efforts of the island officials are bearing fruit, and the data provided by the Cyprus Tourism Organization confirms this fact, but this is still not enough for discerning European tourists. Another problem on the way to the development of island tourism is the still unresolved issue of relations between the island and Turkey. Naturally, negotiations on the reunification of the Greek and Turkish parts of the island are already in full swing, but the remaining uncertainty is unambiguous and does not play into the hands of the Cypriots. Despite this fact, Thomas Cook intends to attract about 254 thousand foreigners to the island this year and 264 thousand next year, which will be 19% more than in 2013-2014. According to historical data, half of Uli Sperl's customers come from the UK, 25% from the Scandinavian countries and 25% from Central Europe. Of these, about 80% enter the country through the airport in Larnaca, the rest - in Paphos.

The advantages of the tourism component of Cyprus

Cyprus and Ukraine forge relations in the field of international tourism

The Council of Ministers of Cyprus on December 3 approved an amended action plan for the gradual opening of the country to foreign tourists. The Russian office of the Ministry of Tourism of Cyprus commented on the innovations. It is assumed that tourists from Russia will be able to return to Cyprus in March 2021.


Today, December 3, the Council of Ministers of Cyprus approved a draft prepared by an interdepartmental committee and aimed at changing the classification categories of states depending on the epidemiological situation. So, at the moment, the countries are divided into three categories A, B, C. Russia belongs to category C and is not included in the list of countries whose tourists can visit Cyprus.

But the new rules change the situation. In accordance with the plan approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Government of Cyprus, the countries of the world will be divided into four categories, each of which will be assigned its own color. There are four colors - green, orange, red and gray.

Passengers from the green list (all EU countries are included) will be able to fly to Cyprus (Limassol and Paphos airports) without coronavirus tests. Tourists from the countries of the "orange" group, which will include the countries of the European economic zone, including the UK and Switzerland, will need to present a certificate with a negative PCR test made within 72 hours prior to boarding before boarding.

It is assumed that Russia, together with Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, will be ranked in the "red" category. Tourists from these countries will need to pass two coronavirus tests: one before departure, and the second upon arrival.

All countries that did not fall into the first three categories were included in the "gray" category. Only Cypriots themselves, foreigners with a residence permit on the island, as well as holders of special permits are allowed to enter Cyprus. Upon arrival in Cyprus from the "gray" zone, you will need to go to a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Tourists who will be vaccinated with an EU-certified vaccine will be able to fly to Cyprus without tests. You will need to present a certificate of vaccination. This rule applies to tourists from any category of countries.


As for Russian tourists, as Maria Mikhailova, marketing manager of the Russian representative office of the Ministry of Tourism of Cyprus, explained to Vestnik ATOR, the first PCR test for COVID-19 will need to be done in Russia no later than 72 hours before departure.

Cyprus is interested in attracting tourists from Ukraine to create long-term business and political relationships.

Millions of people annually visit Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, which attracts not only with its mild climate and white beaches, almost all of which are marked with the blue flag of purity, but also rich in history and culture.

Due to its geographical location, throughout its history, the island was passed from hand to hand many times, was under the control of various rulers. After the fall of the Roman Empire, of which Cyprus was a peripheral part from the beginning of the millennium, the island did not lose its identity, it became part of the emerging Eastern Roman Empire until it was conquered by Richard the Lionheart.

An eventful past has made Cyprus a great cultural destination, and the azure sea is a welcome addition. There is a great variety of hotels on the island from the simplest and most budgetary to luxurious: everyone can choose according to their taste and budget.


Located in the northwestern part of Cyprus, the Polis resort is literally immersed in greenery and magnificent virgin nature can surprise the imagination of even an experienced traveler. But lovers of cultural recreation will also have something to do here: Polis stands on the site of ancient Marium, so there is no shortage of sights and historical buildings: you can visit many Orthodox churches, monasteries and museums.

The city is ideal for adherents of a calm, peaceful holiday away from the hustle and bustle of popular tourist cities. Deserted and secluded beaches, indented by picturesque bays, sprawling almond groves and tobacco plantations will make your vacation truly unforgettable.


The development of tourism in Limassol began after 1974, when Famagusta and Kyrenia, the main resorts of Cyprus, were occupied as a result of the Turkish invasion, after which they became part of the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. There are many convenient beaches in Limassol, among the most popular are in the Dasoudi area.

Outlets, markets and shops are gathered in the city center and in the tourist area along the coast, which starts from the old harbor and ends in the Amathus area. Most hotels, restaurants, pastry shops, discos and entertainment venues in general are located in this area.

One of the main attractions of the island is the Limassol Castle, erected by the Ottoman Turks on the site of the destroyed Byzantine fortress, in which King Richard himself married his bride.

In recent years, Limassol has experienced a construction boom fueled by the tourism sector and increased foreign investment. Community projects such as the reconstruction of the city's waterfront have improved the quality of life for the people and enhanced the city's tourist image.

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa boasts some of the most popular beaches in the world. The resort has 26 beaches, of which 14 have been awarded the blue flag, more than any Cyprus resort. All of them are distinguished by the crystal clear waters of the blue lagoon and sandy beaches.

The trip to Cyprus was not planned by us as usual! The tour was purchased from Transaero (unfortunately, it ceased to exist) at a bargain price. We visited Cyprus more than 5 years ago, I am writing the article from memory, but specific numbers and routes have been rechecked and are relevant today.

A visit to this country took place in mid-August, I will tell you - not the best time, very hot, during the day the temperature went over 35, and it was quite difficult to walk around the surroundings and attractions. Cyprus is not so green and with lush vegetation, sometimes there is not even a tree nearby to take a break from the scorching sun on the way. Therefore, plan your trip in any months other than July and August.

But if you love the sea, then you have a direct road to Cyprus, regardless of the season. The Mediterranean Sea is simply extraordinary here, it does not heat up to 28-30 degrees, moderately cool, invigorating, very beautiful and always calm. The water is as clear as a tear. The color of the sea changes from light blue to dark emerald. I fell in love with him at first sight. This pleasure simply overshadowed both the heat and the scorching sun. I plunged headlong into summer!

The review article was not written by accident by me. After reading it, you will understand the flavor of the country, the character of its citizens and will be able to plan your trip with maximum efficiency! For descriptions of excursions and my personal experience of traveling in Cyprus, read the article Excursions in Cyprus from Protaras.

Capital of Cyprus: Nicosia.

Administrative division: 6 districts or dioceses.

Population: over 1.1 million inhabitants.

Main languages: Greek and Turkish, almost all residents speak English.

Main religion: Orthodoxy.

Currency: Euro.

Cyprus has sunny weather for most of the year. This is the southernmost point in Europe, where the beach season lasts for eight whole months. To the question: travel to Cyprus: what tourists need to know, the answer will be the recommendations provided by this article.

Geography and history of the island

Cyprus is called “the island of Aphrodite”. According to legend, Aphrodite came ashore in this sunny Mediterranean region. The island itself captivates the imagination with rocky shores, sandy beaches and low mountain ranges. But tourists visit the country not only for the sake of relaxing on the coast. They want to get acquainted with the history of Cyprus and see the preserved ancient sights.

This island is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sicily and Sardinia. Nowadays, Greeks, Turks and European citizens live here, who were conquered by the beauty of the island and the mild climate.

Cyprus has a predominantly mountainous landscape. The highest mountain range (Troodos) is in the western part. Its main peak rises to 1,953 meters. Along the northeastern coastline is another mountain range - Kyrenia, with the top of Arkomada, 1 025 m high.

After the last military conflict, Cyprus was divided into two parts. Prior to that, he managed to visit the Ottoman, British and Byzantine empires. Persians, Romans, Egyptians, Turks and Assyrians tried to conquer it. Currently, the island is popular with tourists who prefer to relax in the southern region, which is warmer and more developed.


The island has a warm subtropical climate. In summer, the weather is hot and dry. The highest temperature rises to + 38 ° С. In winter, which lasts 3 months, the degrees drop to +14.

In the mountains, winter temperatures are 4-7 degrees below zero, and there is snow on the tops of the mountains.

The sea water does not cool below + 14 ° С. In spring it warms up to + 20 ° С, and in summer - up to + 25 ° С.

The peak tourist season is in July and August. These are the hottest months and all hotels are 100% full. In September and October, there are still a lot of tourists on the beaches, as the sea is still warm and the weather is sunny.

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