Conscious tourism: The main travel trends of 2020 are named

Trends that will dominate the travel market in 2020 have been identified

We remember big and small changes that we wrote about all year. Many of them will stay with us for a long time.

"Whatever happens today, people will still travel in the future!" - the experts speak with one voice And then they add: “Just what kind of travel it will be - no one knows yet”

We recall the big and small changes that we have been writing about all year. Many of them will stay with us for a long time.

Flexible sales and soft opt-out

With the sky opening and closing, the most far-sighted sellers have begun to learn to be flexible. To appeal to the scared shopper of endless cancellations, they offer last-minute cancellation or reschedule options at no additional cost.

American airlines, United and Delta, for example, have canceled their flight date change fees (with United abolishing the fees forever). Before the pandemic, it sometimes cost up to $ 200 to outbid an economy class ticket the next day.

Hotels do the same. For example, Four Seasons no longer charges a date change or full cancellation fee (no later than 24 hours). And the British tour operator Exodus Travels offers its clients travel without a fixed date. Clients buy a tour and go on it when it becomes technically possible. If the "window" does not coincide with their plans, they can choose other dates or directions or postpone the trip and wait for a more convenient time.

Private aviation is no longer a luxury

The pandemic has brought another new trend: private aviation has ceased to be a service for millionaires. After the conventional commercial aviation ceased to function normally, private jets began to be discovered by the middle class.

A resident of British Liverpool named John took his family to Spain on vacation with an EasyJet low-cost airline this summer, and they had to return by private jet for £ 10,000. According to him, he even liked it.

Many people began to book joint flights: for 6-8 people it is not so expensive, and the risk of getting infected on such a trip is much lower than during a regular flight.

2020 has been a very successful year for private jet operators, with some even reporting a record number of new customers.

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Should we expect new bankruptcies and what should they be guided by for those who want to stay on the market?

Edited by Profi. ravel found out from experts what global trends will have a significant impact on the development of tourism in Russia in the new year.

The new generation dictates its terms

Taras Demura, General Director of TUI Russia

I would highlight the trend of generational change, and as a result, the needs of our clients. The reshaping of the prevailing standards for the interests of millennials and Gen Z did not bypass the tourism market. Young people consider travel as one of the strongest experiences and appreciate the high level of service and quality of service. However, these buyers are no longer ready to save up a whole year for one summer vacation - they prefer to make several trips during the same time with a comparable level of quality, but at a more affordable price. The organized tourism market, in turn, is beginning to adapt to the needs of a young solvent population and offers flights by low-cost airlines, new hotel concepts at the intersection of star criteria, etc.

The development of information technologies, the ability to collect and analyze large amounts of data will help the market in creating new demanded client services. Using the information received from tourists, companies will be able to anticipate their desires in order to stand out from the competition. To do this, they will have to create their own services and invest in promising startups.

Size doesn't matter anymore

Konstantin Puchkov, General Director of Cruise House MK

In 2020, the industry will continue to transform towards full-fledged online. This is confirmed by the withdrawal from the market of some large companies due to the unviability of the old business model. Thomas Cook is neither the last nor the only one on this list.

It is obvious that today the size of the business is of secondary importance, and is no longer an advantage of the tour operator, but rather a diffusion of resources. Now the client wants personalization, precision, speed and useful information. The trend of introducing smart technologies will become more and more in demand among the consumer every year. Business will have no choice but to adapt to it: those who cannot meet the interests of customers will leave the market. In the end, the winners will be those who have a system capable of assembling a multicomponent tour of any complexity in less than a minute.

The expansion of travel giants like Google and Amazon will continue. However, I don't think they will waste resources on inventing America. Rather, they will take existing best developments and integrate them into their platforms for additional profit. Some people think that over time such companies will dominate the market, but I doubt it. I think that lawmakers in every country will not sit back and watch services like Booking. om capture the market. Already now, as you can see, they are having a hard time even in Russia.

I took up a healthy lifestyle - don't say you're worthless!

Authoritative Big Seven Travel Travel Guide Highlights Top Travel Trends for 2020

Solo travel

Although individual tourism has always been popular, nevertheless, every year this type of travel becomes easier and more accessible thanks to numerous mobile applications and communities.

Political Tourism

Politics has a huge impact on tourist flows. One of the most striking examples is the ban on US citizens from visiting Hong Kong during the protests that swept the country in 2019, when the number of US tourists fell by 39% compared to the previous year.

Mindful travel

The fight against global climate change for millions of people, inspired by the actions of 17-year-old eco-activist Greta Thunberg, has become an important factor in travel planning. The largest share of CO2 emissions comes from aircraft, trains and cars. And since the struggle to preserve the environment is led by the younger generation, their refusal to travel long distances will soon affect tourist flows.

Select another city

Many famous cities suffer from an excessive influx of tourists, therefore they impose restrictions and taxes on visits. According to Booking. om many travelers began to choose visits to less advertised, but no less interesting cities. For example, instead of Paris they visit Nantes, instead of Venice - Perugia.

Transformational Journeys

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