Communication abroad: tourist SIM cards, roaming and wi-fi

Communication abroad: tourist SIM cards, roaming and wi-fi

In tourism over the past decades, there have been major changes associated with the development of scientific and technological progress. These are various information technologies that are related to the processing and transmission of information.

Multimedia technologies

These include various directories and directories. In them you can find detailed data on countries, routes, hotels. Also, the catalogs provide information on the rules of behavior in extreme situations and the correct paperwork. Clients get the opportunity to plan a tour, taking into account prices, discounts, season, transport.

Another modern information technology in tourism is virtual travel and excursions. Viewers get the opportunity to explore the sights and museums before actually visiting them. This is a viewing of a variety of moving panoramas (buildings, streets, parks, hotel rooms, museum exhibits). Also, there is a function of embedding explanatory labels and presentation dubbing.

Benefits of Multimedia Presentations:

  • efficient provision of tourism services and goods;
  • facilitating contact with the company's employees;
  • vivid memories of the company.

Electronic catalogs for tourism are actively used both in Russia and abroad. Here are some of them:

  • Air Travel Planner;
  • Flight Guide;
  • Hotel Guide.


The essence of this technology is making a purchase at home in real time. This became possible thanks to the Internet and electronic means of payment. Creation of a virtual travel agency allows expanding the geography of sales and attracting additional clientele.

Benefits of e-commerce for travel companies:

  • availability of feedback;
  • development of new channels for product implementation;
  • mobile and technological exchange of information with partners and clients;
  • reduction of time to transfer funds;
  • reduction of financial costs.

Once a friend of mine just a couple of times in Cyprus turned on the mobile Internet to get directions, and in the end paid 37,000 rubles for the connection. Is it possible, when leaving the country, to stay in touch and at the same time not be left without money? I'm talking about the pitfalls of roaming.

The main thing: whichever type of connection you choose, turn off the data roaming option before traveling - this means that while you are abroad, no application will use your mobile Internet. Also turn off automatic updates - they have the ability to download at the most inopportune moment.

There are several options for staying connected while traveling abroad: roaming from Russian operators, tourist SIM cards, Wi-Fi and local SIM cards. It all depends on the length of stay, route, specific country and the required service - Internet or calls? Let's understand in more detail.

Roaming from a Russian operator

You can activate international roaming with your telecom operator or select offers from other Russian companies. Standard rates from operators are usually high and not very interesting, while there are packages and special offers. Some options allow you to save home tariffs on trips (about 350 rubles/day), some give packages of minutes/sms and unlimited traffic for a fixed payment of 350 rubles per day. You can also find very advantageous offers, for example, the first day of the Internet in roaming is free. There is an opportunity to safely get to the place, call a taxi or use cards without paying for roaming.

Connecting home tariffs in roaming is beneficial for short trips or in countries with restrictions on the use of local SIM cards, such as Japan, or in regions with high communication rates, for example, in the United States.

Travel SIM cards

Tourist SIM cards are SIM cards with an international number that can be inserted into a phone, tablet, laptop. They are not tied to a specific mobile operator, the network is selected automatically and is immediately ready to work in a new country. The most popular cards are Dreamsim, GLOBALSIM and the oldest in Russia, Goodline. They buy cards on official websites or in communication salons.

  • The card is suitable for traveling all over the world: Dreamsim operates in 197 countries, GLOBALSIM - 200 countries, Goodline - in more than 150 countries.
  • No monthly fee, low prices for calls to Russia and within the host country, inexpensive package Internet, in most directions - free incoming calls.
  • Numbers are not blocked for a long time, one or two billed actions per year are enough.
  • Operators offer additional services. For example, GLOBALSIM has “Help Abroad” with a personal assistant. For $ 15 for 6 months + call fee, you can get help with translation from/into 50 languages ​​around the world. Imagine, you are standing in a Chinese pharmacy, they do not understand you in English, this is where the option comes in handy.

Or you can buy a Wi-Fi router from Goodline (an extremely useful thing when traveling) with the ability to distribute the Internet to 10 devices - this will cost 3490 rubles, and if you rent the same device, then at 50 rubles/day.

  • During the trip, you will have to change the number to an international one or bind a Russian number for an additional amount. For example, with “Goodline” through the “Save Russian number” option, the cost of an incoming call will increase by $ 0.15 (about 9.45 rubles)/minute to the standard tariff.

For friends and relatives, a call to your international number will be charged as international. For example, a call to a tourist SIM-card "Goodline" from Russia will cost from 4.99 rubles/minute.

Let's compare the prices of the operators.

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