Charter Spain and admissions to other destinations received by airlines

Charter Spain and admissions to other destinations received by airlines

Rosaviatsia has issued regular approvals for airlines to perform regular and charter flights to 15 foreign destinations. The geography of the declared routes includes not only the neighboring countries, but also the countries of Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean.


The Federal Air Transport Agency published on February 5 on its website an order on granting carriers permits for foreign directions. According to the agency's materials, Russian airlines have announced their readiness to fly on regular flights to 13 countries, and on charters to 2 countries.

Experts called the interest of airlines to increase the volume of transportation to the CIS countries, with which air communication has already been opened, as expected. These are Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Taking into account the expansion of the list of regional airports that are allowed to serve international flights, carriers want to fly to Kazakhstan from 10 regions (including from Kaliningrad and Sochi), to Kyrgyzstan - from 13 regions of the Russian Federation.

By the way, Kyrgyzstan has become the leader in the number of admissions to regular flights: almost two dozen of them have been issued. The frequency of flights varies from 2 to 7 times a week.

Among other open directions, Greece still looks modest: Nordwind (2 p/n) announced its intentions to fly regular flights from Rostov-on-Don to Athens and Thessaloniki.

As expected by the observers, the market was not interested in the possibility of arranging flights from the regions to Cairo. Nordwind received admission to flights from St. Petersburg to Cairo (2 p/n).

Nordwind Airlines have also been issued permits for regular flights to Denpasar from St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk (2 r/n).

The softening of conditions for entry into Jordan gave Royal Flight a reason to request admissions for regular flights from five regions to the Aqaba resort on the Red Sea (2 p/n).

Nordwind also received admissions to the closed Sanya (Hainan, China) - from 6 departure airports in Siberia, the Urals and the Far East (2 r/n).

Rossiya Airlines received admissions for regular flights to Dubai from three regions before the end of the winter schedule (3 r/n); Royal Flight is interesting in Sharjah (4 regions of departure, 2 districts).

The two largest states in Europe are ready to suspend foreign tourist trips. The British authorities want to oblige citizens to explain why they need to go abroad, and the German Chancellor proposes to create a situation in which the Germans would simply have nowhere to fly.


The British authorities have decided on measures that, in their opinion, will help contain the import of dangerous new COVID-19 mutations into the country. So, all British citizens or persons with a residence permit returning from countries with a high level of risk will be placed in a 10-day quarantine in hotels at their own expense.

Stay in 22 countries where new strains of coronavirus have appeared will become the basis for placement for forced 10-day isolation in a hotel designated by the state. These are South Africa and the neighboring countries, Portugal and the countries of South America.

Speaking in the House of Commons, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said that all travelers will be interviewed regarding the purpose of their trip abroad.

According to him, in accordance with the current protocols, “it is illegal to leave the house to travel abroad for the purpose of recreation,” therefore, in ports and airports, those traveling abroad will be asked about the reasons for their travel and urged them to return home. "Unless they have a valid reason to travel."

As Home Secretary Priti Patel added, people wishing to leave the UK will need to give written reasons why they need to travel. Going on vacation is "an unacceptable reason", she said.

To keep the British from leaving the country, a new "controlled isolation process" will be established. The details will be released by the health ministry next week. It is already known that all Britons arriving from risk countries will be met right at the airport and immediately sent to quarantine at the hotel.


In turn, Germany intends to tighten border controls to control the spread of more infectious variants of COVID-19. So, speaking at a meeting of her colleagues from the CDU party, Chancellor Angela Merkel said that it is necessary to limit air travel "to such an extent that it would no longer be possible to get anywhere."

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