Case-study method as a modern technology of professionally oriented teaching

Case: how to promote a hotel on the Russian market

A case-study is a teaching methodology that was created so that students not only learn to better understand other people, but also work with a large amount of information, study proposed business situations, analyze data and accept based on this solution.

General characteristics of the case-study method

The case-study method is based on the analysis of different situations that have developed in business or in other areas. Its value lies in the fact that course participants learn to act in a team. They analyze data and work together to develop management decisions.

Speaking about the method of situational learning, which is a case study, you need to pay attention to its ideas. The method is well suited for analyzing situations for which unambiguous answers cannot be given.

This means that after analyzing the case, the listeners can recommend several options for action. All of them will be correct, only differing in the degree of truth.

The teacher's task becomes more difficult if we compare the analysis of the case with the classical scheme of acquiring knowledge. The manager should receive not one answer, but several. Then he must assess whether the solutions proposed by the students can be applied in practice.

The focus of teaching is changing. The students themselves develop solutions, and do not receive ready-made knowledge. During the discussion, the teacher and students work closely together, they are equal.

As a result of using the method, students not only gain knowledge, but also hone their professional skills in practice.

The case study method is as follows: a situation is taken from life, the participants in the discussion develop a model. The teacher supports the discussion, guides the discussion. He asks questions and records the answers given by students.

General characteristics of the Case Study method.

The team of the communication agency CROS talks about the peculiarities of PR in the travel segment and shares its experience of working with media and bloggers on the example of promoting a premium hotel in Dubai on the Russian market.

Input data

For two years, CROS has been promoting one of Dubai's luxury hotels - Atlantis, The Palm. The legendary hotel, located on an area of ​​46 hectares, was built on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah in the Persian Gulf. The resort is very popular all over the world, including with celebrities. World stars often rest here: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Vin Diesel and others.

One of the main news events in 2019 is the renovation of the hotel's room stock and the updated service system for the Imperial Club rooms. In addition, a grandiose attraction tower is slated to open in the summer of 2020, making Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis, The Palm one of the largest water parks in the world.

Atlantis Hotel, The Palm leads in the number of photos on the Instagram social network. It was also ranked fourth in the ranking of the most photographed hotels in the world (the top three were Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Bellagio and The Venetian in Las Vegas).

Campaign Objectives

CROS is tasked with strengthening the hotel's image as one of the symbols of Dubai. Atlantis, The Palm is the perfect vacation destination for all ages, marital status and preferences, and is the city's main attraction that every traveler dreams of visiting. This is how the key message of the information campaign was formulated.

A comprehensive strategy has been developed to achieve this goal. It included cooperation with the media leading in the segment of glossy publications, the development of Russian-language accounts on Facebook and Instagram, the organization of visits by celebrities and popular bloggers, as well as the implementation of special projects in a non-standard format. Today, synergy between online and offline is important - communication in online channels affects the decision to visit an offline point.

In the travel segment, there is often a situation when the promotion product itself is not in Russia, but abroad. Therefore, there is a need for constant transformation of information. A PR manager becomes an expert on the Russian market, he must constantly adapt news feeds and "adjust" them to the Russian audience.

What has been done

More than 1000 publications about Atlantis, The Palm have been published in the Russian media and blogs. It was attended by about 180 media representatives, bloggers and celebrities. Popular guests included singer Hannah, BlackStar label producer Pasha, model Elena Kuletskaya, singer and social media star T-killah, singers Elvira-T and Anna Semenovich, as well as Maria Pogrebnyak, Ksenia Borodina and many others. Publications about the hotel were published in fashionable glossy magazines in Russia and neighboring countries: Marie Claire, Kommersant, Cosmopolitan, R Flight, Aeroflot and other publications.

A special place in the promotion is the development of the Russian-speaking social networks of the resort. For example, during the work, the number of subscribers in the Russian Instagram account @atlantisthepalm. u increased from 500 to 15,000 through systematic organic growth.

Some numbers for Atlantis, the Palm:

We continue our rubric “Cases from partners”. Our guest is Viktor Pashinsky again - he has already shared his "rake" on attempts to monetize an information site, and also spoke at our webinar. This time Victor decided to talk about how to create a useful travel resource and make money on it. The floor is given to Victor.

For some reason, all the cases from the Travelpayouts blog are devoted exclusively to sites with cheap air tickets, hotels and tours. Yes, information about discounts and promotions is a useful thing, but nevertheless, having gone to travel, I wanted to do this at all.

Preparing for the next trip to a new country for ourselves, my wife and I are sure to look through information about it on the Internet. And more often than not, nothing sensible can be found. In order to somehow remedy the situation, today I will tell you all the secrets of the development of travel sites known to me, life hacks and "rakes" that should not be stepped on.

How to create a network of travel sites with a general audience of daily views in one and a half years in your spare time and make money on it

In order not to be unfounded, I will demonstrate a couple of my favorite projects:

  • Montenegro (. n-facts. nfo /) - the site is one and a half years old. On average, 6,000 views per day, growth.
  • Bulgaria (. n-facts. nfo /) - the site is six months old. On average, 3000 views per day and rapid growth.

There are other sites, I don’t show them, not because I don’t want to "shoot", but because I would not be proud of them.

Step: Decide what kind of sites we would like to create: blog, portal or partner site

In my opinion, there are three main groups of travel sites.

A travel blog is a site with a permanent audience that is interested in the author's personality and life.

Lockdown - now people around the world are all too familiar with the meaning of this word. The huge business sector has failed to cope with the consequences of the pandemic. But how did those who survived survive? And what did those who, during the economic decline, managed to grow like never before came up with?

We studied sales cases on the AdIndex website and noticed the following trend: the abbreviation COVID is always found in the headlines of the most creative, unexpected and breakthrough cases. We decided to share with you a selection of interesting solutions, thanks to which brands of different sizes have grown more than they expected.

Case The first sci-fi novel written by Instagram posts

The brand of Baikal water BAIKAL 430 took the creation of situational content as the basis for the crisis strategy.

“What are people doing in self-isolation? Go in for sports! Sports and water are too commonplace, what else? They read a lot. "

Indeed, it is possible to quench not only physiological thirst, but also aesthetic one, penetrating into the consumer's consciousness at the most valuable, sensual and emotional level. This is how the idea for the first ever sci-fi novel written on Instagram was born. The implementation involved the synthesis of new forms, structures and images. Illustrators, 3D artists, motion designers, young writers worked on the project.

The result is a surreal, very attractive, and, most importantly, a native and frank story. The brand opened up to potential customers, and those, in turn, reached out to the brand themselves. The audience response surpassed even the forecasts of the agency responsible for the project.

Content was saved 7,143 times, repost 2,167 times.

2 110 users have subscribed to the account.

408 comments were left, of which 95% - with a positive tone and 5% with a neutral tone.

How to reduce the cost of an application by 4 times in the field of travel services by changing the landing page.

Why didn't we do it earlier - a question. Why others don't do it is a mystery. Although the answer to this question is still there.

About the client

Today we will consider a case on contextual advertising of the Mandarin travel agency.

. ours/is one of the leading travel agencies in Cherepovets. It has been operating since 2009, has 2 offices in different districts of the city, and positions itself as a travel agency. By the way, the offices are pretty nice, check it out for yourself:

The company chose the Vkontakte group to start its promotion, which is logical and inexpensive. Then a multi-page website was developed, each page of which was essentially a mini-landing page for a specific country for travel. In this case, the stake was made on SEO-promotion of the site.

A CRM system for processing requests was also connected.

Contextual advertising was set up in 2017, and later was repeatedly adjusted in accordance with the innovations of Yandex and Google.


The problem that has been on the surface during the entire time of our joint work is the high cost of the application.

Here are the statistics for June 2019 (you can call it the “current situation”):


Yandex Direct

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