Beach holidays in Vietnam

Thailand and Vietnam: where to go

In recent years, Vietnam has become one of the most popular tourist destinations among Russians. The eastern state conquers travelers with its Asian flavor, traditions and cuisine, reviews of which are found only in a positive way. Resorts of Vietnam are chosen not only by lovers of spending time on the beach, but also by supporters of outdoor activities. This country will be interesting to everyone. Unusual excursions, ancient architecture, beautiful nature, a lot of fun entertainment - all this can be enjoyed by people who decide to spend their vacation here.

Choosing a resort in Vietnam

To find the right place, you need to take into account a number of criteria that can affect the quality of your stay:

  • Climate. The south and north of Vietnam can differ significantly from each other in climatic conditions, the weather in different regions of the country at one time of the year can be both hot and rainy, what is the climate for months at each of the resorts, you need to find out in advance;
  • Hotels. In some resorts of Vietnam, tourists will be offered accommodation in bungalows or inexpensive hotel complexes, other cities boast a large number of 5-star hotels, travelers should definitely pay attention to where the hotels are located - on the coastline or far from the beach, as well as find out the prices of accommodation ;
  • Location. If international airports are located near the resort area, then tourists will be able to reach the place of rest after arrival in 20-30 minutes, otherwise they will have long journeys that can take 5-6 hours, find out in advance where the resort and hotels are located, a geographic map will help;
  • Liveliness. Tourists should be aware that in Vietnam there are both small, quiet and noisy, crowded resorts with a well-developed infrastructure, you can choose the one you like;
  • Entertainment and excursions. Some resort areas are suitable for surfing, others for scuba diving, some cities are rich in historical monuments and sights, in others there are a huge number of clubs, bars and discos, you need to prioritize in advance, listen to feedback from experienced tourists and decide what to do on vacation ...

The most visited Vietnamese resorts

For people who have not decided where it is better to relax in Vietnam, tour operators are often advised to pay attention to the rating of Vietnamese resorts, read their detailed descriptions and listen to reviews of experienced tourists. Among the most sought-after places to go on vacation are the following popular resort areas.

The Nha Trang resort (one of the largest and most developed in Vietnam) is one of the most visited places where Russian tourists go. Almost all the infrastructure here is prepared for the rest of travelers from Russia. In Russian, here you can find menus in cafes and restaurants, price tags in stores, street advertising, etc. Vacationers who decide to stay in this particular place can sunbathe on a large city beach or choose small secluded bays for themselves. Travelers will be invited to visit diving centers, a water park, Monkey Island, a mud bath and real healing springs. Both couples and avid party-goers and lovers of night club life will be able to have fun in Nha Trang.

Families with children of all ages should visit Da Nang - the most popular central resort in Vietnam, located among the picturesque mountains. Those wishing to swim in the sea will find clean sandy beaches here. Active tourists will be able to go surfing (in autumn there are the most optimal waves in terms of height for this sport, this is confirmed by both the video and the reviews of experienced travelers). Any child who comes here with their parents will be delighted with the local water park, the prices of which are low. In Da Nang, travelers will be able to visit various museums, temples, go to the Marmara Mountains and other equally interesting places. A detailed city map will help you create exciting routes and plan your vacation.

One of the quietest and most peaceful holiday destinations in Vietnam is the southern Phu Quoc Island. This is a real tropical paradise, where 90% of the territory is occupied by tropical green plants (how the island looks like, you can see the photos from the guidebooks). The tourist infrastructure is well developed here, there are many equipped beaches. Not far from the resort there is a black pepper factory and a pearl factory. Vacationers will be able to go on excursions to these places. In addition, on the island, tourists can go fishing, go with an accompanying person to the mountains or jungle. This resort has a very clear sea, so this place is perfect for diving. You can rest here 365 days a year.

The best resorts in Vietnam for a Russian tourist are those where you can hear Russian speech. The resort, consisting of the territory of the town of Phan Thiet and the village of Mui Ne, is located near Ho Chi Minh City. Reviews confirm that tourists from Russia are always welcome here. Most hotels and restaurants on Phan Thiet have Russian-speaking staff who will always help vacationers to deal with any questions that may arise and tell them where it is best to go on excursions. At this resort, tourists can play golf on large courses specially equipped for this game (a map and guidebooks will tell you where they are located), visit mineral springs and a lotus lake, look at the world famous statue of the reclining Buddha, go on boat trips.

Vietnam is considered one of the favorite destinations for Russian tourists. Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the world, flights between the countries had to be closed, so fans of the Asian direction are worried about when the Vietnamese borders and air traffic will be reopened.

Update 03. 2. 021. The Vietnamese authorities postponed the restart of international tourism due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus in the country. The government issued a decree according to which the borders of Vietnam will remain closed "until further notice." Earlier, the Vietnamese side planned to start opening borders on February 12.

Update from 16. 1. 021. From January 27, 2021, flights with Vietnam (Moscow - Hanoi, twice a week) will be resumed.

When Vietnam will be opened for Russians in a year

From January 27, 2021, Vietnam will be opened to Russians in 2021. But everyone who arrives in the country will still have to comply with quarantine measures and stay in the hotel for exactly 2 weeks, without leaving anywhere. You will have to pay for such "pleasure" out of your own pocket. A negative test will most likely be needed. So far, no documents have been reported.

According to estimates, in 2020 alone, 3 million 800 thousand people visited Vietnam - this is from January to August. In the previous year, this figure was over 12 million.

The country has suffered huge losses, so the local authorities are now first of all deciding when it will be possible to open the borders for tourists. South Korea and Japan are expected to be among the first countries. According to experts, Vietnam will be opened for Russian tourists in 2021 no earlier than March. On the positive side for the tourism industry, it is expected that hotels accepting guests in need of quarantine will receive 20% discounts on water and electricity.

Coronavirus situation in Vietnam today

Specialists are monitoring the situation.

The opening of the border is primarily associated with a decrease in the number of sick people. In January 2021, no more than 40 cases within 2 weeks per 100 thousand population.

According to old data as of November 2020:

  • The total number of people infected with COVID-19 is 1283.
  • The death rate was 35 people.
  • 124 actively infected.
  • No one is in critical condition.
  • The death rate is only 2.74%.
  • 1125 people have completely recovered from the coronavirus.

For more information, see the online charts.

Only dreams of pristine sandy beaches with emerald lagoons can push tourists on a ten-hour flight to Vietnam. This country has gained fame as a paradise embodied on earth: snow-white beaches with no end in sight, lush tropical vegetation, the sea sparkling in the sun and shimmering with all shades of turquoise and azure, a kind of cuisine that combines Chinese, Indian and even French traditions. It is not surprising that in search of a fabulous place where all dreams of a perfect vacation will come true, tourists come to Vietnam. What promises us a beach holiday in Vietnam?

Vietnam Beaches

Lovers of pebbles have nothing to offer, except that the province of Bi Thuan is the only place in the country where there are pebbles. By the way, the pebbles here are unusually colorful: blue, yellow, purple. Do you dream to conquer the sea wave? Go to Mui Ne beach, but keep in mind that this is a real Mecca for water lovers, so it is always very crowded and lively here.

Almost all Vietnamese beaches are sandy, with white and dark yellow sand and a gentle descent into the water, such beaches are perfect for families with children.

In Vietnam, there are beaches for those who prefer a hermit vacation. The secluded and quiet Kega Beach, with its lighthouse towering among giant stones, will become the place where you can be alone with yourself and your favorite book, watch the sunset or arrange a night fishing. Also worthy of mention is the famous "Chinese Beach" of Da Nang, which has been recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly beaches in the world. As if drawn along a ruler, the flat seven-kilometer coastline of this beach amazes with the vastness of snow-white, surprisingly clean and even sand.

Vietnam Resorts

The most popular resort in South Vietnam - Nha Trang - attracts with its picturesque nature: colorful coral reefs, sparkling scattering of islets, azure water surface merging with cornflower blue sky will not leave anyone indifferent.

Nha Trang has been famed for its numerous health resorts specializing in mud therapy and procedures with thermal water.

Nha Trang resorts are perfect for a beach holiday with children. The resort of Phan Thiet is widely known among fans of surfing and relaxing holidays. With superb hotels, manicured beaches lined with coconut trees, gourmet restaurants, Phan Thiet is a travel dream come true. Da Nang has established itself as one of the most developed resorts in Vietnam, there are several important commercial enterprises, the largest port of Vietnam, an international airport, as well as the best, as local residents say, the country's beach - China Beach. Lovers of secluded relaxation here, of course, have nothing to do, but those who need entertainment, discos and restaurants for a good mood will like China Beach. Another popular place for a beach holiday in Vietnam is Phu Quoc Island, the landscapes here are completely classic for Vietnamese resorts: snow-white sandy beaches with coconut trees, the sea with a dazzling glint of azure, the endless blue of the skies.

Best Beach Destinations


Thailand has a constitutional monarchy. The former King Bhumibol was greatly loved and respected. His son, King Maha Wachiralongkorn, now maintains the customs and traditions of the Thai monarchy. His coronation took place in May 2019, and was celebrated by all Thais.

The main religion in Thailand is Theravada Buddhism. Monks maintain a high status and have an important place in everyday life, from holidays to daily blessings. Young men usually become monks for about a month in order to earn the respect of their families.

Thailand is a mixture of old culture and traditions and modern western influences. Thais are tolerant of all cultures. They always try to make their work and daily life “fun” (or sanook) and have an immense passion for food. Thais never eat alone.

On the other hand, Vietnam has a sharper cultural contrast than Thailand and may be a little confusing to Western travelers. Unlike Thailand, which did not experience any major colonial influences, Vietnam faced three key countries that influenced its formation - China, France and the United States during the Indochina War, known in the west as the Vietnam War.

Centuries of Chinese occupation have had a profound historical impact on Vietnamese thinking and customs. Their traditions and beliefs have changed. The legacy of French colonialism, which has lasted six decades since the 1880s, mainly influenced the characteristic French architecture and food.

Vietnam maintains a more authentic local culture, while Thai culture tries to accommodate the large influx of tourists and investments. Vietnam is more interesting from a cultural point of view. Accordingly, it is more difficult for a foreigner to live in Vietnam (although recent polls show the opposite - ed.).

Hanoi in the north and Ho Chi Minh City in the south will bring you modern, bustling Asian metropolises with designer clothes, skyscrapers, huge economic growth, enthusiasm and smiles.

Vietnam is ruled by a one-party communist government. Thailand is ruled by a king. In both countries, the military has a lot of weight in politics.

Both countries are "stable" and are considered safe for travel and life.

Thailand will appeal to travelers who love comfort. Vietnam is more suitable for adventurers.

Every year the number of people wishing to visit Vietnam is increasing. Many even argue that this direction will soon be a good competitor to Thailand. International airports in Vietnam or where do tourists arrive?

The country has a large number of airports. Communication within the country is well developed. Dozens of planes are regularly sent to different destinations. Domestic flights are inexpensive, but flights from Russia cost substantial money, even for the middle class. From Russia, planes arrive at several airports in Vietnam, which will be discussed in this article.

International airports of the country

It should be noted that there is a long distance between Vietnamese cities, which is not profitable to travel by car. If you look at the map, the country resembles an oblong line that stretches along the South China coast. All resorts have enough beautiful beaches that are worth covering this distance by plane.

Tan Son Nhat Airport

According to experienced travelers, it is most profitable to fly from Moscow and return from Tan Son Nhat airport, which is located in Ho Chi Minh City. From here it is much easier and faster to get to the tourist center, you can do it on foot.

In addition, this airport is closest to Mui Ne, where surfers especially like to relax. The airport was built a long time ago, but it is modern and advanced, automated systems have been installed. Airplanes from other countries have been arriving here for over 10 years.

Note! People come to the resort for a beach holiday and to improve their health. This is facilitated by the luxurious resort complexes of Saigon. Here you can have fun, go shopping, taste local delicacies. Muscovites will be accustomed to the rhythm of local life, since everything is always in motion here.

The airport has the following services:

  • Several paid luggage storage rooms;
  • Cafes and restaurants;
  • Currency exchange points;
  • Duty free ...

It is about 5 kilometers from the airport to the city. You can get there in one of several ways:

  • By bus - departs every 15 minutes;
  • Book a transfer at the hotel;
  • By taxi (prices are very reasonable).

Cam Ranh Airport

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