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Anex tour is an official release about the transfer of tours.

Today, 30.4021 A decision was made to support tourists left without rest due to the coronavirus COVID-2019!

Transfer of vouchers for a year without changing the cost

The return of vouchers that did not take place this year is the most relevant among tourists. In this regard, on 30.4021, the company Anex Tour decided to postpone all failed applications due to the pandemic with arrival in March, April and May 2021 on the basis of a charter flight to similar dates in the next year, 2021, without changing the price ... Refunds for travel canceled due to the pandemic are still not offered.

If you do not agree with this offer, you can still select any other dates or destinations for your tour at current prices on the website while maintaining the original payment rate. You can also select the available dates for the promotion "Transfer of spring tours without surcharges". This promotion is valid until 31. 5. 021. In case of choosing alternative dates or destinations, you will need to send a request for rebooking to the booking department of the “Perm Travel Company” - the official company agent of the tour operator Anex Tour (ANEX Tour) in Perm.

Transferring a trip to similar dates in the year (rules)

The process will take time, from date to date, from direction to direction, and will be completed by 29.5.021.

Transferring ANEX Tour applications to ANY dates of the season

For those who do not agree with the postponement of the order to 2021, the proposal to postpone to any dates in 2021 remains in force:

The tour operator ANEX Tour offers the transfer of orders with departure in May without surcharges while maintaining the main parameters (number of nights, type of food, hotel) for the period from July 1 to October 31, 2021. dates is available for package tours based on charter flights to more than 10 destinations. Turkey, Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, Cuba and Mexico have special transfer conditions that apply to some hotels. We ask you to clarify the information about the transfer of the trip to your hotel in our offices. The return of vouchers with the issuance of funds for a failed tour is not provided.

Incomplete applications (ground handling and ticket services), vouchers in Russia and other destinations with a regular flight are not subject to transfer.

Destinations participating in the Promotion: Bulgaria, Vietnam, Greece, Dominican Republic, India, Spain, Cyprus, Cuba, Mexico, UAE, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Montenegro, Sri Lanka.

Anex Tour is a large travel company in Russia. Engaged in the creation and sale of travel packages. Takes into account the most popular tourist routes. Today the company organizes flights from fifty cities of the country. According to numerous reviews, Anex Tour is considered the leading travel company available to the population of Russia. According to the results of past surveys, the organization has become a leader among carriers delivering tourists to Spain, Vietnam, and the Dominican Republic.

Among the main advantages of the company is a modern vehicle fleet. The vehicles are equipped with air conditioning systems, individual displays and a wireless network connection. The tour operator has launched an official website that helps to view descriptions of popular routes. You can leave a request or buy a tour online. In addition, a help section with general service rules is available to users.

Anex Tour hotline phone

The hotline is traditionally the main method of communication. There is a free number 8 800 775 50 00 in Russia. Calls are accepted from any home, work and cell phones.

Due to the regular workload of the contact center, clients do not always dial the above phone number. There was a need to open an additional line +7 (495) 009 50 00. It relieves operators and at the same time serves as a channel for international communication. Calls are paid.

Phone Anex Tour for agencies

Travel company cooperates with agencies. Partners have access to the main hotline 8 800 775 50 00, where you can find out questions of interest. In exceptional cases, it is allowed to dial the international hotline (with the code +7), if it is not possible to dial the main number.

Anex Tour Support Service

You don't have to make a call to ask a question to the travel operator. Since some users cannot dial up on their own, the organization has provided other communication methods that involve sending a written message:

  • Email;
  • Chat;
  • Personal account.

Tour operator Anex Tour has been operating in the Russian market since 1996. During this time, it opened more than 30 countries: Azerbaijan, Andorra, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Greece, Georgia, Dominican Republic, Israel, India, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, China, Cuba, Mauritius, Maldives, Malta, Morocco, Mexico , UAE, Portugal, Russia, Thailand, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Montenegro, Czech Republic.

Tours Anex Tours can be bought in more than 40 cities of Russia.

Contact phone in Russia: 8 (800) 77-55-000 (round the clock), free call within Russia

Contact phone in Moscow: +7 (495) 009-50-00 (round the clock)

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