Airport decoding

Airport decoding

As soon as we start getting ready for vacation or travel, what do we do right away? Correctly! We open the website of the operator-provider of travel services. We monitor, compare prices for tours and hotels.

And after we decide which country and which city we want to fly to, what interests us the most? We are interested in the "star rating" of the hotel, as well as what kind of food is offered.

It is with this that the ordinary person often has difficulties. You, of course, ask: - What is the difficulty? I chose "all inclusive" and have a rest at your pleasure. No, no! Hotels have already stepped very far. They try to adapt to each guest. Therefore, on the websites of tour operators, you can see strange letters in the column "type of food":

• RO • BB • HB • FB • AI • UAI

What do these abbreviations stand for? Let's figure it out!

RO (Room Only)

This means that the hotel only offers you accommodation, that is, you have to take care of your meals yourself. Suitable for those who prefer good cafes and restaurants. Those wishing to cook on vacation on their own using local products should not choose a hotel, but a guest house or apartment.

BB (Bed and Breakfast)

When you check into a hotel with this type of food, you know that in the morning you will definitely be served breakfast. Moreover, this breakfast can be different. For example, a buffet (scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, sausages, meat, sausages, cheese, fruits, butter, bread, coffee or tea). Continental breakfast (CB/CBF) can also be served. These are 3-4 dishes + muesli. By the way, there are often cases when English is offered in the morning, or, as it is also called, American breakfast (AB/ABF). This is a very hearty breakfast, which includes, in addition to scrambled eggs or omelet, fried bacon, mushrooms and beans.

HB (Half Board)

These letters indicate that the hotel provides two meals a day. As a rule, this is breakfast and dinner. Agree, it is very convenient to walk around the city after breakfast, see the sights and return to the hotel in the evening just in time for dinner.

FB (Full Board)

Three meals a day. A hotel with this type of food is suitable for those who look after their health, do not have a snack on the run and want to save money on cafes and restaurants.

Airport decoding is necessary to recognize their location. The names of settlements or cities where airports are located may be repeated in different countries.

For example, the city of Odessa exists both on the territory of Ukraine and on the territory of the United States of America. And there are air terminals in both cities. So the airport code allows you to find out exactly from which one the person arrived or where he is going.

Every airport in the world has its own code, which consists of several Latin letters, and in some cases - and numbers.

Identification marks were introduced primarily for pilots and controllers to facilitate data transfer. When exchanging information with other aircraft, it is extremely inconvenient to give dispatchers long names of countries and cities of their location. And not only because of the time spent, but also because of the language barrier.

With the growth of airports in the world, there was an urgent need to create a single register, they began to be assigned identification designations. The codes help not only pilots and dispatchers, but also passengers on flights to navigate the route of their journey.

Types of coding systems

IATA Coding System

There are two kinds of air port coding systems.

IATA codes are created primarily for passengers. They are used when booking and purchasing air tickets. This code can be seen on the boarding pass.

There are over 12 thousand IATA codes that are constantly being changed and updated. This is due to the closure or liquidation of an airport. In such cases, his code is passed on to another.

Operating airports rarely change their identification names. Changes are published twice a year and must be entered into a single register to eliminate errors.

IATA identification marks are the name of the city where the airport is located, condensed to three Latin letters.

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