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Resorts of Turkey on the Black Sea coast

Turkey has been popular among Russian tourists for several decades. Mediterranean resorts have always been especially attractive, but in recent years, tourists have begun to pay attention to the Black Sea coast of Turkey. What to expect for tourists who choose to rest at one of the Black Sea resorts, consider the example of several well-known cities and small settlements.

Samsun City

This small port city in northern Turkey was founded around the 6th century BC. e. by the Greeks. Over the long history of its existence, the city was under the rule of the Romans, Byzantines, referee. Currently, it is a settlement with a well-developed infrastructure. Hotels of various levels have been built for tourists, there are numerous shops and large shopping centers.


In the vicinity of Samsun, tourists can see the village of an unusual tribe, fanned by legends and legends. According to the ancient Roman historian Pliny, the city of Temiskira by the Therma River served as the capital for the Amazons.

  • The ruins of the Dundar Upland are located 3 km from Samsun. Here archaeologists have found unique artifacts of ancient culture dating back to the Bronze Age - statuettes, ceramics, flint knives. And in the ethnographic museum you can learn the rich historical past of these places, get acquainted with the cultural heritage of Rome, Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire.
  • Near the city there are a large number of waterfalls and sites of primitive people in the famous Tekkekey caves. The Bird Sanctuary, where endangered bird species live, is also of great interest.
  • Not far from Samsun, next to Lake Ladik, there is a thermal spring. In its vicinity, the construction of capital buildings is prohibited, the territory is declared a nature reserve. Surfers love to relax here, fishing and sailing competitions are popular.
  • Mountains Akdag and Nebiyan are attractive for lovers of untouched nature. Alpine meadows and pastures with a rich flora are located on them.

Samsun has the only seawater golf club in the world. The area of ​​the field is about 600 sq. m. For its construction, rubble and boulders were brought from all over Turkey, everyone can play it for free. For those who love water sports, it will be interesting to visit the Bandirma beach.Here you can go water cable skiing over the sea.

Rize City

This is a resort town in the north-east of the country off the Black Sea coast. It is remarkable for tea plantations and mountain rivers, where tourists enjoy rafting. Local residents live off agricultural plantations, they grow tobacco, kiwi, hazelnuts. Popular crafts are developed - the manufacture of carpets and fabrics, carpentry. The resort has clean beaches, beautiful nature and many historical monuments.


The main attraction is the Rize Fortress, located on a hill, not far from the city center. It was built in the 6th century, then rebuilt many times. Currently, only a part of the wall and towers have survived; inside there is a tea garden and a cozy, inexpensive cafe. Above, there is a beautiful view of the city's surroundings.

There are three beautiful old mansions on the central square of the city. One of them houses a history museum; you can visit it completely free of charge. In the other, the Evvel Zaman restaurant has a quirky old-fashioned interior. The third mansion is occupied by the Chaikur tea museum.

Resorts of Turkey on the Black Sea coast

Sergey Petukhov, RIA Novosti columnist

The Black Sea will not eat your eyes

We are used to justifying our betrayal of the Black Sea beaches in front of ourselves by the fact that on foreign seas the service is better, and the water is clearer, and the fish are brighter, and prices are often lower. All true, but these reasons outweigh only because nothing is put on the other side of the scale.

The salinity of the Black Sea is 18 ppm (18 g of sea salt per liter of water), which is half that of the neighboring Mediterranean Sea. The salinity is even lower only in the Azov (13 ppm), which, although it bears the proud title of the sea, is in fact only the Black Bay, and in the Baltic (5 ppm). But it is difficult to call the shallow Baltic and a full-fledged sea, in fact it is a huge, slightly brackish mouth, common to all rivers that flow into it.

Black Sea salinity of 18 ppm is ideal for health. And it does not hurt the eyes, and the hair after bathing does not look like straw, but for the healing effect of such an amount of salt is quite enough, especially since the chemical composition here is absolutely the same as in all other seas - even the Sargasso, even the Mediterranean, even the White , Red, Yellow, etc.

The constancy of the chemical (macro- and microelement) composition of seawater throughout the entire water area of ​​the World Ocean is called the Halley principle. Edmund Halley is better known for the discovery of Halley's comet (he himself, out of sycophantic considerations, called it Newton's comet - Sir Isaac was the president of the Royal Society of London, that is, Halley's chief). In three years, Halley's principle will be exactly 300 years old, and you have to be a very dense person to still believe that salt in foreign seas is healthier than the Black Sea.

Sea lads

Bright tropical fish, of course, delight the eyes, but their variegation is, first of all, a warning signal to a predator: do not touch me, I am tasteless, I am prickly or even - I am deadly poisonous!

The magnificent underwater world of coral reefs is actually the most violent on the planet, the jungle is a kindergarten by comparison. Predators are especially dangerous here, and there are many poisonous creatures. In the Mediterranean Sea, the situation is not so brutal, but even here there are a lot of living creatures under water, contact with which is fraught with trouble.

Sea urchins dig with needles in the leg, pulling out the needle will not work, it is made of silicon and crumbles into sand, and the wound heals for a long time. In the western part of the sea, where the most pretentious resorts of the Côte d'Azur, the Spanish coast and the Balearic Islands are located, a Portuguese boat (Physalia physalis) sweeps out of the ocean. Thin meter-long tentacles invisible in the water of this beautiful jellyfish can turn a person into a disabled person and even kill. And a harmless-looking centipede worm, which you take in your hand out of curiosity in order to better see it, will leave a track of footprints in your palm, as if a miniature tank with red-hot tracks drove along it. The palm will swell and it will hurt for a day.

You won't find anything like this in the Black Sea. Its inhabitants are extremely friendly to humans (unless, of course, you don't stick a caught scorpion ruff into your swimming trunks). Black Sea jellyfish, if they are burned, it does not hurt and for a little while. Even local sharks (katrans) are peaceful here. And delicious too. In saltier seas and oceans, sharks, whose kidneys are different from other fish, accumulate urea in the muscles, and steaks from them must be soaked in lemon juice for a long time to get rid of the unpleasant smell. Due to the low salinity of the Black Sea, there is almost no urea in the muscles of the katran, rinsed with fresh water - and in a frying pan.

The team of good-natured Black Sea inhabitants has been formed for a long time, it is problematic for foreign aggressors to infiltrate it. They can get here only through the narrow Bosphorus Strait. But the point is not even its narrowness, but in its shallow depth. More salty, and therefore heavier, Mediterranean water pours over it, as through a threshold, and immediately goes to the depth. In this one-kilometer-high underwater waterfall, none of the aliens survive.

Turkey's resorts on the Black Sea coast are not inferior in the number of historical sights and comfort to the Mediterranean coast. Description of the main cities - Samsun, Rize, Sinop and Trbzon.

In the 2020 season, requests for the all-inclusive system in the resorts of the South of Russia and Abkhazia have increased even more, but most tourists still choose hotels with breakfasts. We have collected new hotels on the Black Sea coast in the assortment of tour operators, both with the popular AllInclusive and without it. Read our review with prices and links.

In the resorts of the South of Russia, experts of tour operators say, few new large hotels have opened this season. Mostly small guest houses are being opened.

Large hotels are new too, but they generally follow a different path. The owners or management companies of already existing hotels change their owners or management companies, and, in this regard, they choose a new concept of hotel development in order to retain old tourists and attract new ones, and sometimes - a new name. Also, some recently built hotels in the South of Russia for the first time this year began to work with tour operators - we also consider them new.

Let's walk through the novelties of the Black Sea resorts in the South of Russia with an "all inclusive" system and full board.

Let's find out for whom this or that hotel is suitable, what its "chips" are and how much a vacation (including All Inclusive) on the Black Sea cost in late August - early September 2020.

Data on new objects were kindly provided to us by the tour operators ALEAN, Dolphin, Multitour and Coral Travel.


Most of all new products with the “all inclusive” system are in Anapa. Here, according to some estimates, up to a third of all hotels are already operating under this system (of course, different from the Turkish AI). But there are also novelties at breakfasts.

A modern comfortable hotel in Anapa on the first coastline (which is very important for many vacationers here).

Of the main advantages: proximity to the sea, interesting design, decent quality of service. And, of course, the fact that the hotel operates on an all-inclusive basis.

Suitable for: for parents with children and for people who prefer a quiet comfortable stay.

Estimated price: for two for 10 nights in early September from 91020 r. per room (no road).

A new hotel of the Atelika chain, which opened this year. Large green area. Located 100 meters from its own sandy beach, there is an outdoor pool.

Very few tourists from different countries of the world, planning a vacation in Turkey, consider the Black Sea coast of this country as one of the possible travel options.

Today, the Black Sea coast of Turkey is undeservedly ignored by both tour operators and the multi-million army of tourists who annually visit Turkey during the summer vacation season.

Meanwhile, this region of Turkey is one of the most beautiful in the country. The Black Sea coast stretches for almost 1600 km. It is a picturesque natural landscape in which coastal plains, immersed in greenery, alternate with mountain gorges, and the high Pontic mountains rise in the background.

The landscapes of the Black Sea coast of Turkey and Ukraine are very similar. The beauty of these places is comparable to the pristine beauty of the Laspi Bay in the Crimea or the New World.

The geographical position of the Black Sea coast is also very beneficial for our tourists. You can do without expensive air travel. A ferry from Sochi or Odessa will take you to any of the port cities of Turkey on the Black Sea.

The climate in this part of the country is not as hot and humid as in the Mediterranean resorts. A cooler summer allows even elderly people with high blood pressure, as well as couples with very young children, to visit resorts on the Black Sea of ​​Turkey.

This region of Turkey is full of attractions. One of the monuments of ancient architecture is the city of Rize. The Greeks did not reach here at one time, and did not create their own colony here. The city has retained the characteristic features of Ottoman architecture. Most of the monuments here were built in the 16th century, when Rize became part of the Ottoman Empire.

Today Rize is considered the tea capital of Turkey. A unique variety of Turkish tea was developed and is still being produced here. More than three hundred factories in and around Rize grow and produce over 800 tons of tea every year. The products of the Rize tea plantations are sold all over the world.

The holiday season on the Black Sea coast of Turkey lasts about six months. You can come here from May to the end of October. Fans of extreme sports are offered here to go rafting, rock climbing, fishing in alpine lakes, cycling along mountain trails.

Geography of the Turkish coast

Looking at the map - Black Sea: the coast of Turkey stretches along its southern edge for 1595 km. And this is almost half of the entire length of the Black Sea coast, more precisely - 46.9%. This entire territory is a series of plateaus and mountains - stretched along the Black Sea for more than 1000 km. Ontian mountains: a combination of high, dissected gorges and snow-capped mountain ranges with deep hollows, wide uplands and evergreen coastal plains, buried in fireworks of subtropical vegetation.

★ Black Sea Coast of the Caucasus

The Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, CHPK is a geographical and historical region on the Black Sea coast, which is a strip of the Black Sea in Krasnodar, Russian Federation, the coastal part of Georgia. longer their edge is a resort area.


The Black Sea coast of the Caucasus is located at the same 42 ° latitude - 45 ° N. sh., like the resorts of the Adriatic, the French Riviera and the Italian Riviera, and has a similar climate.

The northern border of the region is the Taman Peninsula. often, as they are called Anapa, referring to the beginning of the actual resort area. sometimes together with the isolated Black Sea and adjacent to the north-Azov coast of the Caucasus.

ChPK southern border coincides with the state border of the former USSR and now Georgia with Turkey. its natural continuation of Turkey is the Anatolian coast, and further, the Rumeli coast. From the East, the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, is washed by the spurs of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus and in the Colchis Lowland in the West - in fact, the Black Sea.

The Black Sea coast stretches for more than 600 km, about 350 of which belongs to its Russian site. the most significant cities in the region from north to south: Anapa, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Lazarevskoye, Sochi, Gagra, Pitsunda, Gudauta, Sukhum, Ochamchira, Poti, Batumi. in addition, the resort is of great importance Kabardinka, Divnomorskoe, Arkhipo-Osipovka, Dzhubga, Lermontovo, Novomikhailovsky, Abrau-Dyurso, Sochi, Matsesta, Khosta, Loo, Adler, Novy Afon, Gulrypsh, Anaklia, Ganmukhuri, Kobuleti, Makhinja, Sarpi, Vardane, Tsikhisdziri and Kobuleti.


The Black Sea coast in the section from Novorossiysk to Tuapse is partially located in the extreme northern part of the dry-type subtropical belt.The average temperature in January is 3 ° from July (23 July) ° С, and south of Tuapse, and then within Russia Adler district of Sochi up to Adjara - humid subtropical 5 and 24 ° C, respectively. the reason for the formation of these two different types of climate is the relief, or rather, the height of the mountains. before Tuapse, their height does not rise above 1000 m and they are the main orographic barrier for Lagonissi air flows from the South-West; after Tuapse, the height of the mountains reaches 3000 and more meters, on their western windward slopes it rains all year round.

The water resources of the Black Sea coast are significant, but they are unevenly distributed. part of the region has a dense river network, other water resources are relatively deprived. falls from 500 mm per year in the north-west to 2800 mm in the south, and most of them fall on the cold season. There are 2200 - 2400 hours a year on the PPC sun, during the warm period there are only 8-12 cloudy days.


The mountain slopes are covered with rich woody vegetation - beech, hornbeam, chestnut, yew, fir, and other conifers. on the coast south of Gelendzhik, subtropical plants predominate, especially palms, Yucca, acacia, magnolia, boxwood. in the southern region there is a common broad-leaved forest with lianas and evergreen shrubs. there are about six thousand plant species on the CPK, including more than a hundred found only in the Black Sea and a considerable number of relic plants, for example, cherry laurel, rhododendron, Colchis holly ilex colchica (Colchis, holly), dull-leaved pistachio, high juniper, Pitsunda pine, etc.

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