5 free resources about PR

5 free resources about PR

Implementation of PR activities in the hotel business The task of PR is to establish mutual understanding, positive attitude and customer confidence in the proposal of the hotel and tourism business in the long term.


Today, the hotel business is one of the most promising and fastest growing industries, bringing in multi-million dollar profits all over the world. The hotel business as a sub-sector of tourism has a huge potential for the Russian market, capable of bringing steady income to the federal budget. The number of hotels and hotels both in our country and abroad is growing every year. Fierce competition in the hotel services market forces managers to resort to various PR campaigns and extraordinary marketing ideas. At the same time, the scale of PR activities in the hotel business in Russia is much less than abroad. This is largely due to the "general stagnation" in the Soviet era, as well as a number of subjective factors. After the collapse of the USSR, this industry, as well as the entire social sphere, was in complete neglect and it took a lot of efforts to “overnight” completely change all the earlier developed concepts and rise to the world level. With the emergence of the market economy, managers and directors of the almost complete decline of the hotel industry began to understand the need to develop this area.

So what is Public relations? The number of definitions of this concept is very large and, according to experts from the American Foundation for Public Relation research and education, reaches 500 definitions. The Institute for Public Relations (IPR), established in the UK in 1948, offers the following interpretation: “Public Relations is a planned, ongoing effort to create and maintain goodwill and understanding between the organization and the public.” (1) According to Edward Bernays, “Public Relations is an effort to change its approach or actions, and to harmonize the organization’s activities in accordance with the public interest and vice versa”. However, it seems to us that in relation to the hotel business, the most interesting definition of the Dictionary of Foreign Words, prepared at Moscow State University in 1995: public relations - “the organization of public opinion for the most successful functioning of an enterprise (institution, firm) and increasing its reputation. It is carried out in different ways, but primarily through the media. " (2)

Often, the nature of PR activities in the hotel business depends on the specifics, level and nature of the provision of services. And before talking about "public relations" in this area, it is necessary to define the concept of "hotel". So, a hotel or a hotel is “an institution that provides clients with accommodation, food, room service, etc.” (3). Hotels vary in size, ranging from 10 to 2000 rooms, sometimes more. So, in Las Vegas, many hotels have more than 5,000 rooms.

It is also advisable to distinguish between hotels by target groups:

- business hotels - airport hotel - suite hotels (apartment hotels) - resident hotels - resort hotels - bed and breakfast hotels - timeshare hotels - casino hotels - congress centers - congress hotels

Hotels can be categorized by the AAA and Mobile Travel Guide rating, which awards a hotel with a certain number of stars or diamonds.

This work has three main parts. In the first part, we will try to reveal the theoretical aspect of this topic, and also talk about how PR activities are carried out in some hotels in Moscow. In the second part, I would like to talk about the implementation of certain projects to attract clients. The third part will be devoted to a specific example of the planned for 2003 PR-action “Anniversaries of the capitals of the North-West”.

PR activities in the hotel business

Before talking about PR in the hotel business, it should be noted that rarely is it about the activities of a dedicated PR department. Most often, the hotel has a marketing and advertising department, which is engaged in the positioning of the services provided.

PR is an extremely dynamic and mobile industry, which, of course, is greatly influenced by new technologies and social networks. It is most logical to study PR in the moment, here and now, paying special attention to online resources. Yana Udalova, Director of PR and SMM Development at Wild Buro Agency, has compiled a selection of interesting portals about the industry that will be useful for both PR specialists and businesses that want to develop a PR direction.


Perhaps the main international resource about PR. It is here that the largest selection of PR cases from around the world is collected, and, of course, current news, research and reviews from the main players and market experts.

PRweek regularly compiles ratings of the most successful campaigns, agencies, employers in the field of PR, there is even its own rating “30 to 30”, following the example of Forbes magazine. The portal also organizes the PRWeek Awards, annually recognizing the best cases, specialists, agencies in more than 30 nominations.

In order to access the materials, you need to create an account on the site. It also allows you to subscribe to weekly newsletters, which I highly recommend paying attention to.


What is especially valuable for is the PR research tab. Here are relevant and popular research on the PR market, social networks, brands and companies, influencers, and all this is in the public domain. I also recommend paying attention to an overview of services that are useful for work, ranging from CRM systems to Canva, BuzzStream, Hootsuite and other services that can help a PR specialist in his work.

Colleagues are also actively developing the popular podcast format and recording very interesting interviews with industry leaders. It will be useful for anyone who wants to understand how the Western market works.


I believe that many agencies regularly face the fact that clients do not quite correctly understand what PR is and what PR specialists do. And this is not their omission, rather, the fact is that the sphere itself does not have good enough PR. We decided to make our small contribution to the industry and made a special section on the site with free materials that will be useful for both business and PR specialists.

It will help to establish work with the media without its own PR manager or agency

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