12th international tourism exhibition

12th international tourism exhibition

Intourmarket is preparing for a face-to-face meeting

"Intourmarket" runs counter to global exhibition trends

Intourmarket runs counter to global exhibition trends On November 5, it was announced that the XVI International Tourism Exhibition Intourmarket will be held at Expocentre Fairgrounds two weeks later than previously planned, from April 1 to April 3 2021 year. The format of the exhibition is traditional - offline. November 9, 2020 07:31 AM • Intourmarket • As an advertisement To engage in exhibition activities in the tourism industry today is to bear double risks. In order not to retreat under the pressure of circumstances, one must have an enviable reserve of optimism and a fighting character. Olga Khotochkina, director of the Intourmarket exhibition, has both. As well as a tremendous experience in organizing events and the belief that her work is needed by many.

Now that the world's largest exhibitions are going online, you are announcing an offline event. Bold decision! What are you guided by?

Market needs and optimism. Everyone is terribly short of offline events ... Every day I see new guest registrations at Intourmarket and I am happy: these people, just like us, are sure that there will be a meeting. Do not forget: we already have a unique experience of holding an exhibition during a pandemic, obtained in March this year. Therefore, although the Barcelona IBTM World and London WTM, to my deep regret, were forced to become virtual, we adhere to the offline concept. Exhibitors share this position; applications have been actively submitted since August.

At the same time, we are realists. And they decided to move the exhibition away from winter in the hope that in the spring the coronavirus will noticeably weaken. In this case, even two weeks is a significant period. Nevertheless, the participants will have time to present at their stands and sell tours even for the May holidays, not to mention the summer.

We understand that in April 2021 a number of restrictions may remain due to the epidemic and not everyone will be able to come. Therefore, we are planning a hybrid format of participation for guests.

We will launch constant streams from business events from at least three halls. We have already agreed with a large company that organizes live broadcasts. We want to make it possible not only to watch, but also to ask questions interactively, technically this is real. Probably, we will increase the number of halls to five in order to be able to visit our entire business program online.

In addition, we will record and post all events on our youtube channel after the exhibition. So subscribe in advance, the videos will be useful to anyone who misses something live.

The technical part is clear, but is there already some understanding of the content of the program?

An important part of the Intourmarket program is educational. Last year, she gave the opportunity to improve knowledge and confirm the first qualification stage with the help of a state-recognized certificate for industry officials and employees of the TIC in the framework of an educational project with RGUTIS. The experience was positive, because not all civil servants can take separate training courses. At the exhibition there is an opportunity to combine study with work at the stands, communication with partners. The topics for training events were selected together with the teachers of the RSUTIS, they paid attention to the fact that all types of tourism were represented.

Seminars on legal issues are already planned, lawyers of the companies "Persona Grata" and "Lawyers for tourist business" Bayborodin and Partners "will participate in them. Two days, April 2 and 3, were given to the All-Russian Forum "Event Russia": the experience industry is now taking off and it is important to show the market how it works in the tourism industry. One of the days of Intourmarket will host the final of the All-Russian competition for journalists and bloggers MediaTour.

An IT conference will take place on April 2, we are doing it in collaboration with Kirill Volkov (TRN news) and Elena Belousova, travel marketer. The main topic is already clear - working with marketplaces. There are interesting cases, both Russian and foreign. I'll tell you more about the business program closer to the exhibition, this is a topic for a separate discussion.

2017, according to experts in the tourism industry, has become relatively successful for the Russian travel industry, showing an increase in flows in almost all directions. The global tourism industry also showed positive dynamics. According to the World Tourism Organization UNWTO, 2017 was almost a record year for international tourism in terms of the number of tourist arrivals. One of the proofs of this was tourism exhibitions, many of which also continued to break records of the past years.

Ferien-Messe Wien (Austria, Vienna)

Russia was represented at the exhibition by a united national stand, in which 11 exhibitors took part, including: the Federal Agency for Tourism, the National Tourist Information Office Visit Russia in Austria, leading tour operators and travel companies in Russia, a number of subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as the MA Sholokhov Museum-Reserve and the Leo Tolstoy Museum-Estate "Yasnaya Polyana".

Visitors to the Russian exposition at Ferien-Messe Wien 2017 could familiarize themselves with the tourist opportunities of Russian regions, learn about new tours, routes and partner programs, get detailed information about tourist display objects, excursion routes and programs for fans in cities - organizers of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

FITUR (Spain, Madrid)

The largest exhibition FITUR for the 37th time was one of the first to open the international calendar of tourism fairs in 2017, traditionally serving as a "barometer of world tourism". The exposition took place in the Spanish exhibition complex “Ifema. Feria de Madrid "(Madrid) from 18th to 22nd January 2017, breaking once again the attendance record.

For five days, the FITUR 2017 tourism exhibition managed to receive a total of just over 243 thousand visitors, including almost 136 thousand professional representatives of the tourism industry. 9893 travel companies from 165 countries of the world took part in the exhibition. More than 7 thousand journalists from 60 countries were accredited for the event.

Tour operators and travel agencies, hotels and restaurants, transport and service companies took part in the exhibition. Various national and international destinations - from Argentina to Japan - presented their tourism potential at FITUR 2017. At the stands of the developers of IT solutions for the tourist business, one could get acquainted with the novelties in the field of information technologies in tourism: modern online booking systems, tools for managing sales, payment services, mobile applications based on augmented reality and the effect of presence by solutions from Tecnalia, etc. ...

The exhibition also featured a Russian stand, which for the first time operated under a single brand “Visit Russia. Alliance of Hospitable Cities ", dedicated to the possibilities of the Russian regions hosting the 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

ITB Berlin (Germany, Berlin)

For five days, from 8 to 12 March 2017, the 51st international tourism exhibition ITBBerlin 2017 was held in the pavilions of the Messe Berlin exhibition complex. The official partner of the exposition this year was the South African state of the Republic of Botswana.

In 2017, more than 10 thousand exhibitors from 184 countries of the world, located in 26 exhibition halls of Messe Berlin at 1 thousand stands, became ITB Berlin participants. The total area of ​​the exposition was 160 thousand square meters. According to official data, 109 thousand visitors were recorded at the exhibition, of which about 80% held managerial positions. This year, the number of visitors to ITBBerlin did not exceed the same indicator of 2016, which the organizers associate, first of all, with the strikes of employees of a number of Berlin airports, paralyzed during the strikes, that took place on the dates of the exhibition.

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