Youth tourism

Youth tourism

Youth tours

This kind of tourism can be considered as an independent category, because it has a whole crowd of fans. What kind of tours are in demand among young travelers? What are the advantages of such a vacation. About this in our article.

Youth tourism is a separate category of travel, in which a company of young people rushes to rest to get acquainted with interesting places. In the course of their adventures, they learn the culture of other peoples, customs and traditions of foreign countries, immerse themselves in the peculiarities of their history, enjoy the beauty of the unusual and wonderful corners of our planet.

Many young people are eager to overcome difficulties, achieve their goals, test their abilities and train their own stamina and endurance. They are not attracted to a serene stay on the beach with a cocktail in hand. They want to experience a storm of bright, exciting emotions, find themselves in hard-to-reach places and find something new for themselves. Many travel companies have caught this trend. They are ready to offer young daredevils a variety of directions and types of recreation:

  • - Mountain hikes. These are mountain climbing of varying degrees of difficulty. This also includes travel on ridges, slopes, passes and mountain streams.
  • - Bicycle tours. Walking trails through sands, ravines, mountain trails and roads.
  • - Water tours. Cruises on the seas, sailing on rivers, reservoirs, lakes on a variety of floating facilities (boats, boats, kayaks, and so on). This also includes rafting, rafting, and diving.
  • - Speleological lessons. Brave travelers are invited to visit man-made or natural labyrinths and caves. They amaze with their depth, tortuosity, as well as internal structure.
  • - Mountaineering, ski tourism, mountain biking, snowboarding. During such a tour, many will understand what it means to overcome yourself. These holiday destinations are always fraught with difficulties, limitations and dangers.

Of course, such types of recreation require good physical fitness, willpower, endurance, as well as a willingness to cope with non-standard situations.

Youth tours are different in the degree of their complexity: from the most difficult ascents in the mountains with heavy backpacks to leisure at the camp site not burdened with physical activity. What to choose, everyone decides for himself.

There are tours with a vacation on the beach, there are combined tours: sea and mountains, there are vouchers implying a vacation at a camp site. However, you can always create your dream tour yourself.

Content of the article:

What tours in the vastness of our homeland will be attractive for young people?

  • Crimea. The Bakhchisarai region deserves special mention. It contains many unique tourist and natural sites. Tourists will see: the sea, cave cities, mountains, waterfalls, stunning landscapes, lakes. In addition, Crimea has excellent conditions to get acquainted with walking tours, horseback riding, jeeping and trekking.
  • Subtropics of Russia. Lush, lush vegetation, mild climate, wonderful views of the seaside mountains, balneological resorts, close location to the sea.
  • Putorana Plateau. You can settle at a local camp site. During your stay here you can see hundreds of waterfalls, many canyons, local bighorn sheep, as well as proud, inaccessible mountains.
  • Hiking in Karelia. These spaces will give you the opportunity to indulge in outdoor activities. A colossal number of water routes have been laid here. Alternatively, you can devote yourself to fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, and developing local lands.
  • Tours in the Urals. Try to test your strength during extreme rafting on local rivers: Zilim, Nugush, Belaya. Then take a look at caves, museums, national parks.
  • Acquaintance with Baikal. This wonderful lake is ready to give vacationers mountain, sightseeing and walking tours. During your stay here, it is worth exploring the unique features of this region in greater depth.
  • Hiking in Kamchatka. Walk along the edge rich in geysers. Enjoy the beauty of the local landscape.
  • You can get a lot of impressions by going to Sakhalin or the Kuril Islands.
  • Climbing Elbrus. Climbing this mountain is not technically challenging for some. It is enough to use crampons and an ice ax. The main difficulties are caused by weather conditions (fog, strong wind, cold), as well as altitude. However, under the guidance of experienced guides, you will be able to ascend to the summit.
  • Karelia. Try to plot your route between the centuries-old Karelian forests. Ice bays of the huge Onega Lake will be located nearby.

What are the benefits of youth tourism?

Let's list the opportunities that this direction gives:

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