Wooden Hope, Ice Library and Other Wonders of Eastern Siberia

Summer vacation in Siberia

Irkutsk region, in their opinion, was especially lucky, because there is such a powerful incentive for travel lovers like Lake Baikal. This planet's largest natural "well" of fresh water annually attracts hundreds of thousands of residents of Russia and other countries to its shores.

However, the Tourism Agency of the Irkutsk Region is convinced that there are many other, including unique, places and events in the region that can inspire travelers to travel to the Siberian Territory.

This fall, Irkutsk hosted the regional stage of the prestigious Russian Event Awards National Award competition. It was organized in the capital of Eastern Siberia for the first time, and, according to the head of the Tourism Agency Ekaterina Slivina, this is a recognition of the region's merits in the development of the tourism industry in Russia. 124 projects from 17 regions reached the final - from Tomsk to Vladivostok and Kamchatka. At the same time, it was the Irkutsk region that presented the most of all event events - 35 - to the judgment of federal experts, 13 of them reached the final of the competition. According to the jury, they are able to stir up the desire of tourists to visit the region. Let's talk about the most unusual of them.

Siberian Lukomorye

The International Festival of Wooden Sculpture "Lukomorye" is 7 years old, and it is already well known not only in the Irkutsk region, but also abroad. It takes place in May in the small village of Savvateevka near Angarsk and always brings together a large team of master carvers from Russia, China, Mongolia, India, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Nepal.

60 masters took part in it this year. For 10 days of the festival, 1800 people visited Savvateevka, and the number of spectators at the opening and closing of Lukomorye exceeded 5 thousand people. The organizers are sure that people are attracted not only by the opportunity to see how a work of art is born from a piece of wood, but also by a unique park of wooden sculptures that remain here after each festival.

In the picturesque pine forest there are now almost 200 exclusive works: there are heroes of Pushkin's tales, mythical and biblical characters. The fact is that every year the master carvers create their works on the themes set by the organizers. So, this year all the works were united by the theme "Hope", and in 2018 the participants of the festival will have to embody "Love" in the tree.

Park "Lukomorye" is open for visits all year round, everyone can come there to enjoy the art of wood carving.

Dreams flowed into Baikal

This winter, the Ice Library of Miracles was first opened in Baikalsk at the foot of Mount Sobolinaya: it was built in the form of a colosseum-labyrinth of 420 unfolded books made from the purest ice of Lake Baikal. Renowned ice-cutters have incorporated the “library” into the structure of the surrounding mountains, creating complete harmony with nature.

The place where the "Ice Library of Wonders" was created - Baikalsk - was not chosen by chance. The organizers wanted to show that the city, which survived the work of the pulp and paper mill, is environmentally friendly, that the "industrial page" in its history has long been closed and now it is perfect for recreation and tourism both in summer and in winter. The first experience of the Ice Library of Miracles was very successful, received a lot of responses on the Internet, and the organizers of the project decided to make it an annual event.

Wooden Hope, Ice Library and Other Wonders of Eastern Siberia

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In Russia, according to the Association of Travel Agencies, domestic tourism has grown significantly. Domestic destinations are almost on par with trips abroad. Russians mainly visit museums, various exhibitions and are interested in the culture and history of the regions. And the Novosibirsk region has every chance of becoming a region attractive to tourists.

Our country is among the ten most visited countries in the world. For example, in the Vladimir region last year, more than 4 million tourists visited, and in St. Petersburg - 7 million.

In 2016, the volume of tourist services in the Novosibirsk region increased by almost 22% and reached 3.3 billion rubles, and in the National rating of tourist attractiveness of regions, the region took 24th place, having risen to this position in a year from the 43rd.

There are several factors that influenced the increase in tourist flow to the region. First of all, this is the all-Russian tendency to increase domestic tourism, as well as sanctions, the depreciation of the ruble, and last year's ban on charters to Egypt and Turkey. In short, the interest of Russians in their own country was supported by economic and political factors.

Russia is a huge country, the regions of which are thousands of kilometers apart and located in different climatic zones - from subtropical to subpolar. We have mountains, seas, forests, historical and cultural monuments, architectural and natural attractions.

The advantage of our region is its geographic location. Novosibirsk connects Siberia, the Far East and Central Asia with the European regions of Russia: Tolmachevo airport is connected by air lines with 80 cities in Russia and neighboring countries.

It is not surprising that in 2016 Novosibirsk became one of the most popular cities for tourists in the world according to Mastercard. The company has made a rating of the popularity of cities among foreign tourists. The world ranking includes five Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok. Novosibirsk took 117th place out of 132. Thus, Novosibirsk became the third most polar city in Russia for foreign tourists after Moscow and St. Petersburg.

From 2009 to 2015, the tourist flow to Novosibirsk increased by 13%, and the spending of foreign tourists - by 5%, according to Mastercard analysts.

In 2017, the demand for trips to Novosibirsk among foreigners increased by 56%, the city has already entered the top five popular cities among foreigners. The research was conducted by the momondo website. Most independent travelers are from Germany. On average, in 2017, foreign tourists come to Novosibirsk for 17 days.

In order for tourists from all over Russia and from abroad to travel to your region, they need not only to be told about what is good here - they need to be inspired to travel. Experts of the Russian travel industry market are sure of this.

Rest in Siberia in the summer? Many will shiver and choose a tour to the warm sea. Just because it is cold outside the Ural mountains all year round, hence the severity of Siberians - this is clear to everyone.

What a particular person associates with Siberia is strongly dependent on whether he has set foot on this mysterious land. For some, this is the place where the Decembrists were exiled, dark, terrible and cold, otherwise, why would they be exiled. For others - the endless tundra with deer and lichens, where dwarf trees desperately cling to life. For others, it is the homeland of the largest freshwater lake Baikal. For the fourth, these are unusually beautiful (according to photographs), but from this no less cold Altai mountains.

Is it possible to relax in Siberia in the summer

To summarize, it seems that Siberia is a cold beauty, whose heart is forever unapproachable. However, those who got to know her better fall in love in earnest, and look forward to all new meetings and discoveries.

What is the secret of this vast and seemingly unsociable, according to the census, region?

Beach Vacation

Siberia, of course, is cold, but not in summer and not all of it. The Republics of Altai and Khakassia, Omsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Kemerovo Regions and the Altai Territory will delight you with temperatures from 15 to 35 degrees. Therefore, it is not surprising that in Siberia, beach holidays are developed on countless lakes, reservoirs and rivers, and the temperature of Lake Baikal can reach 23 degrees. And on the lakes Aya, Katun, Teletskoye, Shira and Yarovoye you can not only swim, but also improve your health in local sanatoriums.

Cultural program

Real historical, cultural and musical discoveries can be made at the festival "World of Siberia", which has been held for more than 10 years in the village of Shushenskoye. The megacities Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk are also famous for their unique museums and sights.

Extreme tourism

You can admire the beauty of the Altai wild nature by traveling on foot and by boat. For lovers of water tourism, the Siberian rivers are a real find. Climbing on a horse, you can visit the Bakhatash mountains, Belukha, the famous Ice Cave, Karakol and Tuyuk lakes, as well as many other places that are mesmerizing with their beauty.

And in the Irkutsk region, you can both independently and as part of a tourist group go in search of the mysterious Vitim bolide.

Car and bicycle tours along the winding mountain roads, which are full of Altai and Khakassia, will give the traveler an unforgettable experience. And many bus excursions will allow you to comfortably enjoy the splendor of a huge number of Siberian sights in a short time.

The first federal district that deserves special attention is the Siberian one. When we say the word "Siberia", a picture of a mighty forest, beautiful rocky shores surrounding a beautiful lake appears in our head. For those who have never been to that area, say, this is not at all a stereotype. Recently, Russian tourism has become very popular and one of its actively developing areas is Altai. It combines different landscapes, many natural monuments and health resorts. The region does not yet have a very developed tourist infrastructure, but local residents often take guests to their place for an overnight stay for a ridiculous price. At the same time, together with an overnight stay, you can learn more about national traditions, listen to local legends, taste traditional cuisine, in general, completely immerse yourself in another culture. Here are a few places that have been named the most environmentally friendly in the Altai Republic and Altai Territory.

Core Values ​​

Lake Teletskoye or, as the locals call it, "Altyn-Kel", which means "Golden Lake", is located in a depression between mountain ranges and spurs. Its shores are rocky and covered with centuries-old forest with small trails trodden by tourists. Many rivers flow into the lake, which in some places form waterfalls. All this is very picturesque. The eastern shore of Lake Teletskoye is included in the territory of the Altai State Reserve, to visit which you need to issue a permit. There you can also spend the night "at the forester". Local travel agencies are developing this type of recreation, since it minimizes the impact of the anthropogenic factor on the environment. The infrastructure is gradually developing, new services appear. For example, diving.

Belokurikha is a resort city of federal significance, the main wealth of which is radon springs, the water of which contains medicinal elements such as nitrogen, silicon, radon, etc. But this is not the only thing worth coming here for. Mountain air, natural attractions, to which terrenkurs have been developed, are what attracts tourists. For example, Mount Tserkovka, from the top of which you can see a beautiful panorama with the border of the transition of the plain to the mountains.

The year-round resort "Turquoise Katun" is a real find for people who like to combine outdoor recreation with comfortable living conditions. Here, a developed tourist infrastructure is combined with the uniqueness of natural conditions. The resort offers a wide range of services - an artificial lake with attractions, a ski complex, carting, excursions to caves and grottoes, a fishing pond, an apiary, rafting, jeep tours and ATVs, an archaeological park and much more.

Aya Natural Park, named after a mountain lake. In the vicinity of Lake Aya, on the left bank of the Katun, there are picturesque mountain landscapes, caves, pine forests, which makes this place often visited by tourists.

The famous Zavyalovskie lakes are health. These are healing silt-sulphide saline mud, peloid freshwater mud, brine from Lake Salt. By the way, the concentration of salt in the salt lake in Zav'lovo is comparable to the concentration of salt in the Dead Sea.

On the shore of Lake Baikal

The following places will not be a revelation for many. Everyone and everyone knows the cleanest and deepest lake in the world. And of course, there are many ecologically clean natural areas in its vicinity. The first one is the SEZ TRT "Baikal Harbor", which includes several areas with sandy beaches, sports infrastructure, ski resorts, health resorts, etc. Nearby there is the Podlemorie Tourist and Recreational Cluster, which is engaged in sports, adventure and ecological tourism. Also of interest is the village of Bolshiye Koty, where gold-bearing sands were mined, in addition, there is a museum of Baikal studies and an aquarium of the Institute of Biology. Olkhon Island is the center of Lake Baikal, located near the deepest point of the lake, there is a special climate, all the diversity of the landscape of the Baikal shores is presented. But the main attraction of the island is its richness with historical monuments, namely, burial grounds, ancient settlements, remains of stone walls. And of course, one cannot fail to mention the most picturesque and popular place on Lake Baikal - Sandy Bay.

Not only coal

The Kemerovo region is worth a visit to lovers of skiing and hiking in the mountains. Ski resort "Sheregesh" - with a powerful infrastructure, really well equipped, combines the benefits of nature (the influence of phytoncides of cedar, spruce and fir) with a rich entertainment program. "Tanay" - mainly for vacationers with children, and those who are just going to master the basics of skiing. But the tourist trails pass through the Celestial Teeth. This mountainous region is popular due to its accessibility to the nearest regions (Kemerovo region, Khakassia, Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions).

Siberia is one of the least explored territories on the planet. There are places here that almost no one has ever been to. Mysterious, strange, sometimes mystical corners of this vast space are still waiting for their researchers.

Putorana Plateau

A large uninhabited mountain area in Taimyr and Evenkia. This circumpolar territory rises one and a half kilometers above the endless forest-tundra. Plpto occupies about 200 thousand square meters. km. The vertical walls are dotted with cave passages and faults, and abound with waterfalls.

Scientists believe that people have never lived in this serene land. There are no local settlements, only animals. Today this place is the largest “blank spot” on the planet.

The Putorana Plateau is the edge of waterfalls, the highest of which is 108 meters. In recent years, professional rafters have begun to actively visit the Putorana, as there are a lot of rivers of the sixth category of difficulty.

Putorana attract tourists-fishermen from all over the world: animals here do not know a person, and fishing turns into monotonous getting fish out of the water. Wild animals can approach humans simply out of curiosity. There are many legends about endemic animals that hunters allegedly met and which are not found anywhere else on the planet. In general, "The Lost World".

Olkhon Island

An island on Lake Baikal, one of the most revered sacred places of the planet by esotericists. In the shamanic world, the island is considered the home of all supreme spirits - tengri. The visiting card of the island - the Shamanka rock - is not only one of the nine main shamanic shrines in Asia, but is also protected by UNESCO.

Tourists appreciate Olkhon for its unique landscapes. Almost all climatic zones of the Earth are found here - forest, desert, swamp, glacier, tundra, mountains, caves, canyons ... All this, as it were, in a micro-version, therefore Olkhon is called the Earth model. Also on the island there are healing springs, the radon lake Shara-Nur, and 1400 species of medicinal plants also grow here.

Tunguska dump

Place of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, 80 km from the Evenk regional center of Vanavar. By the way, Vanavara is translated from Evenk as “guest from heaven”. These places are visited either by "cosmofanatics", or absolutely extreme sportsmen.

The epicenter of the explosion is in a swamp, surrounded by a fall of 80 thousand trees, evenly laid by a blast wave in the shape of a butterfly. Already 110 years have passed since the explosion with a capacity of 2000 Hiroshima, and here still nothing grows and no animals live.

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