With a book around the world: 9 books on tourism in English

Study abroad

In Terry Pratchett's The Light Fantastic, Terry Pratchett, there was a tourist named Twoflower who believed that “that anyone can understand everything a tourist says if a tourist speaks loud and slow. "

If you've ever traveled somewhere, you've probably met such tourists.

The problem is that even the slowest and loudest speech in a foreign language will remain a speech in a foreign language (Captain Obvious was with you).

The way out is pretty simple: if you want to be understood abroad, speak English.

Whichever country you go to, there will always be someone local who understands English. And it's especially important to be fluent in English if you work in the tourism industry.

English is firmly established as the language of international communication.

Are you already in the tourism industry? Knowing English will help you communicate with people and do your job better.

Are you planning to find a job in the tourism industry? Knowledge of English will help you get this job, because this is one of the main requirements for this kind of vacancies.

What is so attractive about the tourism industry?

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Why work in the tourist business

With a book around the world: 9 books on tourism in English

Educational tours abroad - first of all, of course, language ones, have noticeably increased in volume lately. This growth in popularity is greatly facilitated by their high efficiency: 100% immersion in the environment in a couple of weeks removes the notorious "language barrier" over which Russian teachers of foreign languages ​​sometimes struggle for years.

Today Russian tour operators offer educational tours to almost 40 countries. For adults, individual and sometimes group tours are organized, children and adolescents under 17 are most often offered vacation programs, including daily morning language classes and sports and entertainment activities in the afternoon and evening. Group educational programs for children, of course, are cheaper than personal travel, but they impose a number of restrictions: students from one group must be about the same age, and uniform terms of study are rigidly set for the entire group.

Earn a TEFL certificate and earn money from teaching English.

For the little ones

Some schools accept children from the age of five for language programs, but only with their parents. This option can be found in England or Malta. For children 7-12 years old, there are children's international camps to which a child can be sent both individually and as part of a group for 2-4 weeks. And for schoolchildren from 13 years old - the widest choice of programs in all countries. By the way, in many countries it is possible to organize residence and education of parents with children directly in the families of teachers.

But still: if a child needs to improve his pronunciation or serious preparation for entering an English school or university, it is the British schools that will provide him with the appropriate program.

Language Plus Sports programs are very popular in the UK, Canada and the USA. For example, training at the David Beckham Football Academy in London (UK) and Los Angeles (USA). Eight- and fifteen-day programs are designed for girls and boys 11-16 years old. Their training part was developed by the famous football player David Beckham and the famous children's coach Eric Harrison, formerly the coach of the youth team of the Manchester United football club. It includes all aspects of the game: passing technique, interception of the ball, dribbling, heading, personal guarding of the opponent, tactics and team actions. There are specialized training programs for goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards. There are also theoretical classes on body physiology, health, fitness and nutrition. Classes at the academy can be limited only to football (1 week), or can be expanded by studying English (1 week football + 1 week English) and excursions.

Seventeen and older

Young people over 17 and adults have much more freedom in choosing educational programs. First, a student in an "adult" school can choose between standard language classes or a special course. Secondly, he decides for himself what to do in the afternoon. Those who strive for the most intense communication with native speakers are better off living with a family - local residents who have signed a contract with the school accept foreign students at home. For those who primarily value communication with peers, the residence is more suitable. It should be noted here that a residence is not just a type of residence, but rather a lifestyle in which a student is not left alone for a minute. Around - peers from other countries, with whom he sits together in class, goes on excursions, swims in the pool and has fun at the disco. And there is no need to give up everything at the most interesting moment and go to dinner "with the family." Unfortunately, not all good adult schools have good residences.

Cambridge, Boston, London and Munich are suitable for adult business people with serious requirements for the intensity and quality of training, as well as for service and environment. Usually "older students" prefer short but very intensive courses, preferably one-on-one with a teacher.

For a vacation abroad to bring real satisfaction, over time, it becomes not enough just a comfortable flight, a good hotel and abundant food. You walk through the city, go to shops and the further you are from the promoted tourist routes, the less chances that your native Russian language will help you. And what if you get lost, and there is not a single compatriot around? The easiest way out is to ask passers-by in the language of international communication - English!

The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page of it.

The more experience you have as a traveler, the more uncomfortable it is to explain yourself with gestures, so the further you go, the more motivated you are to learn foreign languages. A special English for travelers course will help you multiply your emotions and the effect of traveling abroad.

How English helps when traveling

We all know that there has always been a need for an international universal language. Undoubtedly, English today is the language of international communication, the main means of communication in the world. Why has English become an international language? Like most of his predecessors, he owes primarily to this colonial policy. But we are not talking about that now.

Still, how can English help you on your travels and at the same time increase an unimaginable share of positives? Let's think about the benefits, both moral and material.

Pros of learning English

You can survive without a language. Yes, you can't argue with that. Only few people go abroad to “survive”. Usually the goal is to relax, enjoy the culture, food, sightseeing in the most comfortable and pleasant conditions.

Free communication in English

Everyday phrases in English for a tourist is a necessary baggage of knowledge if you are going abroad. You will feel quite comfortable abroad if you have a basic level of spoken English and can understand the interlocutor. But what about those who have English from scratch?

I love commuting between languages ​​just like I love commuting between cultures and cities

I love switching from one language to another as much as I love traveling between cultures and cities.

In this article, we have collected the most necessary and basic phrases and expressions in English with translation into Russian, which you must know abroad at the level of survival.

100 useful conversational phrases in English can help you explain your wishes and needs, as well as help you formulate a question.

Basic everyday expressions in English

Are you a tourist who loves to travel? Are you going on a short vacation for a few days? Or are you planning to travel to different countries during the month?

If you want to ask or be interested in something, then it is advisable to start your dialogue with a greeting, use polite words and do not forget to say goodbye.


Right now you can sign up for the first free lesson at our online school to improve your English in two weeks.

Ways of greeting, goodbye and courtesy in English

Always be polite when communicating in English. Certain phrases will help you start a conversation, say hello, refuse, or agree.

Summary of an English lesson on the topic "Types of recreation"

Good afternoon, my dear boys and girls and our guests. Welcome to the lecture. I am glad to see you.

  • Statement of a problematic question.

Tell me, please, do you have a free time? When?

What do you do after school?

We figured out what you do after school or on vacation, and now let's look at the board and see what else you can do in your free time.

Slide 1. Running pictures. (students look at the pictures and say what is shown there).

We have repeated some of the activities of adolescents, and now we will determine where they are engaged in this or that activity.

Slide 2. The students divide the types of recreation into 2 groups. (outdoorsandindoorsactivity).

Guys, now tell me how you can describe these pictures in one word?

And what do you think we will tell about?

What associations do you have when you hear the word "Rest"? List your associations. (association method)

  • Enhancing speech skills on the topic "Rest"

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