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Winter tourism

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Today we will introduce you to the English vocabulary associated with winter sports and recreation.

With the onset of winter, every adult feels like a child again, because winter is the best time to return to childhood: you want to make snowmen, make a snow angel and play snowballs. With its arrival, winter also marks the changes that happen in our lives, because from the beginning of December we all begin to wait for miracles and magic, fun parties and endless games.

In this article, we will analyze the words and expressions that you cannot do without in winter.

Winter amateur sports

Do you play hockey or do you prefer figure skating? Who is cooler - a skier or a snowboarder? Or you don't care, because you ride the cheesecakes. Be that as it may, you never know who you will meet on the ice or on the ski slope. The vocabulary below will help you maintain a conversation with a foreigner. Let's start with expressions related to amateur winter sports.

Being engaged in both amateur and professional winter sports, you can face a dangerous situation. In order to react quickly and clearly express a thought in a critical situation, you need to know special English vocabulary.

Collocation/PhraseTranslationExampleWatch out! Watch out! You are going to fall. - Watch out! You're about to fall. need help. no help needed. think I’ve twisted my ankle. I need help. “I think I twisted my ankle. I need help. need a doctor. no doctor needed. he slope was so steep that it made me feel dizzy. I need a doctor. - The slope was so steep it made me dizzy. I need a doctor. t’s an emergency. then an emergency. e lost one of our friends when we got caught in an avalanche. It's an emergency. “We lost one of our friends when we got hit by an avalanche. This is an emergency. ad weather warning. Bad weather warning. ’Ve just heard several bad weather warnings. Let’s stay home. “I just heard a few bad weather warnings. Let's stay at home. valanche risk. avalanche lawsuit. here was a sign near the house which we were renting, and it said Avalanche risk. - Near the house that we rented, there was a sign “Risk of avalanches”. o pass outA guy passed out after 30 minutes of sliding down a steep slope. - The guy passed out after 30 minutes of sliding down a steep slope. Five men were reported to have had a frostbite. - It was reported that five people received frostbite.

Yard Activities

With the arrival of winter, nature freezes, and a person does not stop and wants to spend time as actively as possible: someone makes family walks in frosty weather, someone grabs a sled and runs headlong up the hill, and someone then sculpts a snowman. We have prepared a list of expressions with which you can describe similar events in your life.

CollocationTranslationExampleto make a snowmanYou will never meet an adult who says that he does not like to make a snowman. - You will never meet an adult who would say that he does not like making a snowman. o make a snow angel Do you see those guys over there? They seem to be making a snow angel. Let’s do the same. - See those guys over there? They seem to be making a snow angel. Let's do the same. o catch snowflakesThe kid was turning around with his arms stretched out trying to catch snowflakes. - The child was spinning, arms outstretched, trying to catch the snowflakes. o have a snowball fightI am counting the days until we can have a snowball fight. - I count the days until we can play snowballs. o play snowballs - I will never forget how I played snowballs with the guys from my area. o go sleddingThere is nothing better than going sledding with your friends in winter. - There is nothing better than sledding with friends in winter. o go tobogganing sleddingIt’s winter here! Let’s go tobogganing straightaway! - Winter has come! Let's go sledding now! To go ice-fishingMy grandfather goes ice-fishing every weekend in winter. - In winter, my grandfather goes ice fishing every weekend. o go ice-swimming The water is freezing cold in the lake. - Are you sure you want to swim in the ice hole? The water in the lake is icy. o sit by the fire In winter we go to the forest and sit by the fire every weekend. We chat, barbecue and share our memories. - My family has a wonderful hobby. In winter, we go to the forest every weekend to sit by the fire. We chat, barbecue and share memories. o go snowmobiling “Our family started snowmobiling in the fields every winter. o go dog sleddingHave you ever tried going dog sledding? It’s a wonderful experience. You should give it a try. - Have you ever tried dog sledding? It's a wonderful experience. You must try. n inflatable sledgeOur mom bought us two inflatable sledges, so we are gonna try them out straightaway! - Mom bought us two cheesecakes, so we'll try them right away! - Something was wrong with the sledding track, so the kids kept falling and falling. o shovel the snow with a shovelWe had to shovel the snow around the house instead of going sledding with the other kids. “We had to shovel snow around the house instead of sledding with other children. o plow the roadsPublic services didn’t plow the roads, so everyone had to fight their way through the banks of snow in order to get to work. “The utilities did not clear the roads of snow, so everyone had to fight their way through the snowdrifts to get to work.

Winter travel

The theme of winter in English would not be fully disclosed if we did not mention the travels that many go on to enjoy the delights of winter. Ski resorts, hot springs, secluded slopes - how would you describe it all in English? Do not rush to search in the dictionary, take a look at the table below.

Winter is a great time to relax. And during this period of the year you can get a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. The most common leisure activity is winter tourism. Thanks to the long winter holidays, you can have a great time with the whole family. It should be noted that there are many holidays in January. Many entertainment programs and performances with songs and dances can be visited during this time.

Travel agencies are actively selling vouchers to famous ski resorts in Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey and Russia. The number of lovers of this type of tourism is growing every year, although such a vacation is not cheap. This article will tell about winter rest and tourism.


Winter tourism is visiting a tourist area during the winter. Most often these are ski resorts.

The success of the rest during this period of the year depends on the presence of snow. This is a fairly active form of pastime, and sometimes it requires quite serious sports training. The most popular equipment for winter sports: alpine skiing, snowboards, skates, sledges, etc. In winter, entertainment is available for both adults and children.

Types of tourism

There are many avid travelers in the world who like to explore new cities and countries, conquer the highest mountain peaks and raft along fast and stormy rivers. Many people like quieter hikes with gatherings around the fire, and there are those who like communication and photo sessions against the backdrop of the beauties of nature. It all depends on preference. There are different types of tourism. The most popular of them, including winter types of tourism, are presented below:

1. Cognitive - a type of tourism that expands the cultural horizons of the traveler. It includes excursions to cities and localities with architectural monuments, as well as trips to exhibitions and museums, attending seminars, lectures, musical and other performances.

2. Adventure (romantic) - trips to different countries and cities, trekking to rivers and mountains, traveling around the world, cruises on rivers and seas, visiting holy places.

3. Business - Traveling on a business trip.

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