Winter Kaleidoscope of Lake Baikal: 6 kinds of outdoor activities in a week

Acquaintance with Baikal

Beautiful mountain landscapes. Hiking tours. Bathing in hot springs. Delicious camping food. Overnight at the tent camp. Lava fields. Extinct volcanoes. Sacred Buddhist sites. Beautiful waterfalls. Emerald Lakes.

Thank you very much! Everything is fine) I even think that the weather was lucky. Interesting camp site) at some point we were the only guests. They feed slaughter) according to the conditions, everything you need! I will recommend you to my friends) Aaa .. we rode on a boat, of course) we reached Cape Khoboy. Very very beautiful!

August 4th. After a pleasant breakfast we went to the observation point above Malaya Pesochnaya. Watch the video!

Thank you very much for making our old dream come true - to get to know Lake Baikal. Thank you for making your acquaintance so wonderful, warm and delicious! Dasha! Thanks for all! You are a miracle!

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Expedition to Baikal

Tour operator "Baikalik" offers to go on an unforgettable journey - an adventure expedition along the shores of Lake Baikal. We do not offer banal and boring excursions, where a paragraph from a geography textbook will be read to you under the roar of a motor boat from Soviet times. We organize a truly enchanting holiday that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Baikalik is a team of professionals who perfectly know and love their job. We live and breathe Baikal, so organizing expeditions to this unique place is not just our job, it is our life.

We know everything about Lake Baikal, all its most popular places and hidden corners that are inaccessible to a simple tourist, so the expedition with us turns into a lively exciting journey that conveys the atmosphere of this unique corner of our planet.

Tour operator "Baikalika" is professionals in the field of active tourism who will offer and organize recreation for every taste. Expedition to the protected areas of the Baikal region, underwater safari, trips across ice-bound Baikal in jeeps, expedition to Olkhon island, to Shuman springs, to the Khamar-Daban mountains. We offer expeditions by jeeps, bicycles, kayaks of any complexity. You can not only see, but also feel all the delights of Lake Baikal and life on its shores. There will always be an experienced guide with you, who thoroughly knows the area and has all the necessary skills and abilities in order to make your trip an unforgettable adventure.

Expedition to Baikal

The deepest lake in the world - Lake Baikal - attracts tourists with its pristine beauty and majesty. Picturesque nature, rare animals and birds that live in this region, cleanliness - this is what people come here for. Tourists visit the towns located on the lakeside, even in the winter months, to admire the unusual transparent ice with kinks and cracks. The most favorite place for visitors is Listvyanka, where a large number of excursions are offered.

In the spring the sun shines brighter, the days are getting longer, nature wakes up, and Baikal wakes up. Rest on Lake Baikal in the spring in each of the months is different. In early spring, it is still quite frosty here, the lake is covered with ice. The thaw begins in April. It gets warm in May, at the beginning of the month the ice starts to melt. Arriving in the region in the spring months, you can enjoy a quiet, relaxing holiday and see the many attractions, or become a member of active routes.

Baikal in March

Despite the freezing temperatures, it is interesting and fun to relax on Lake Baikal in March. This is the time for skating and skiing, snowmobiling and amphibious boats, participating in a marathon, exploring remarkable places.


The beginning of March on Lake Baikal is characterized by sub-zero temperatures, but it rarely drops below -15. During the day, it is quite comfortable: the bright, warm sun is shining, the average temperature is -5-10 degrees. It is colder at night, down to -15. In March, the settlements on the shores of the lake receive a minimum of precipitation. You need to be prepared for strong cold winds, they are not uncommon here.

The weather on Lake Baikal at the end of March becomes more comfortable, the temperature approaches 0, on some days it can rise to +3 degrees.


The nature in the vicinity of the lake is extraordinary and unique: mountain slopes, meadows, waterfalls, bays and cliffs, caves - all this can be seen here. In March, there is still no greenery, the slopes of the mountains are covered with white caps of snow, the lake itself is under an ice shell. However, tourists love to visit Baikal in March, because it is at this time that you can walk along the ice thickness to the most remote corners of the lake.

Due to the special climate in the region and the high oxygenation of the lake, many representatives of fauna and flora are found only in this place. Some species of fish, such as golomyanka and omul, are found only in the waters of Lake Baikal. The seal is one of the rare animals of the lake, this species of mammals lives in the seas, and it is still unknown how it appeared in the largest lake. Many bird species (waders, swans, golden eagles, eagles) can be seen here.

Baikal blooms in March. Tourists love to come to the lake when spring begins on Lake Baikal. At this time, you can take part in sports festivals, visit spring Olkhon, go fishing, go downhill skiing from steep slopes, see ice-covered caves, become a member of a dog sledding expedition and much more. Holidays on Lake Baikal in March have their admirers.

A trip to Lake Baikal in the spring can be attractive for thrill-seekers: tours on the lake and land on snowmobiles and ATVs will impress lovers of beauty and outdoor activities. For a week of travel on an ATV, you can see the spring Baikal in all its beauty: the Siberian taiga, the depths of the lake under transparent ice, visit several settlements, walk along the pearl of Baikal - Olkhon Island. Traveling on a snowmobile will allow you to drive through the clean, thick snow and see the traces of taiga animals and birds.

Expedition to Lake Baikal to the most popular places and hidden corners. Scuba safari, jeeps, bicycles, kayaks on expedition tours

Main impressions

Seeing winter Baikal and skating on its legendary ice is the dream of romantic travelers from all over the world. We have been organizing active multitours on the ice of Lake Baikal since 2014. With us you will fulfill your dream in a fun, high quality, safe and in a great company of like-minded people!

You will see the amazing beauty of the nature of winter Baikal

You will be accompanied by an experienced guide

In a week you will try 6 types of winter outdoor activities

We will spend the night in warm cozy guest houses

You will have professional photos from this trip

What will we do on the tour

Multitour means that within the framework of one program we combine several types of recreation: active, excursions, museums, photo sessions. On such tours, a day goes for three. Impressions will remain as if after a month of travel.

Active multitouring means that we focus on outdoor activities. In the winter programs of 2020, we will skate, dogs, bicycles, go on foot mini-hikes, go on ice excursions on high-speed amphibious boats and UAZ loaves. Those who wish can also go skiing or snowboarding. We do all activities for the sake of pleasure, not for the sake of overcoming. The guide adjusts the routes on the go so that the load is within the strength of each participant.

In addition to the active program, we will visit the Baikal Museum, arrange a photo session on ice. And if it's appropriate, let's add some creativity and/or games to the program. In the evenings and on the road, we can sing, tell stories from life, play "Crocodile", "Contact" and other funny games.


Off-road expedition "Ice of Baikal"

Route: Irkutsk - Maloye More - Ogoy Island - Olkhon Island - Cape Khoboy - Barguzinsky Bay - Chivyrkuisky Bay - Davsha - hot springs of the North (Cape Kotelnikovsky) - Khakusy - Severobaikalsk

Tour duration: 6 days/5 nights

Tour time: March

Number of people in the group: 12 people

Tour cost: 105,000 rubles per person

What's included: meals, accommodation and transfers according to the program, excursion support

Possibility: The expedition begins with the grandiose Baikal Ice Expedition 2007. Participants will have the opportunity not only to visit Baikal, but to drive across the ice of the lake from south to north in a comfortable expedition mode. This 2021, the participants of the Baikal Ice Expedition will have to explore the hot springs of the north of Baikal!

Combined tour "km on the ice of Lake Baikal"

Route: Irkutsk - MRS Settlement - Small Sea Island - Olkhon Island - Peschanaya Bay - Listvyanka Settlement - Circum-Baikal Railway Circum-Baikal Railway - Baikalsk - Khamar-Daban - Irkutsk

Tour duration: 8 days/7 nights

Tour time: March

Leave your city worries and plunge into the world of nature, beauty and freedom. The visiting cards of Lake Baikal are Olkhon and Listvyanka in one round. An interesting program with excursions, accommodation and meals.

You will visit the Taltsy Museum and the nerpinary, walk along the embankment and visit the famous fish market in Listvyanka. Only the most interesting excursions await you on Olkhon: Cape Khoboy, warm lakes, the mysterious Ogoy Island. Welcome to Baikal.

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Tour program

Meeting with the guide at 09:30 am at the airport or railway station in Irkutsk, acquaintance, baggage claim.

Then transfer to p. Listvyanka, located on the shore of Lake Baikal, 70 km from Irkutsk.

On the way we will visit the open-air architectural and ethnographic museum - Taltsy, where we will see old wooden buildings, get acquainted with the life of the indigenous peoples of the Baikal region.

After visiting Taltsy we leave for Listvyanka.

After lunch, we will visit the Baikal Museum, where you will get acquainted with the underwater world of Lake Baikal, see Baikal fish, and you can even dive to the bottom of Lake Baikal in an interactive bathyscaphe.

After visiting the museum, you have free time.

We recommend visiting the Baikal seal show. These intelligent animals dance, sing and even paint pictures (one of them can be purchased as a keepsake).

Take a look at the fish and souvenir market, or climb the Chersky stone, where there is a good observation deck with a wonderful view of Lake Baikal.

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