Winter ice of Baikal-2021

Baikal active tourism

Main impressions

Due to the unique features of the lake water, by the beginning of spring the ice turns into a beautiful work of art - surprisingly transparent, covered with unusual patterns of cracks, and the ice on the rocks is very similar to whipped cream - they are so white and airy!

During the hike on the ice we will spend the night in warm tents with a stove, so Siberian frosts will not be terrible for us :)

Olkhon Island, around which the hike will be held, is an amazing place with a unique microclimate - there is an negligible amount of precipitation per year, and the number of sunny days per year is 310. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the weather - the beginning of March almost always sunny. we will spend the night mainly in tents. Therefore, you need to stock up on warm clothes and a good sleeping bag. On the route, there are 5 overnight stays in tents and 2 overnight stays in cabins at the camp site. A big plus of this hike is that you will not need to carry a backpack on yourself all the time - on the ice we will use drag sleds, which will greatly facilitate our life.

Among other things, Olkhon is a Buryat place of power - here Buddhist and pagan shrines and motives are intricately intertwined - practically every place where we will be is covered with legends and legends - beautiful, wise, and sometimes frightening.

What will we do on the tour



Transfer from Irkutsk to the village of Kurkut on the shore of the Small Sea, on the way we will pass through the Tazheransk steppes, and then on the shore of Lake Baikal we will disembark from the car, prepare equipment and begin our trek on the ice of Lake Baikal! Trek about 6 km to Cape Kobylya head, overnight in tents on the ice.

Go to Ogoy Island, where the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment is located. Today we will admire the countless number of ice ice, grottoes and caves that will come across along the way. We will set up a camp near Ogoy Island and spend the night in tents.

Today there will be a long walk to the village of Khuzhir - the largest settlement on Olkhon Island. On the way, beautiful icy rocks of the Olkhon banks and a beautiful view of the mountains of the Primorsky ridge await us.

Dinner at a local cafe with Buryat cuisine. Overnight at the camp site.

Today we are walking around Khuzhir and its surroundings. We will definitely go to the winter "ship graveyard" and to the visiting card of Baikal - Shamanka rock (Cape Burkhan). Let's eat delicious poses at a local cafe. If you wish, you can take a steam bath.

Polar Ural: hike climbing to g

Comfortable active tour with excursions. The program includes aromas of Buryat cuisine, a light hike along the shore of Lake Baikal, glamping and a boat trip to the Circum-Baikal Railway.

July 15 - 21, 2021 (8 seats), July 23 - 29, 2021 (8 seats), July 31 - August 6, 2021 (8 seats)

Trekking along the picturesque trail along Lake Baikal. Kayaks on Lake Baikal. Leisure. Vivid emotions. New impressions. Swimming in Baikal.

23 - 30 July 2021 (10 seats), 30 July - 06 August 2021 (10 seats), 06 - 13 August 2021 (10 seats)

Beautiful landscapes. Baikal from above. Funny company. Delicious camping food. Picturesque rocks. Swimming in Baikal. Wild beaches.

Acquaintance with Baikal. The purest water in the world. Trekking along the shore of the lake. Sandy beaches. Rocky cliffs. Stunning landscapes. Cozy bays. Wild beaches. Secluded places.

Any day from June to September

Maria, good afternoon. Once again, we want to thank you for the joint project. We hope that this trip will be remembered for a long time by its participants and when planning the next events they will consider Baikal as an excellent destination where you can combine business with pleasure. I wish you success, good clients and new fulfilled requests! Special thanks to everyone who was directly involved in organizing the trip.

I liked the Baikal Odyssey tour: a very rich and interesting program, they showed all the main attractions, the diverse nature of excursions, interesting customs and traditions of different peoples of Siberia were shown. Everything was great.

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Leave a request for a vacation on Lake Baikal. We will select a travel program for you based on your wishes

Hiking tours to Baikal

Tour operator "Baikalik" invites hikers to visit the most beautiful places of Lake Baikal. We offer you hiking tours Baikal. Participants in the hikes will enjoy beautiful views, clean air and healing mineral springs. You will see snow-capped mountain peaks against the background of fields of bells and fries, emerald mountain lakes, rivers that form beautiful waterfalls. A trekking trip along the Eastern Sayan will allow you to go through mountain trails.

Hiking in the mountains of Russia for beginners and experienced. We conduct tours in the Urals, Altai, Putorana plateau, etc. You can join us from Moscow, Yekaterinburg and other parts of the world.


Baikal is located on the territory of the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia. This is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. To see the natural miracle with their own eyes, not only Russians come to its shores, but also tourists from Europe, the USA, China, Australia and other countries of the world. The deepest lake on the planet is a narrow crevice in a mountain range more than one and a half kilometers deep. The crevice is filled with perfectly clean water.

The area of ​​Baikal is equal to the area of ​​Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands combined. The lake is the eighth largest lake in the world. Scientists have meticulously calculated that there is more water in it than in the Baltic Sea. Only one river flows out of Baikal - the Angara. If the lake had not been fed by other sources, it would have taken the Angara 400 years to completely empty the reservoir.

Baikal is one of the leading Russian tourist brands known all over the world. The lake is beautiful in any season. Summer is a time for hiking and water travel, as well as recreation in boarding houses and tourist centers. Winter is good for skiing, hiking on ice, and snowmobiling. Most of the tourist routes start in Irkutsk.


Irkutsk can be called the “gateway to Baikal”. The local airport receives a large number of flights from different cities of Russia. All trains on the Trans-Siberian Railway from west to east and back pass through the railway station. It is only 65 kilometers from the city to the lake. You can get to the coast by bus, minibus or taxi.

The ancient city deserves to stay here for a few days after the hike. One day is definitely not enough. You should definitely visit the so-called Square of Three Churches, where the most beautiful temples of the city are concentrated. If you want to see a wooden "lace", you are welcome to the "House of Europe" complex with the Shastins' estate, richly decorated with carvings.

There are places associated with the Decembrists and Admiral Kolchak. You can hang out in the 130th block for the whole day. A large area of ​​historical buildings has a pedestrian zone and many interesting places - from museums to unusual restaurants. It is convenient to explore the city by walking along the excursion "Green Line". You will definitely see her on the sidewalk.

Trekking programs including visiting Irkutsk:


Listvyanka is the main tourist center on Lake Baikal. If not everyone gets to Olkhon, the second most popular, then almost everyone who came to the lake has visited Listvyanka. The village stretches along the coastal line. It is a series of guest houses, cottages, hotels, boarding houses and cafes. In the summer, life in Listvyanka is in full swing.

Main impressions

For 8 days we will have an active rest on the sacred Baikal, shackled with emerald ice, shimmering in the sun. We will visit the “heart of Baikal” - Olkhon Island, see the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment on the Ogoy Island, the legendary shaman cape Burkhan, admire the unique blue ice on Cape Khoboy and be sure to meet the sunrise over the largest lake of our Earth. And he will also ride on the ice of Lake Baikal on skates and even on studded bicycles!

This route is designed for those who want to comfortably spend their vacation on Lake Baikal. For all walks we go light, and spend the night in rooms at warm tourist centers.

General information on the route. Type of rest: accommodation at a camp site, light walks. giving birth: camp site. Meals: three meals a day (breakfast and dinner in a cafe, lunch - dry rations on the route). The route passes at an altitude of 450-510 m. The length of the route is 43.5 km. age limit: from 8 to 60 years. Level of difficulty of the route: easy + (70% of the route), medium (30% of the route).

What will we do on the tour

Line of the route: Irkutsk - Sakhyurta village, Lake Baikal - Kobylya Golova cape, Olkhon gate strait - Ogoy island, trekking to the Buddhist stupa of enlightenment, Olkhon island, Shamanka rock (Burkhan cape), 13 serge pillars, Saraysky beach, ships with drawings - ice skating, Big Sea, Cape Unshui - Cape Khoboy, blue hulks of ice of Baikal - Buguldeyka, trekking to the Marble quarry - Small Sea, Mukhor Bay - Irkutsk.



Until 09:00 local time (MSK + 5) - group gathering at the airport of Irkutsk (near the main entrance from the city side). Transfer by minibus to the village of Sakhyurta (about 4-5 hours).

The city of Irkutsk - the village of Sakhyurta - Lake Baikal. letting go for several hours, a comfortable transfer will take us to the deepest, freshwater lake on our planet - Lake Baikal. Today we will see and touch for the first time his Majesty Ice, which is different here every day. Its color and transparency is influenced not only by sunlight, but also by air temperature. The ice here is incredibly transparent, which allows you to observe the fascinating underwater life: you can see how at great depth, right below us, nimble gobies and omuli scurry between the stones :))). During the week we will live in this fairy tale, go hiking and admire the famous ice grottoes and sculptures created by Baikal! In the evening, check-in at a tourist center in the village of Sakhyurta.

BaikalHiking Active Travel Club.

All trips from difficult to super easy, active and interesting, extreme and not so!

Anything you want - we will do it.

Soon, very soon the time for climbing Munku-Sardyk will begin, this year we have prepared for you a completely different climbing format.

Last year we made a spontaneous, but so long-desired event #bolshoySayanskayaexpeditionWe went through a large walking tour of the 6th category of difficulty, within which there were several other teams who also successfully completed their tasks. This only irritated us, and now after the creation of the #closedclubbaikalhiking, we are preparing for the next equally large event. The last trip took the 6th place at the Russian Championship, we think we can do better. The new big Sayan expedition will take place from June 5-20, 2021. a walking tour of the 6th category of difficulty, with new interesting first ascents and socially useful tasks. now we are preparing, training and learning.

There will be no traditional ascent to Munku-Sardyk! It didn't seem to you that we have a completely different format for your adventures. Climbing in alpine style with comfort, that's how we called this project. Tents, stoves, cold, how tired of all this, I want to really enjoy the ascent. Don't think, don't drag, don't cook. Show in full.

And so we decided that we need to change! We will not organize a base camp at the arrow, we will not spend the night in tents, we will not freeze! We will only think about how to climb the mountain, we have completely got rid of everyday problems and now we are organizing a new format for your ascent.

Munku-Sardyk now as preparation for Elbrus

What will be on our tour: hotel with bed linen meals on the route and in the hotel transfers according to the program work of your instructor limited places in a group of up to 7 people High-quality certified special equipment: helmet, crampons, ice ax, harness. transfer to the arrow

And now the cost is 14,000 rubles, enrollment in a group on an advance payment of 4,000 rubles. Discount for regular and favorite tourists

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