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Surf Camp for Black Women

After years of surfing breaks from Costa Rica to New York to Florida, Gwenna "Gigi" Lucas noticed a trend: she was one of the few female surfers in the lineup - and usually a black woman.

Tahiti promises the best waves for surfing Paris

President of Paris 2024 Tony Estanguete said Tahiti offered the best guarantee of waves for competition after the island in the South Pacific became a surfing destination. Tahiti - the largest island in French Polynesia, the overseas collective of France - was selected by the Paris Executive Council of 2024 in December as the preferred venue.

Dan Manxing, the person who continued skateboarding after losing his sight

Watching Dan Mancina's skate video, it's hard not to be overwhelmed. Mansina, 32, has a smooth ride that makes sanding and tricks look easy when making difficult throws from the board. The stunts will be spectacular for anyone, but especially for Mansina, because he is blind.

Skate cart opening!

Moscow skaters now have a place of permanent deployment - Vans Off The Wall skatepark in Gorky Park.

BeeCamp Big Names

Alberto Rondina/Alberto Rondina/14. 1.989

The Italian athlete began kiteboarding in 2003 and repeatedly became the champion of his own country, but Alberto gained worldwide fame in 2010 - at the KTE competitions in Poland he became the European champion, and at the PKRA competitions in Australia he took third place ... Alberto is one of the ten best freestyle kite athletes in the world.

Daria Klishina presents Nike equipment for winter sports

Tours to Montenegro

Classic Tourism

Tourism allows everyone to choose what they like. Some travelers love mountains, some love rivers, some want to relax on the beach, and some want to test their strength. After all, oddly enough, the adrenaline rush helps a person to relieve the accumulated fatigue. Extreme tourism will help you with this. A lot of people around the world want to see with their own eyes all the beauties of the underwater kingdom, ride the slope of grief on skis or fly with a parachute.

Active sports are becoming more and more popular. A huge number of fans in recent years have received dangerous and exciting diving. The number of scuba diving enthusiasts in Russia significantly exceeds the number of parachutists and skiers. Divers claim that there is no better relaxation than diving 40 meters deep with huge tanks on the back. Today there are about 20 million certified divers in the world.

People began to fly with a parachute already fifty years ago, however, it became a mass sport only 15 years ago. In this sport, several types are distinguished, for example, skysurfing and BASE-jumping.

If you don't like diving or flying, try windsurfing or rafting. If you are afraid of water, then you will love hiking. Hiking can be very difficult and dangerous. Travel routes are laid across untouched areas of the planet, where man merges with nature. The most extreme recreation is often referred to as mountaineering or trekking in caves.

It is important to remember that extreme tourism is quite an expensive holiday. And only a few can join space tourism, because the price of the tour reaches millions of dollars.

Exotic tourism

Space tourism is the most expensive and exotic kind of extreme. For about $ 15 million, you can travel into Earth's orbit for a whole week. Now space tourists can literally be counted on one hand. Rosaviakosmos believes that technology development will make space tourism cheaper over time.

Jailoo tourism is living in a tribe in which the primitive system has been preserved without any benefits of civilization or far from inhabited places among the aborigines living in subsistence farming. For example, you can go to the high mountain pastures of Kyrgyzstan. The tourist will sleep on the floor near the smoky hearth, drink kumis and travel on horseback through the mountains.

Traveling to the North and South Poles has appeared quite recently. These tours are interesting because of the extreme climatic conditions and the opportunity to observe outlandish animals in their habitat. In addition, the North and South Poles are currently the most environmentally friendly corners of the planet.

Active tours in Montenegro: selection of a tour for any tourist. Go on exciting hikes with the Adventure Club along a variety of routes!

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Ha, with protection, it was necessary, after payment, to go to the master and say - "you forgot to put the protection back on me." And have fun :) How would they look for her.


Dreams come true. You just need to move towards the dream, even if in small sometimes even barely noticeable steps, but move and dream about something real. Mine came true and disability and other "delights" did not become an obstacle. I called the company organizing flights, made an appointment, in two weeks a call:

Voice: "Great, you need to be at the base at 4:00 pm."

At 16 o'clock we were at the place, drove up directly to the starting point. The guys spread the harness, carried me out of the car by the hands by the legs and put me on it, fastened it, after which the pilot came up and fastened the harness to him, two people helped at the start and now we are in the air. When landing, the guy on the ground held my legs for a second and I gently sat down on the fifth point. I will paraphrase V. Lysotsky, I am happy and mute, and only a little envy those whose flights are still ahead.

I wanted to fly with the Pikabu flag, made an agreement with KAWKAZSUVENIR, agreed on the layout, but people stretched out for a while and then stopped responding altogether, so it didn't work out. Piatigorsk residents think ten times before contacting them.

Dear pikabushniki, I wish you as many positive emotions as I experienced. Thank you all, good luck.

All-terrain wheelchair

An excellent thing for the disabled, unlike the electric one, it has no restrictions on the cruising range, good cross-country ability, small, you can load it on a trailer, go fishing. I would love to travel around the mountains (we have an abundance of them in the Caucasus. Unfortunately, they are made by the lone craftsmen who do not produce the industry at least in limited quantities and are suitable for those who live in their own house or have a garage in an apartment like this. I have problems with the assistant would look for sponsors.

For extremists and tourists, regular phone models will not work. They need real "armored cars" that can withstand moisture, constant shocks and sudden changes in temperature. In our rating, we will consider 5 different variants of phones for extreme and outdoor activities, which are created to serve people in extreme situations.

Land Rover F Mega Power

Powerful device, dust and water resistant. Its main advantage is one of the most capacious batteries in the world. It lasts up to 90 days on a single charge: more than enough for any emergency. If necessary, the phone distributes its own energy to other electronic gadgets.

Another feature is a very loud speaker. It reproduces sounds at a volume of 100 dB: they are comparable to the playing of an orchestra or thunderclaps. No matter where you are, you will not miss an incoming call.


A unique smartphone that combines visual appeal and advanced protection technologies. Are you used to the fact that indestructible devices and style are incompatible? Take a look at AGM X2.

This is not just a fashion accessory. It is protected from water ingress, withstands drops from heights of up to 5 meters and is not afraid of low temperatures. Knows how to scan a fingerprint: you no longer need to waste precious seconds on little things.

Oukitel K Max

The most powerful, advanced and functional model in the ranking. The battery capacity is 10000 mAh. This is enough for 15 days of continuous work. You can also recharge other gadgets from this model: Oukitel K10000 Max also acts as an external battery.

The smartphone supports all the functions we are used to. It has 2 navigation modules, 4 communication standards and a camera that shoots FullHD video. Provides protection against moisture, dust, shock and scratches.

Blackview BV Pro Octa Core GB

A device that launches the desired programs even with the screen off with “smart” gestures. Equipped with two professional cameras and many sensors. The energy reserve in the battery will last up to two weeks, and to charge the battery to 100% - 3 hours are enough.

Complies with IP-68 protection standards. It works at a depth of up to 5 meters, is absolutely sealed and can withstand pressures weighing up to 0.5 tons. A nice bonus is the built-in walkie-talkie that turns on by pressing a special button.

From year to year, the collection of winter sports is replenished with new disciplines. Some remain the lot of amateurs, others gain international recognition and even, over time, are included in the program of the Winter Olympic Games.

Ten or fifteen years ago, not all people heard such names - curling, skeleton, short track, halfpipe or slopestyle - and today these are Olympic disciplines. There is winter extreme and fresher!


Ice axes, pickaxes, crampons appeared at the same time as mountaineering itself. But "dry equipment" or drytooling is a very fresh sport. It is jokingly called "the most awkward form of rock climbing." This type of climbing is a good alternative for athletes who are not into ice and want to train in a more controlled environment.

This is a type of mountaineering that involves overcoming almost steep slopes with the help of special tools for ice climbing - ice axes in the hands and “cat” boots on the feet. There is a special drytooling technique that is significantly different from any type of rock climbing. A few important technical points are covered in the Three Drytooling tips article.

Athletes mostly use drytooling on bare rock during the off-season and increasingly in areas affected by global warming. Suitable places for drytooling are caves and sheer cliffs that are not suitable for climbing. Routes are typically 50/50 natural and climber-drilled holes, cuts and ice climbing tools.

Because of this, quarrels with adherents of classical mountaineering do not subside. The fact is that drytoollers destroy the usual ledges and places of capture on the laid routes, causing the ire of climbers. And the scratched, scarred rocks look sad even for a person who is not familiar with rock climbing in practice.

This is a technical and extreme method of climbing, most of the movements in which are unnatural and awkward, requiring non-standard solutions and impeccable physical training.

Companies such as Petzl, Black Diamond and the Russian company Krukonogi have started producing special drytooling equipment.

Now fans of drytooling have settled down on their tracks of various difficulty categories, from the simplest to the most difficult (from M1 to M15), including steep and even reverse slopes and “mixes” (a combination of rocky and ice areas). There are many routes in the Crimea, the Caucasus, the Czech Tatras, mountainous Norway and Canada.

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